by sho, July 9, 2017

*Sue, May 2011

I lost one stone before the retreat just following the preparation guidelines!
This juice fast has been the best holiday I’ve ever had in my life!

*Barbara, May 2011

I’m excited to discover the new relationship I have with my body now *

*Jonathan, May 2011

I arrived quite negative, and am leaving VERY positive. I feel energised and believe in myself.
This retreat has changed my life around.

*Richard, May 2011

I arrived with an empty heart and a full colon, I’m now leaving with a full heart and a clean colon. thank you!

*Karen, May 2011

I feel amazing and am enjoying who I am without having had anything to drink, nor wanted too, for the week. This is the first time in years I haven’t drunk a bottle a day.

*Jonathan, May 2011

I stopped smoking, and didn’t even think about it.

*Tricia, March 2011

My eyes have healed, I no longer have to use antibiotics daily. It is amazing. Plus, I’ve lost over a stone! I’ve changed my diet and I’m so happy.

*Philippa, Jan 2011

It was a life changing experience. I feel so good about life and me!

*Gill, Jan. 2011

Everyone at work says how well I look and that my skin glows.

*Jarvis, Nov 2011

Your guidance and advice was top marks and put me back on the right track and made me aware of how I had neglected the old bones. I have now lost 18 llbs – not half bad : )

*Sheelagh, Nov 2011

One reason I came was my asthma was so bad, now my chest is as sound as a bell and my headaches are gone.

*Cathy, December 2010

Such a wonderful environment, clear, fresh and invigorating! I have a happier tummy and am more relaxed and breathing better. Thank you!

*Maria, December 2010

For me the highlight was meditation. The detox retreat has helped me focus on forgiveness.
I feel lighter both in my body and in my mind.

*Kate, December 2010

An incredible insight into oneself and awareness of nutrition and my mind and body. After this I think that what is regarded as ‘alternative’ maybe now should be considered as the norm?

*Richard, December 2010

The retreat was so much more than just a detox. It met all of my expectations and a fair few I didn’t realise I had. The Journey therapy was profound, it helped me see my way forward as well as release the past.

*Jacqui, November 2010

The program created a supportive structure in which to fast, it also gives great emotional support which will help me achieve my long term aims. It was a very special experience, that I cherish. I’ve loved my time here.

I came to address my weight, but have left with clarity and a spring in my step & soul. AND I lost half a stone!

*Saraflo, November 2010

Truly the most opening experience of my life so far, this has given me vigour and excitment for the future!

*Allen, November 2010

After the retreat I’m clear headed, more relaxed and lighter! The group was open and supportive, the staff were highly skilled and supportive as well and Shoshana has both intellect and heart in her explanations of the detox process, diet and nutrition.

*Penelope, November 2010

I feel more relaxed, cleaner, balanced & my backache has gone (so far). I’m excited about regaining a healthier diet in the long term. My cravings for refined sugar are gone!

The location was so special, as well as the complete nurturing approach. It’s a Holistic rebbot to healthy living, loving and eating.

Karuna Detox cares for you on every level, and equips you for going back out into your usual lives.

*Liz, Sept. 2010

I wanted something to motivate me to lose weight and eat healthy – I wanted a ‘retreat’ and now I have an intimate knowledge and connection with my body, I feel much more informed about good nutrition. I enjoyed the change to rest when I needed to. The talks were inspiring and the massage and reflexology excellent!

*Donna, Sept. 2010

Sho’s wonderful insight, the lovely treatments, you are all very special wonderful people! I was looking to clear out my system and I got it! Most appreciated was the abundance of kindness, the excellent support and the workshops and sessions. I will be back next year!

*Ian, Nov. 2010

The whole thing is very special. First rate support by the Karuna Detox team. Grea comradarie with fellow fasters. I appreciated having time to swim and walk, and the weight loss!

*Carole – Sept. 2010

I really enjoyed the walks in nature, the pool and the sauna. Loved the reflexology and the abdominal massage, it was very beneficial! The information and the talks were brilliant. I lost 10lbs and intent to carry on nurturing myself, but if I fall by the wayside… I know where you are! Thank you for a very supportive and caring time, it was inspirational.

*Mark, Sept. 2010

Coming a second time was outstanding. I have acheived a much needed sense of well being and a further weight loss. I very highly reccomend this. What a great group of people!

*Sharon, Juice Fast – June 2010

The holistic approach was excellent, as were the daily nutrition talks. I liked meeting like minded people and highly reccommend this program. I lost 9lbs!

*Molli, Juice Fast – Devon, July 2009

The retreat provided me with knowledge, understanding and acceptance of myself, thanks! I recommend it and am coming again! I loved doing nothing and not feeling guilty. The surroundings were so special – the flowers, trees, butterflies. The people were wonderful.

*Karen, Juice Fast- Devon Detox, July 2009

I would recommend this to anyone! I had fabulous treatments, walked alone in the fields and learned so much in the daily nutrition talks! Special aspects were the support from all the retreat staff and meeting and bonding with new like-minded people.

*Carol, Juice Fast – Devon, July 2009

I loved seeing the 9 month old cheeseburger! It REALLY made me think about what I put into my body.

*Tomas, Juice Fast- Devon Detox, July 2009

I cleansed body and spirit. I got my body of 7 years ago back!

*Ian, Juice Fast – Devon, July 2009

I came to escape, for some space, to recharge and to cleanse. I loved the location, the quiet and the excellent treatments. I lost 10 lbs and highly reccomend it and look forward to my coming back.

*Isa, Juice Fast- Devon Detox, March 2009

This whole week has been totally mind blowing for me. I have been on the most important journey of my life, the one to the centre of myself. I want to thank all the therapists for all the work they have put into their own journey, and then to be able to pass this one to others. Thank you!

*Jennifer, Juice Fast – Devon, January 2009

The group support enabled me to feel safe and happy whilst I de-toxified my body of years of waste on many levels.

*John, Juice Fast- Devon Detox, March 2009

To be able to share this experience with an amazing group of people that came to Karuna Detox as strangers and will leave as close friends was inspirational.

*Tina, Juice Fast- Devon Detox, January 2009

Karuna not only gave me all that I was looking for but very much more. I have learnt so much about nutrition, my body and my potential. It’s truly been a lifesaver for me coming at the perfect time. I will return home to my life a new woman who has discovered so much about herself. I want to share this experience with everyone to help them too.

My penultimate colonic caused me to cry and laugh at the same time and when I was done I got up and danced around the bedroom and bathroom, singing at the top of my voice whilst listening to some tunes. I had the most beautiful moment of happiness and joy!

*Gillian, Juice Fast- Devon Detox, January 2009

Karuna was the ONLY retreat that offered what I was looking for which is why I think in this one week, people came from Luxembourg, France, Norway, and Aberdeen! I can only imagine that Karuna have a big storeroom somewhere for all their guests to leave the negative baggage they have been carrying around and somehow set down on a retreat.

If you want to lose the negative and unhealthy garbage you’ve been lugging around and find your smile – book up!

*Diana, Juice Fast- Devon Detox, March 2009

I was looking for weight loss and relaxation. I got a lot more: very useful information, spiritual guidance, peace and physical cleansing. It’s taken me back to a place where I haven’t been for many years.

I had never done a retreat or detox before. Each session, meditation, talks, yoga, massage and group sessions were fantastic!

*Julie, Juice Fast- Devon Detox, January 2009

Physical results of my detox were: clear skin and a no re-occurrence of rosacea acne – even though I stopped taking the antibiotics when I came on the retreat. And two non-infection ‘verruca’ type callouses on my right foot disappeared when 5 years of different treatments failed.

*Alan, Juice Fast- Devon Detox, January 2009

I found the meditation astounding and intend to progress from now on. I am becoming more open and receptive to myself and those around me.

*Claire, Juice Fast- Devon Detox, March 2009

Sho’s clarity, enthusiasm and knowledge combine so well with her humour. I felt her to be very integrated, warm and inspiring.

*Wendy, Juice Fast- Devon Detox, January 2009

Professional, supportive, caring, nurturing. I felt deeply cared for and that’s a wonderful thing for any human being.

*Chris, Juice Fast – Devon, Feb 2008

I wanted to kick start re: direction, inspiration, education, time and space to collect my thought and to ‘just be me’. The retreat provided all of this and more!

The warmth, depth, compassion, genuine caring nature of Sho and the team was amazing!

‘The Journey’ with Anna- wow – in a short space of time I managed to connect with the child within me, who had little understanding of why he felt like he did. Now I feel many distructive patterns have changed. Thank you Anna!

I lost about a stone. I feel fantastic. What a great experience!

I am very excited about my future healthy life. I intend to enjoy every day of it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

*Katrina, Juice Fast- Devon, Feb 2008

This was my second Karuna Detox™ in 2 months. It was wonderful to meet with lovely people, to feel so open and in one’s heart and non-judgemental.

The environment is so supportive, the English countryside was beautiful as were the walks, yoga and sauna.

Very profound experience.

*Johnny, Juice Fast- Devon, Feb 2008

This is very professional & laid back at the same time. We’re given lots of space, and all the team were very approachable. Fantastic (!!) and very peaceful. Really enjoyable, very sad to be leaving.

I was a complete sugar addict and have been undernourished and craving (for a long time). The special aspect for me is that Sho has shown me the way forward with diet and lifestyle!!!

I most appreciated: being out in the countryside, the peace, all the wonderful people, and now being ‘fully armed with the facts’. God bless you xxx

*Susan, Juice Fast – Devon, Jan. 2008

I came to lose weight, gain new knowledge of food and change my life. It all happened – thank you!

I enjoyed meeting new people, sharing and trying new therapies.

I can actually see my ankle bones again – my ankles had been swollen for months before coming here. Also my hair, nails and skin are much improved.

Sho was excellent, very approachable, lovely. The colonics were also better and easier than I imagined!

*Jo, Juice Fast – Devon, Jan. 2008

The best thing was the nutritional information. I have known for a long time that I need to change my diet, but didn’t know how. I now have some sound ideas and am excited about coming again and becoming more and more healthy with it. Thank you Sho!

The knowledge that you all (staff) were there on hand should I need any help or advice was greatly appreciated. I also loved having a good selection of movies to watch… and I lost 1/2 a stone!

Also, the deep tissue massage with HealtherExcellent, best I ever had!

*Clare, Juice Fast – Devon, Jan. 2008

I was looking for mental and physical clarity and Karuna Detox™ provided me the expertise and space to acheive this!

I enjoyed the informative talks and feel inspired. My whole outlook on health and changed. I feel the colonics cleared my body and my ‘stuck’ past – very releasing and liberating!

(Most appreciated) the beautiful accommodation, friendly staff, lovely treatments and good range of facilities. I rate the retreat 10/10 and lost 12 lbs!

I’m thrilled to have lost so much weight – my stomach is completely flat. I feel fabulous!

*Ian, Juice Fast- Devon, Jan. 2008

I learned to Break Habits, Detox & Live Healthy.

I would like to thank all involved in building this dream, for giving me a space and support for all the wonderful healing to take place. I appreciated the space and support we got to have our own experience. Also, I lost 14 lbs!

Your love & vision is beautifully apparent & I sincerely thank you all.

My love to you all!

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