by Karuna, July 9, 2017

*Relief from Ulcerative Colitis for 3.5 years

I haven’t had Ulcerative Colitis flare ups in the 3.5 years since my Karuna Detox, after 14 years of regular flare ups!  Sylvia

*Cannot think of a better place for a Detox!

I knew I was searching for a detox as after a hard life, I was full of toxins and tired all the time. I managed to get lucky and find a last minute place at Karuna.

I detoxed from the moment I arrived to the moment I left…. A real Spring clean!

The support and knowledge from Sho and the staff was excellent, I had been on a path of better health for a while, but I felt the retreat just gave me that help up one more level. Sian

*NEW Vital Energy & Direction

I wanted to let you know how amazing I feel coming out of the detox retreat. I feel vital energy inside of me.  I am re-thinking of all the things I can do about my work and generally in my life.
I feel like I’ve been paralysed for so long & suddenly I feel full of direction. Louise

*Asthma and Headaches GONE

 Amazing week. A micro-climate of magic, spirituality and nurturing. I was quite overcome by the wonder of it all, on all levels it hit the spot. I was not expecting such a rich and deep experience. I’m feeling relaxed and in such a good space afterwards.

One of the reasons I went, was my asthma was so bad. Now it’s gone. The headaches I often had are also gone. Wonderful!! I’m continuing with the raw food and the meditation, which isn’t always easy, but worth it. Hoping to come back next year. Sheelagh

* Eyes Healed & lost over a stone

Since the retreat with you, my diet has completely changed and I have not yet eaten any processed food and do not feel that I want too. I’m eating a gluten free vegan diet – my eyes have healed – no antibiotics for a month!!

So Happy!! and I’ve lost over a stone – Yay!!

Your talks were fascinating you have such a wealth of knowledge and an easy way of putting the information across. It has really sparked my interest and I just want to continue reading and learning more now I am home.

Life changing stuff – thank you! Tricia

* Freedom!

The retreat gives me, freedom from stuck thoughts and stuck toxins.Plus the sheer pleasure that is meeting new friends – I am in touch with Sue and Jill regularly – that’s worth the cost of the detox on it’s own!

It’s not a overstatement to say that the week is life changing. I got so much out of last year’s retreat but took the changes for granted. I felt so good I thought I was immune to the rubbish I was putting in. It took it’s time to catch up with me but catch up it did! This time it is unmistakable how I feel pre and post retreat.

It’s almost ridiculous how good I feel. I made Jo’s raw cake. It’s all yum, I can’t believe I didn’t get into the raw eating like this last year, what was wrong with me!?

I’m so glad I came back a second time. Victoria

* Excellent! Kind, Caring and Patient

I lost only about 2kg (but didn’t have weight to lose anyhow). I feel much better, and my joint pain is reduced, as always.

This time I appreciate my experience here at Karuna Detox even more.

Sho is a wise soul – her meditation, yoga and nutrition sessions are always informative, and spiritually embracing.

The therapy sessions offered here are of very very high calibre – being in the body therapy business and having experienced many therapists, I can say the Karune therapists are excellent!

I wil be taking home a lot of positive changes – including food combining, eating superfoods, drinking 8 glasses of water, removing artifical/processed foods.

Also I have a sense of being more relaxed about life in general…and knowing that a little bit of what I like won’t do me long term harm.


* Parachuted into this New Body!

I just wanted to let you know that I have been pretty good since the detox, and I actually LOVE the superfood smoothie. There is something about all that green stuff that makes you buzz!

I am drinking much more water than before, and realised how little I actually drank.

One of the best things is that my yoga practice has totally gone up a notch. For a long time I was pretty static, but since being back (and during the week with you), I am binding easily in many of the asanas that were really tough for me.

It is such a pleasure to have parachuted into this new body!!!

I highly reccomend this retreat, Sho is an amazing facilitator, very professional. Her nutrition talks were extremely informative. A lot of facts and research. Made me think about my diet. All the therapists were a very high calibre. I really felt the benefits from the massage.

It’s a fantastic location for a fantastic experience. Calming, beautiful environment with a very supportive and yet very professional approach. This was the first time I have done a fast and it has given me a lot of confidence to do it again. My skin looks brighter, my body is relaxed and my joints are pain-free. WONDERFUL! Diana

*Am healthier at 45 than I was at 25!

After going on various food and booze celebratory weekends with my girl friends to mark their turning 40.. I decided to do something health giving for my 40th – so I booked a week of detox with you! That was one of the best decisions I ever made!

As I approach my 45th birthday (27th Feb) I would like to thank you for you continuous support over the years! You are an amazing woman! I feel so grateful – and healthier than I did when I was 25!!!

Mmmwah xxx Pamela

*Truly Enlightening Week

Well, what a truly enlightening and thought provoking experience. Thank you so very much for your support and wealth of knowledge to guide me through it. I am indeed very deeply rejuvenated, and the week has re-engaged me, and given me a new armoury of tools, to discover optimum health once again.

I think, of greatest value to me was the cementing in my mind of the concept – eating from your colon, and not from your taste buds. And getting to grips with enzyme nutrition and its importance.

I did as you said and I treated myself to a cupboard and fridge full of fresh and all organic produce, and am loving the taste sensations of it all. So onward with fortitude I shall press, toward a “raw”and revitalising future. Andrew

*Everyone says how my skin glows

Well into my second week of raw food diet after my detox with you and all going well!

Everyone at work said how well I look and how my skin glows! And the weight loss! Carl is amazed at his weight loss and is secretly really pleased by how much he’s lost, he is running more and wants to loose more weight, its just going to take a bit longer to get into his head about the raw food diet!

And still not drinking! I just have to stop preaching to colleagues about it but it’s so hard when one feels so well and I want people to eat healthier. Gill

*Ready to Enjoy Life

Health-wise, my eczema has totally lost its place and seems to be gone forever, which is divine. 🙂 All my flat-mates had severe flu at least twice during November and December, but I seemed to be immune to it until I had a week of stressful days and very long nights. Even then it went away in 2 days instead of a week or two.

I feel like I’ve changed a lot in the past few months. I have a lot more confidenceand mental clarity and I am happy with what I have in my life. I even hang around with people I respect more rather than other way around, I used to not think I deserved such nice things. I’m grateful for my transformation, I’m not scared of enjoying my life anymore! Jee Soo

*The best thing I have done for myself ever!

I am feeling such a huge change, especially in my mental attitude and sense of being. It’s hard to keep the smile off my face! Physically, I feel clean, refreshed and rested. The fasting and colonics were exactly what my body needed. I honestly think this has been the best thing I have done for myself ever!

It was all the little things that made me chose Karuna detox – the fruit bags you get at the end of the fast, the preparation instructions before hand.

On leaving, I felt like a different woman. I came to sort out my body and rest, and I feel that a more real me has emerged! Susan

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