by Karuna, July 9, 2017

*Sue – detox – Educated & Encouraged & Lost 12 lbs!

 Educated & Encouraged! All the aches around my body – incl. my left knee – all dissappeared. My itchy skin stopped too, discovered it was the unnatural soap I’d been using at home. I lost 10-12 lbs!  

*Nic – second detox – A Beautiful Transformation

 A beautiful transformation has come upon me. I should have come sooner… as this has set me up on the right path! I feel well again. Connected. Content. Thank you!

*Octavia – First Detox – mental, physical and spiritual experience!

 Thank you so much for a truly wonderful mental, physical and spiritual experience. I had never fasted before and I felt completely guided and supported throughout – both by yourself and the other beautiful people here on the retreat. I came to experience a physical detox and I have left with so much more – a relaxed mind, a deeper connection with my body and an increased ability to switch off from daily stresses. I really appreciate your balanced, non-prescriptive, detailed knowledge of mental and physical health.

*Anurati. – Web designer (Norway Yoga Detox)- Body, Food and Spirit!

 Felt good to give my body this holiday. Fasting was much easier than I expected, and full of good suprises. It helped me relax at a deeper level. Plus, I’m inspired to make some healthy changes in my diet at home. This detox expanded my consciousness about body, food and spirit. You held the group beautifully with much knowledge, humour and peace. Thank you!

*Linda. – Accountant – Lost weight- Reconnected with Source!

My plantarfasciitis has disappeared. I feel more stable than when I arrived. I’d felt agitated, fragmented and very tired. Not anymore! I feel that I’ve plugged back into my connection with source. Thank you! Highlight was session with Sho – I’ve been working on myself for over 20 years and finally I found out how to BE in my body and how to ‘Re-Act’ from body. I can see that in the past I’ve done things that get my mind thinking about the body. That’s not the same and I leave here very clear on when it’s my mind responding and when it’s me responding from my body. Best yoga I’ve EVER done on a retreat. Totally inspired me. Nutrition sess – Brilliant – really informative. Massages – Paul is a healer and Lisa’s massage is a very high standard. Colonic board is excellent, much lighter than those huge plastic things. Really easy to use. This place is gorgeous. My room too. I’m glad I went for the ensuite. Magical walks, very nice pool and gym. I lost 10lbs, and rate this retreat very highly!

*Lauren. – Executive (fourth detox retreat)

I learnt to follow my own body, and found it was the key to my health. Two years later, my blood sugar and BP are normal, I’m eating mostly plant foods, fresh and cooked and love my morning smoothie! A detox every year with you, keeps me on track. I receive a lot more than detox and diet, it’s hard to put it in words… I guess I learn to love myself more every time too!

*Diana. – Overjoyed, Pilates teacher, Retired (fifth detox retreat)

Previous retreat I brought my partner Fred, and this time we both returned with Dominic, my son. A month after our detox Fred has his colonoscopy and it was clear! We are very relieved. And are all green smoothie-ing every morning : ) as well as making a lot of the live foods we learnt with you… and Dominic looks great! Thanks

*Lisa. – Relieved Mama : ) (second detox retreat)

Karuna perfectly combined mind-body healing with fun and taught me how to stay healthy at home. I made a few changes and my daughter and I are thriving, she’s not getting ill anymore. Biggest change? More plant based foods and no sugar!! The support from you was invaluable, I recieved so much from the retreat each time. More than I expected. Just what I needed.

*Hilde – still benefitting from the retreat years later

 Still benefitting from what I learned on my detox retreat with you, years ago!I am living on a 99% meat free, plant based diet. I choose organic products whenever I can. I make green juices and smoothies. I have been doing a few juice fasts for 2-3 days maybe once a year. I drink half a liter of water first thing in the morning to rehydrate. I make my own cerals, nut butters and healthy snacks. My new favourite milk is almond milk. However, I still drink coffee and have dairy products like yoghurt every once in a while : ) I’ve read The Power of Now and The Untethered Soul, which I love and learned so much from, but which I would never have read prior to the Karuna detox.I live a quite busy life being a lawyer in an international company, but I am now aware of the stress and know how to “step out of it”. I make sure that I get a few supplements: probiotics, enzymes and d-vitamin in the winter. For some reason, I enjoy nature more and find it more beautiful than I used to do. All in all, I’d say the Karuna week had a very positive effect on me!  Hilde

*Marpa – first detox ever – Losing weight, eating well, feeling confident and inspired!

I´m losing weight and at the same time eating good food, and finally started to enjoy makingfood : ) It came to a point for that for some days the only thing i felt like putting into the body was juice, so I bought myself a juicer, and am enjoying making my own juices. It´s fun and feels so good to give this to myself! Thanks to you for everything, including the inspiration and confidence you gave me!

*Josephine – First Detox- appreciating my body’s powers!

 These days under Shoshana’s safe guidance are very valuable to me. I experience Sho’s wisdom, warmth and sincerity, heartfelt and unconditional. She communicated her knowledge seemingly effortlessly, a joy to be with! I loved the rest and quiet atmosphere in your yoga. And I’m left with a new appreciation of my body and it’s powers. I cherish this. Thank you!

*Rona. – Psychotherapist (first detox retreat)

I dont eat any fabricated food at home anymore. I have always tried to make meals healthy, but because I now know more, I’m more tuned In. I have introduced a lot of new food products In my lifestyle. I eat more fresh vegetabeles, herbs. I am always looking for healthier alternatives. It’s a lifestyle change and it takes time, but I really like it :). I am getting a dehydrator, I have inspired people around me to make changes and most of all I am at a happier place. My enery is so much higher, I want to exercise, its not a diet its my life. I have no regrets and I feel that the retreat was what I really needed. I actually live even more ‘here and now’ than I used to. Keep up the good work, be proud and continue to clean one more person at a time! Lots of love from me to you and your lovely staff.

*Fred K. – Retired Analyst (second retreat)

The changes in me this time around are more my thoughtfulness about many things in life, not just food. This retreat was about life detox, not just food or body detox. Though I did lose 6kg. This was such an inspiration to be more aware of so many things about me, or what I thought defines me. The massage therapies were excellent as were the Journey therapy. Yoga was fun! And not at the expense of quality, or interesting details. I rate this retreat very highly and hope many of my friends will go. I definately reccomend it. Thank you for everything.

*Alice. -Business Owner: “A Tonic to the soul” (first detox)

Set in deepest North Devon in the idyllic Ham Farm- Karuna detox really is a tonic for the soul. Too much work had left me frazzled and what I hoped from my break was mainly ‘a nice quiet lie down’-what I got was so much more. From yoga and meditation to countryside walks and cooking classes, the retreat leader Sho offered her vast knowledge of how to lead a nicer life with effortless charm and enthusiasm; Deep scientific concepts (quantum physics anyone?) were discussed among stories and personal anecdotes and gave much to distract from the occasional stomach rumble. Juices and broths were served often and received gratefully. I would recommend this retreat to anyone. Thank you! Alice.

*Susan C. – Dental Hygenist / New Yoga teacher (third retreat)

The main difference for me this time (my third detox here!) is my radical shift in mood. I arrived feeling anxious and resistant and I left feeling hugely energised, relaxed, confident and very happy within myself. I learnt to do a headstand!I lovedhow Sho shares heramazing wisdom, knowledge and experiences– freely shared! And Donna’samazing amazinglast day in thekitchenand all thewonderful food we made!I ratethis retreat 10/10, it’srealistic and fun!Other options come across as too ‘hard core’ and serious. Thepreparationandaftercare advice is excellent.

*Sue M. – Health & Wellbeing consultant (first detox)

I found this retreat made a big improvement on my negative mood – feeling more positive about bringing about changes in my life that will benefit me. I appreciated being supported through the experience, and in very peaceful surroundings in lovely countryside. This detox is 1st class, I would definately reccomend it. I lost 4 kg. Just Go for it!

*Jan & Tim : “Fantastic Start to 2015!” (second detox)

My husband and I have just spent a week with Sho and her lovely team and feel so much the better for it!! Along with the fab yoga, nutritional and meditation sessions, we got to take beautiful countryside walks. E

verything is down to your personal needs, if you want to sit in the cottage reading your privacy is respected, everyone in the group is encouraged to relax and enjoy the experience in any way they prefer. This has been a fantastic way to start 2015 and we both feel invigorated!.

We are balancing health, nice treats and calorie intake. The most important thing for us is steady weight loss and not to feel deprived of tasty food, so we always have lots of tasty kale crisps and other dehydrated yummies for when we get the munchies!! We learned everything we needed to kick start our health and weight loss on retreat with you. Tim and I are now walking 5 times a week, first week 2 miles, last week 2 1/2 we start 3 today, it all helps! Thank you!

*Mary- firewalk instructor: ” Total Body and Mind Cleanse – The Real-Deal in Detoxing!”

This is my third visit to Karuna Detox, and it just seems to be getting better all the time. The, location, the team and all the treatments on offer are just superb. I have tried a few other detox programs but none compare to the total body and mind cleanse offered at Karuna ….This is the real-deal in detoxing, I will definitely be returning!

*Victoria – film maker: Detoxing in a fun and loving way!

Detoxing in a fun and loving way, in a beautiful setting with great support! I got to lose weight, lose other baggage and feel free and enliven and much much lighter! I whole heartedly recommend them. Yoga, Meditation, Pool, Sauna, Country Walks and break fast with delicious raw food. Mmmmmm… Victoria

*Melanie & Alan- Exec. & Co. Owner: “Fabulous Holistic Detox Retreat… Again!” (fourth detox)

This was our fourth retreat (my husbands fifth). Sho and her team make you feel comfortable from day one. This is a personal journey and everything is optional, Sho and her team are always nearby to hold your hand or advise as needed. They have a wealth of experience. The accommodation is great, the surroundings wonderful. The treatments and raw food classes are excellent. Each time we leave lighter, healthier and more knowledgable. Mel & Alan

*Stine- Norwegian, Executive: “Simply Great”

If you want to give yourself a good treatment and timeout, treat yourself to a week retreat. I had an energizing and good week together with pleasurable and supportive co-detoxers. It was insiring and good-mood. Sho is a wise woman and very good supervisor. The place is wonderfully relaxing. Will definitely come here again. Plus, its easy to get here from Norway.

*Anna Kristine- Mother: “My Daughter is no longer ill”

Dear Sho, I’m happy to say my daughter has not been sick at all, since our change into a healthier lifestyle after the retreat! My daughter and I had a good talk when I came home, about what I’ve learnt…. Small changes can do wonders! I have made her a breakfast cereals (oats, pumpkin seeds, hazel nuts, some dried apricot and agave syrup) with yoghurt. NO suger. She likes this : ). I give her 1 probiotic tablet a day. But the most important change I think, is limiting white suger. Since she ate so little, we used to give her cookies, chocolate and other unhealthy food. Our intention was to give her energy during the day, but we were so wrong… this was making her ill! Now that we’ve removed the sugar – she has not been ill even once. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Anne Kristin

*Petra – PA, London: “Rid yourself of toxins in your body, mind and soul!”

Karuna was recommended to me and I can’t thank them enough. I was initially unsure of what I wanted to gain from the experience and can tell you, I got a whole lot more than I bargained for! Sho and her team are amazingly knowledgable, authentic and spiritual. I could not recommend it highly enough. If you want to rid yourself of toxins within your body, mind and soul, this is the place for you. Petra

*Brian – co. owner: “Inspiring on ALL fronts – it all interlinked inside me”

Thank you for this retreat! I wasn’t expecting to have so much interest in all the classes as I came mostly to lose some weight. BUT I must say… it’s so inspiring on all fronts physical, mental and spiritual – the classes meditation, nutrition and yoga every day interlinked inside me. This was an important time in my life. I needed this. I released a few emotional obstacles, and after that ‘colonic stuff’ came pouring out of me! According to the pictures you showed us on the first day, this was old stuff…. I feel fantastic after this release, light on my feet, joyful. Thank you. I will definately be back for more! Brian

*”Mentally Positive, Physically Lighter & Stomach… Flatter!” (second detox)

I feel more energised, more positive and motivated and my stomach is flatter too! I felt this week would offer a more holistic perspective and I was right. This retreat is so much more than a detox. It’s loving, nurturing, uplifting, joyous! : ) I am left feeling mentally as well as physically cleansed, rested and healthy. I especially appreciated the meditation, yoga sessions, massage treatments, the natural surroundings and Sho, what a lovely lady! Jacqui

*Bard- fitness expert: “Sho is an expert in Nutrition!” (second detox)

I have worked with experts in the field of sport and nutrition for over 15 years now, and can say Sho is an expert! The knowledge, information and tips are excellent!I’ve learnt more from her than I have from many others, and I understand a lot more now. Kaja and I have brought the smoothie and other changes into our lives and are feeling a lot of benefits. I am inspired to continue to work with this think-well, eat-well, be-well attitude!

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