by Karuna, July 9, 2017

*Lyndsey – Business owner – Lost 14lbs (1st Karuna Detox)

I just went with the program and everyone was lovely, very supportive and I really do feel like a different person on the other end of this fast. I lost my belly, 14 lbs (!) and it’s not just weight, but also a positive shift inside me. This is much better than a bootcamp, because it’s not just about the body, but about how we live our lives!

*Catherine – This Detox Changed My Life- (1st Detox)

I’m so glad that I did this instead of a sports holiday! It was so much better than I ever expected. I learnt how to take care of myself. I feel amazing. 

*Peter – Business Entrepeneur – Lost 12lbs, Something Special (1st Karuna Detox)

I came open minded as I really wanted to change my life. I’ve tried everything on offer here and THANK YOU, really, for creating the place to help us deal with our shit : ) in every sense of the word… You’ve brought together an excellent team of high calibre and created something very special. PPS. Lost 12 lbs over the ten days of the preparation and retreat week!

*Nikki M. – CEO – Learnt to care for my body- (1st Detox)

I’m fully embracing eating raw foods and very light proteins as I cannot eat meat, drink alcohol or eat anything too acidic or heavy, due to a liver condition I have. I think I was meant to come on the detox retreat so I could learn how to care for my body. I wouldn’t have known where to start before. So now my supergreens, raw cocoa and fresh fruit smoothies are an essential start to my day! AND I actually enjoy them as they are gentle on my system and make me feel full

*Marc – Learnt To Listen to My Body (3rd detox)

I noticed a subtle but powerful change since returning. I am listening to my body much more/better. Spending more time resting, less rushing around ignoring my body’s call to rest. This sounds simple but I am sure you understand for someone who has been pretty intense and driven like I have been, this is huge!

*Ian M. – The Next Step in Health (1st Karuna Detox)

Two years ago I was the complete opposite to how I feel now. I’ve been on a journey of getting healthier, gained and lost weight along the way. I came here to get to the next step in my health & diet and I got it. You’ve educated me.

*Lucy – Social Entrepeneur- I am a Champion! (5th Karuna detox)

Woke this morning feeling, I am a Champion Detoxer! And a Champion person. I have an unshakable conviction that All is Well and happy you have helped me go from Martyr to Maverick!

*Bibi – I love myself and my body! (2nd Karuna Detox)

I found myself this week. I was a bit lost before the detox after caring for others for a long time. Also, this pain in my hip was hurting every time I moved and I hated it. I hated my leg for hurting. Now I’m so in love with my own self and with my leg too! I damaged it and now I’m going to care for it and love it. Thank you for showing me how. I’m so glad I made it back here

*Annie – Trustee & Volunteer – I lost weight & learnt so much! (3rd Karuna Detox)

I was having a bit of a health scare in the summer, & decided to come. I learn so much here, every time (my 3rd karuna detox)… I’m the one taking notes about all the amazing teachings. I learn something everytime you speak, Sho! I also especially like the treatments & the constellation session – it was amazing how it shifted things for me. Also, I could bring my dog, Billy – thank you for making him welcome! I’ve lost weight, I love it and I will be back. Thank you!

*Caroline – Retail Business – I Sailed through my detox! (1st Karuna detox)

I’ve had a great week, I tried new things and really enjoyed it! It’s my first detox and I sailed through it

*Marcus – Surpassed Expectations! (1st detox)

I want to be healthier at 60 than I was when I was 50! So I came here… and I had a physical, mental and spiritual detox. It was better than I could have imagined or expected. It’s been an extraordinary week. So many amazing things happened. It’s surpassed expectations. Everything really great quality, I appreciate it!

*Simon – 1 stone lighter… (1st detox)

I lost 8lbs while on the retreat and (at home) consolidated that loss and am now 1 stone lighter. Having been at about 5% raw before, I’ve moved the dial to 30-40% and I’m not combining sugars, starches and proteins anymore. I have had a persistent throat irritation for a long time. It flares and was quite bad that week. (In my Journey session) Louise took me back to a incident more than 20 years ago and somehow dealing with that has helped heal my throat & I’ve had no irritation at all since the detox week!

*Jo – I trusted and let go… (2nd detox)

My session with Louise was one of the highlightsof my detox. I was able to let go of some very old and very stuck experiences. Her skill and sensitivity allowed me to trust the process and let go.

*Pam – Business Owner- haven’t felt hungy at all… (first detox)

this is my first fast, I came with an open mind and was curious about the experience as I’d never been on a liquid diet before. I’ve found it really easy and surprised I haven’t felt hungry at all. The treatments were very interesting. My daughter and I are planning on coming back again in the future.

*Kari – from Norway – My body feels Clean & Fresh (second detox)

I feel a lot better now. My body feels better, clean & fresh : ) I’ve also worked through some personal problems that were very pressing when I came here. I met a lot of very nice people, makes it so much easier (to fasting alone) and the raw food kitchen workshop at the end of the fast was so inspiring! The retreat offers a lot – body, mind and spirit. I will easily recommend it to my friends, and also be aware that there can be some ‘hard’ days while you are detoxing.

*Simon – Executive- informative, supportive & enjoyable! (first detox)

The setting is beautiful and the organisation is great. Karuna has a well balanced complementary team, each with different skills and roles that work well together. I like the idea of meditating, doing yoga and massage while fasting. Thank you all! I arrived inquisitive, curious and a little nervous! And it’s been an informative, supportive and enjoyable experience. There was always plenty to do alongside the fast, important when you’re not eating! I’m happy to report: All the cravings have gone!!

*Donna – Business Owner- Best massage ever! (second detox)

I come here to Kauna to detox as Sho is my ‘home’, I come home to myself when I’m here. I’ve travelled the world with my business and I tend to have massages. I can say that Paul is excellent, top quality. It was the best massage ever! Jo is amazing with her food and the juices were so nice, as was the evening broth. It helps make fasting enjoyable!…

*Nicola – Nutritionist – “Excellent balance of detox, nutrition, yoga & meditation”

Sho is a tonic; knowledgeable, amusing and inspiring! Paul is healing – amazing hands and aura. Jo is a treasure! The retreat was an excellent balance of detox, nutrition, yoga and meditation. I would recommend this to like minded people! I made some new friendships and re-engaged with holistic lifestyle again. I arrived feeling tired, strung out and toxic… I leave feel much calmer, relaxed, rejuvinated, cleansed.

*Jaci – Retired – Feeling so good! (first detox)

My first detox and I’m so happy I came, my son has been talking about this retreat for 7 years and asking me to come. Now that I’ve retired, I came. I enjoyed the content of the sessions and the distribution creates a rhythm through the day. I thought I’d be hungry and I spoke to Sho in advance, she advised to have a backup plan of salad and soup. And when I came and saw the program was holding the day and the juice and supplements were filling, I did the whole juice fast without the extra salads! I wasn’t hungry! It was suprising : ) I had a headache which passed like a ‘miracle’, when I took the recommended daily pinch of salt. As a foreigner, I’m from Brazil, I felt very comfortable. I’ve felt very good. Thank you! You are very special.

*Komal – Pharmacist – A Suprisingly Spiritual Detox (first detox)

 I came just to lose weight, and received so much more. I didn’t expect it to be such a spiritual and emotional detox as well as physical. Meditation was Home – I went in and healed everyday. When I arrived I realised I was the youngest one here (in my late 20s) and was afraid nobody would talk to me (!), but everyone has been lovely and I’ve made so many friends. It was sweet – everyone looked out for everyone

*Julie – Reflexologist – Remarkable! I have so much energy! (first detox)

 I arrived not thinking we’d be on an only liquid diet. I didn’t realise that is what juice fasting meant. I was suprised how much energy I had on it! I’ve enjoyed the group and thank you Sho and your team for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and compassion with us all. It was remarkable. I am a reflexologist and massage my feet daily. As the days went by I noticed both my intestines shifting and the pressure points in my feet shifting, showing me the healing effect of the detox was having on my body.

Yvonee – Vintage Shop Owner- it all fit together (first detox)

The whole thing fit together – yoga, meditation, nutrition and colon cleansing. I now know and understand so much more about how my body and my colon works. I came just to lose weight. I gained so much more. Thank you

*Alexandra – Surgery Nurse – The Body is the healer – (first detox)

I’m a nurse and I work in surgery. I wish always that more people, like you, share how to heal our bodies. Thank you – when I read the testimonials and then I came It was just like people said – your knowledge and presence Sho is truely extra ordinary. You teach what I know – the body is the healer. This week I passed some incredible things (in my colonics) I loved making foods at the end like a big family, all together. I’ve never had that experience before and it touched me. I feel so much joy, beauty and gratitude! I will definately be back.

*Lukas – Property Developer – Didn’t feel hungry! (Repeat Detox)

Physically this has been great, I haven’t detoxed in a long while and spiritually I’m feeling very zen! The biggest thing I got out of this was to chill on a whole new level. So glad to take some of this home with me. All the leaders and therapists here were tuned in to us. I’ve enjoyed time to play my guitar and not look at my iphone!

*Angela – Herbalife Top Exec – Ignited my fire, inspired & ready for change! (6th detox)

This detox has ignited my fire. I came feeling really bad and depleted after a lot of difficulty. I got inspired again and I’m ready for change! I’ve told my husband to expect a lot of new foods and ways in the ktichen : )

*Carol – legal secretary – Wonderful People!

I got a lot out of this detox. I’m now going home to start to eat real foods again. I’ve been eating aweful foods… I’m taking home brilliant feeling of being more open, that I felt years ago, and that’s because of wonderful people to share with. The whole group and the whole team. Thank you all.

*Sue – This is the place to detox, here in UK! (Many detoxes)

Finally after years of going abroad to do this, I’ve found you! I’ve been to a lot of detox retreats around the world and have educated myself in nutrition. I always end up knowing more than the facilitators. Finding you is fantastic, as I feel you are very knowledgable and know how to guide this detox deeply. Now I don’t have to travel far to detox anymore – This is the place to detox, right here in UK!

*Collen -I’ve done really well! (first detox)

As it was my first detox, I was apprehensive before coming. Could I do it? Well, I did and it felt so good! I enjoyed it immensely and feel I’ve done really well. Thanks to my friend I came, and thank you everyone for your support and the fun walks and talks!

*Cai – Business Owner – Just what I needed! (first detox)

I’ve been working hard and partying hard for years. This is just what I needed, and I didn’t even know it. I’ve been tired and overworked. Here I got the chance to really relax deeply. I will be sending my wife over to have her turn, as the program really works wonders.

*Evelyn – Amazing experience (first detox)

Amazing experience for me. I was so stressed from my job and here I could break from that. I learned a lot about relaxing, about listening to my body. I never knew how… I never knew I could live without food even for a day. Here I fasted on juice and broth a whole week. The group was fantastic, with caring and love, like we knew each other for years. In London nobody has time, it was wonderful to be with people here. This motivates me. I love you all! Thank you.

*John – Business Owner – Spacious (2nd detox)

This week has given me time to process it all – life. I felt safe and supported. And now I can go home feeling spacious. Thank you

*Louise – Life Changing

 I feel this was ‘meant to be’ and feel it will change my life. My life’s been so stressful on a personal front. Here I’ve been held in what feels like a ‘loving hug’ all week. I’m going home stronger and relaxed. Refreshed and motivated to bring change into my life at home.

*Maggy – I felt completely at home… & lost all the weight I aimed for

I loved being here, it felt destined to be..! I had some goals with my weight and I lost all the weight I aimed for : )… I also realised I didn’t even know how to relax. Here I learned to listen to my body, you talked me through it, and I started to hear my body and understood what it was asking for. The restorative yoga, the beautiful space, nature, time to rest in bed. All this and the amazing group, the fantastic facilitators, the massage therapists, all of these made it THE place for me. I’ll be back next year!

*John – Roofer – Kickstart healthy living, together! (3rd Detox)

Why do I detox? I want to be healthy, I def don’t want to be a (cancer) statistic. I want to have the power to live a healthy way and realise that without the right foods in my body I can feel really low and depressed. I ‘get’ it’s my responsibility to care for myself better. Karuna Detox helps me get balanced and focused on kickstarting healthy living again, and I love the whole experience, it’s so much easier to do this here, together…

*Emma – A Sanctuary, I come here every year (11th detox)

The fact that more than half the people here, I’ve met here before says a lot about how good Karuna Detox is!

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