by Karuna, July 9, 2017

*Alan – Consultant – ‘Exceptionally Good’ – (5th Detox)

I wanted to take my health to a new level & learn more if I can. I got all that and more here!

This was the best detox BY FAR of the 5 detoxes I’ve been on, before discovering Karuna, incl. my previous favourite Tony Robbins Master Cleanse.

The depth of detox, quality and content of teaching here was exceptionally good.

I learnt so much from Sho, a masterful teacher in her field of health.

Constellations and journey were remarkable, and the teachings were practical and support integrating this into our lives. My body and mind feel clean, aligned, strong and energised! 

*Nicky – Film Maker – Total Reboot. Best Yoga – (1st Detox)

Amazing! The best holiday I’ve ever had. Who knew Detoxing was so deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. I think it’s the way Karuna support and hold our interest along the way. Fab program.
BEST YOGA EVER : ) Total reboot. Thank you!  

*Wendy – Retired – Extraordinary Teachings – (1st Detox)

My daughter did the research and thought this retreat would be ideal. She was right!

The way you talk about nutrition is extraordinary. You’re an amazing teacher. I normally find this subject boring, but you made it so exciting and awakening, I listened to every word and it woke up in me a deep relationship to caring for myself, for my body.

The yoga and meditation were excellent, I lost weight and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  

*Gabrielle – Educator – ‘I love & accept my body’ (5th Detox)

I’ve learnt to love and accept myself this week. Normally I’m self conscious about my weight and try to hide. This week I started a new relationship with my body.

The retreat was exceptionally good. Shoshana is authentic and deeply wise. She speaks with profound clarity about a wide range of topics related to ‘being human’, deep and sensible.

*Jennifer – Retired – Sincere & fascinating – (1st Detox)

I’m so glad my sister invited me! I had a wonderful detox, such beautiful people.

The check-ins in the morning were sincere, the meditation was excellent (I can meditate!), the Nutrition talks fascinating. You’re a great teacher – everything explained clearly from the start, with personal stories and heart! Loved it and will be back! 

*Mariska – Manager – ‘Inspired A Better Me’ – (2th Detox)

I was muddled and tired on arrival & now I’m inspired & ready to go back into my life a better person.  

*Jane  -Admin – ‘Deeply Reset’ (5th Detox)

A fab week. I feel more aware, like I’ve woken up… just what I needed!

Meditation, yoga and nutrition walks were so good.

Great to have the live food workshop on last day as support to help us take this into our life..

*Russel – Yoga teacher – “World Class” – (5nd Detox)

Amazing journey! I wanted to clear mucoid plaque and clear the system and I was looking for a really good yoga teacher. Got all that and more!

I’ve studied with world class yoga teachers and Sho is one of them. She speaks from a depth of experience and wisdom. 

*Michelle – Producer – ‘Deeply Reset’ (4th Detox)

Exactly what I needed. The deep reset button…I got back to my stronger self.

It’s been a deep spiritual journey of self care and I’m grateful that this time I could bring my dog with me – thanks to the new and amazing venue .

*Julie – Health Coach – So Relaxed – (2nd Detox)

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so relaxed. I’ve had time to sit and just ‘be’! It’s been special to be somewhere so nurturing, everyone has been so positive. Will definitely be back! 

*Carol – Massage Therapist – (5th Detox)

Ironically what comes to mind is ‘If Carlsberg made Detox Retreats…’ (hehe!), Because this retreat definitely does reach places the other Detox Retreats don’t reach. I’ve been on a lot of retreats and done a lot of diets and this is the best one BY FAR, due to the excellent people leading it and how they hold it with authentic love and care.
This is the Mhetta Bhavanna of Detox Retreats. All your team hold a special, connected, heart-felt way… you created a sacred space. 

*Caroline – Manager – ‘The reviews were right – this place is amazing’ (2nd Detox)

A fantastic opportunity to spend time here at Karuna Detox with lovely authentic people.
The reviews were right – This place is amazing and Shoshana IS the heart of this experience and all her team are exceptional too.
A special and meaningful experience. Much more than just a detox and weight loss.

*Maluwa – Hairdressor – Space for Healing – (2nd Detox)

My first Karuna Detox was 8 years ago and since then it’s gotten even better. Sho, the founder, is at the heart of this retreat, the group gets along instantly, everything works smoothly. It’s a great experience.
I’ve been suffering from the toxic products I work with and have realised that this really needs to change. I needed this space to heal, get clear and I made some good decisions for my life. of the preparation and retreat week!

*Chris – Web Developer – Engaging Retreat Exceeds All my Expectations! – (1st Detox)

The way this retreat engages and models the teachings is inspiring. So much love went in to this event. The amount of attention to detail, compassion, love and connection to everyone.
I felt totally reassured. It’s exceeded all my expectations & I’ve loved it!

*Sigrid – Medical Doctor – (1st Detox)

I came for the Yoga and Meditation and was nervous initially about the detox and going without food. I benefitted from it though! My body was quite toxic and I had started to gain weight at home. This has really helped.
I also gained a lot from the mindfulness – to keep entering the present moment.
Thank you!

*Anne – Don’t Hesitate, Just Do It! (2nd Detox)

Shoshana is a very special woman, I wish we could clone her and have more of her!
It’s a beautiful place, and a fantastic team. Def recommended – don’t hesitate, just do it! You’ve educated me.

*Maureen – Learnt How To Relax and Breath – (4th Detox)

It’s amazing- I’ve learned how to breath properly here. I realised that all my life I’ve held my breath around other people. Now I can relax and breath… Thank you!

*Vicky – My Acne Cleared – (1st Detox)

I was most scared about who I was going to live with. I was pleased it was a large group of 17 and that we all got along and I really enjoyed my cottage house-mates!
I’ve learnt a lot about sugar and acne. My acne has cleared here and I’ve kicked started my health. My favourite bit was your talks, I learnt so much!

*Helen – Senior Teacher – ‘Blown Away by this Retreat!’ – (2nd Detox)

I needed to get away and thought ‘I’ll go there!’ & I’ve been blown away by the holistic sacred space experience of body-mind-spirit being connected. The attention of detail to the spirit is what’s so special, you don’t often find that. It felt really from the Heart!
I’ve learnt so many tools to help me – this is huge!

*Maureen – Business Analyst – ‘By FAR the Best Detox Retreat’ (4th Detox)

This is BY FAR the best Detox Retreat for me, of the four I’ve been to. My friend told me Sho was great and she didn’t lie! You made this very special – your level of connection is something I need to model. I loved my Chakra Reading session too.

*Natasha – Author, translator & mother – ’The most cohesive detox retreat’

I’ve been on a few detoxes before and this is by far the most cohesive and together. I like that Sho leads the yoga, meditation and nutrition – one person who really engages and is really checking in with us, noticing how we each are and holding everyone at the same time. She’s amazing, I’ve not met many people who can hold a varied group of people like this.

*Liz – Support Worker – ‘Slow Down & Meditate’ (1st Detox)

I came with my friend and I’m so glad! I learnt a huge amount about myself in a beautiful place , a sacred space, with beautiful people. I’ve learnt to slow down. I learnt to meditate and I’ll continue even in the business of home. I kicked my sugar habit and I’m determined to get my kids off of sugar too.
I was worried beforehand that I wouldn’t ‘connect’ to the program and that I would feel hungry – and I want to say don’t worry, you’d be amazed that you don’t feel hungry and the program is important and engaging.

*Pat – Event Organiser & EFT Provider – ‘Wonderful! Best Detox By FAR for me'(3rd Karuna Detox)

This is my third Karuna Detox. It’s wonderful, by far the best detox – they’ve created a sacred space of collaboration and inclusive love and kindness. Every time I’ve been here I’ve felt like the group has been just the right group for me.
This time I brought my daughter with me. It was so precious to spend this time together.
Thank you, I’m so grateful.

Chelsey – Hairdressor – This was a Spiritual Ambulance (1st Detox)

I was being drained in my life and this was like a spiritual ambulance for me! Sho, Paul, Louise and Donna all brought me back to life. All of you here have been diamonds! I love you all and I’m grateful for my cottage-mates, we had so many giggles!

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