Cold & Flu Natural Cure

Cold & Flu Natural Cure

by Karuna, July 7, 2017

I wanted to share with you this report on how to cure flu, as many people forget that their actions make a huge difference to catching flu in the first place, to how bad you feel and how long till it passes.

Personally. my best possible ‘take’ on illness and stressful times is:

Thank you LIFE for reminding me to focus on my health!

We’ve had some very harsh types of flu, including swine flu over the last years, with intense symptoms that caused a lot of stress and worry. Remember that proactive concern is more powerful than simply worrying, which ulminately weakens our immune system! So seriously, use that concern to motivate you to healthy action –

Lets empower & educated ourselves and take great care of ourselves!!!

Top health tips to end a flu/cold fast are:

1. Stop eating Sugar immediately as it weakens your immunity within 20 min of consumption.

2. Fast on honey, lemon, ginger if you’re feverish or weak. Use a lot of honey if you feel you need it, it will provide energy in a pure easy to digest form.

3. Boost your immunity with high quality probiotics & with green superfoods. They feed your blood and balance your pH as well as providing lots of nutrients and amino acids (protein builders). Boost your immunity further with turmeric, garlic, olive leaf extract, colloidal silver – as needed.

4. Use Slippery Elm to sooth irritation of any kind in the throat, stomach, intestines. This is a powerful healer and worth a go in connection with any dis-ease along the intestinal tract.

5. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables (organic) as snacks, freshly made smoothies or light juices. You may dilute juices or smoothies if it’s too intense. Follow your body’s guidance. You’ll feel energised quickly from the live enzymes and structured water. Avoid mucous producing foods such as carbs and grains, eat wholegrains instead when you do consume these.

6. Drink plenty of fresh water daily. Hydrating your body is essential for it’s proper functioning. It’s amazing what the body can flush out when hydrated! Drink at least 2 lt cups.

7.  Detox your body. Clean up your act to prevent disease from growing inside. Cleanse your colon with colonics or enemas. Do a deep detox at least once a year to clear old mucoid plaque, leftovers and toxic residues and waste products of the body.

Detoxing reduces the toxicity, excess mucous and acidity levels in your body – making it a place that doesn’t breed disease and enables it to clear up and clear out any virus or bacteria in your environment super effectively. Most people who detox with us don’t even catch all the flues and colds as their collegues do…Check out Karuna Detox Retreat Dates in UK, or contact us 0800 112 3033.

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