‘Home & Life Detox’ in 6 Steps

‘Home & Life Detox’ in 6 Steps

by Karuna, July 7, 2017

How to Reduce your exposure to Toxic substances?

According to Doctor and herbal expert, Dr. Jon Barron, we have been exposed in the past 100 years to over 100,000 new toxic chemicals in everything from food, medicines, household products and cosmetics.

We are all exposed to uncontrollable air, noise, radiation, light pollution – exhaust fumes, factory emissions, cellular phones, city lights… however we are also exposed daily to pollutants which ARE within our control. Lets start there!

Home & Life Detox in 6 Steps

  1. BLACK BIN DETOX – gather (& dump!) toxic household and personal care products and start again with green safe replacements. See ‘Skin Deep’ for research database – test the safety of your cosmetics… see if they come up clean.
  2. Reduce or eliminate your intake of coffee, alcohol and cigarettes. Replace with non-toxic beverages, lots of water and non-caffeinated herbal teas. Get to the source of life stresses and learn to deal with them instead of distracting and numbing with toxins. These three toxins stimulate us because they are toxic to our system and it tries to eliminate them quickly when it can. These are harmful to the intestines (and liver in case of alcohol).
  3. Organic food is the way to go to eliminate toxic ingredients- pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, toxic fertilizers which are stored in our body making us less alive and less healthy. Many agricultural toxins banned here are imported back on fruit and veg. Grown in other countries. Organic is best, Local organic is Better!
  4. Eliminate food additives from your diet- that means all artificial processed and packaged foods. The average person eats 14 pounds of these a year! These have never been testing in combination with each other and are a grand human experiment in non-well being that you really don’t want to be part of! Read labels and treat yourself to the BEST ; ) BECAUSE YOUR WORTH IT ; )
  5. Eliminate your denatured sugar intake – replace with gorgeous yummy fruit – custard apple, papaya, mango, Sharon fruit, berries, apples, pears, dates, prunes, pineapple, plums, watermelon, bananas. And many more. Combine them, smoothie them with greens (many good health food stores sell bags of organic frozen fruit – perfect for green smoothies together with banana and a generous variety green leaves).
  6. Detox at least once a year for one week using fasting, supplements and irrigation to encourage tissue and colon cleansing. When fasting your body transfers it’s energy/attention from digestion to cleansing. Then the body eliminate accumulated wastes and rebalances itself. J
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