Immunity & Health Starts with your Colon

Immunity & Health Starts with your Colon

by Karuna, July 7, 2017

How strong is your immune system?

Everyday people approach me and ask how they can help someone they love to regain their health. They tell me how they tried all the natural remedies and the medicinal route and don’t know how to make a real difference… this person keeps getting ill.

This is why I want to share the top TO DO and DON’T DO tips for developing immunity… because they simply work!

No. 1: DETOX your BODY EVERY YEAR (it’s your own MOT)

Symptoms are often simply your body’s way of releasing it’s toxic build up, as your body is a naturally self-cleaning organism.

Giving the body time and space to clean and detoxify itself is as common sense as a yearly MOT for your car, or a spring clean for your home.

According to Dr. Bernard Jenson (of ‘Guide to Better Bowel Care: A Complete Program for Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management), who cured himself of incurable disease at the age of 18, your Colon provides up to 65% of your immunity. Cleaning the colon of harmful bacteria and toxic residue is the first step towards better health, improved mood and assimilation of nutrients.

The Colon, located at the end of your digestive system, contains billions of bacteria that provide you either with the final nutrients, if you have good bacteria colonies, or with constant toxicity if you have harmful bacteria colonies. Fasting (a period of normally up to a week of not eating) allows the body to clean itself naturally by taking a break from digestion and putting all it’s attention towards internal repairs. The body, according to it’s internal intelligence, will focus on where cleansing is needed and possible at this time. For some this will be a particular organ or system. For others it could be a general release of toxicity from the cells all over the body. During a fast is the ideal time to cleanse the colon with water, as we do twice daily on Karuna Detox Retreats.

This time focused solely on inner repairs and balance is vital to alleviating or eliminating chronic symptoms and creating positive health.

No. 2: Take a DAILY top-notch PROBIOTIC

Like Probiotic14 (we use this one on all Karuna Detox Retreats) to replenish and rebalance the large intestines good bacteria content.

Large intestine bacteria complete our digestion of foods, constituted up to 65% of our immune system and is involved in maintaining good mood.

We should aim at cultivating an 80%-20% good bacteria-bad bacteria ratio, however, most people harbour the opposite! I believe this imbalance to be a key ingredient in chronic illnesses, low energy and indigestion.

As the bacteria we feed is the bacteria that grows, these dynamic colonies change according to our lifestyle and behaviour, with bad bacteria multiplying rapidly after the intake of sugar and alcohol… Hence, a daily probiotic can be a safeguard for health.

Taking it one step further...

Fasting and colonic irrigation are a fantastic combination, as practiced on Karuna Detox Retreat, deeply cleaning the whole body and the colon, at the same time is akin to an internal spring clean with inner showers to wash away the debris, creating the conditions for inner health to grow.

No. 3: SUGAR. Cut it Out.

Sugar feeds the bad bacteria, reduces immunity, destroys digestion and strains the pancreas. It does nothing well and supplies empty calories.
Eat fruit instead. As much as you like. Enjoy these colourful foods in biodegradable packaging!
Fruit contains nutrients, minerals, fibre, structured water and enzymes besides natural unprocessed fructose.
Commercial fructose is not the same as natural fruit. Organic is obviously better as it hasn’t been sprayed with highly toxic chemicals. If not organic, best to buy fruit you need to peel.

No. 4: DIGESTIVE ENZYMES help when you eat

Digestive enzymes support the digestion and assimilation of the vitamins and minerals from food. Sometimes the body will not have enough enzymes creating indigestion.

If you eat while you are unwell, the body tries to both heal itself and digest food, and can do neither very well

If you suffer from indigestion, constipation or acid-reflux you can also take digestive enzymes on an empty stomach 2 hours after food to support the clearing out of old matter. The benefits are normally felt within a couple of days. Digestive enzymes can irritate ulcers, so taking enzymes on empty stomach wouldn’t be recommended.

The body produces its enzymes in the pancreas. Overproduction or indigestion makes us feel tired after a meal when actually, food is supposed to energise us! A high-quality digestive enzyme (‘Higher nature’ have a great range) helps break down and assimilate nutrients from the food, leaving you nourished.

If you have a cold or the flu, giving the digestive system a break of up to a week, by drinking only water or fresh juices, will support the body’s ability to release toxicity and regain inner balance. You can take enzymes during this period to clear out old matter. This won’t suppress the symptoms of the cold or flu, but they will pass quicker than if eating, and at the end, there is a sense of freshness and cleanliness, brightness and clarity. Like returning from a refreshing holiday! This is the ‘post-detox’ freshness. Very different to the what most people experience after a fed flu/cold…

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