The Natural Home ‘Health Kit’

The Natural Home ‘Health Kit’

by Karuna, July 7, 2017

I stopped using over the counter and prescribed medication 16 years ago, after discovering natural ways that ACTUALLY worked. Before that I’d take whatever medication was prescribed, for the bacteria, virus, fungi etc. that I caught regularly. My chronic conditions and symptoms just kept coming back. I couldn’t seem to ‘beat’ them.

They kept coming back as the medication only temporarily removed the outer symptoms of illness. Not the underlying cause.

I was so surprised to discover at the age of 26 that MY FOOD and HEALTH CHOICES made all the difference! My doctor never told me I could help create my health.

Through nutrition, detox and yoga, I discovered how to release the toxins and rebuild my body and health. I discovered an abundance of healthy tools to support my body as it death with it’s internal repairs and maintenance, that do not leave any toxic reside behind.

Natural Wellness & First Aid Kit

Promote positive health in your home by using the abundance of Natural Health remedies that get us out of the pharmacy and back into relationship with the land and the healing power of plants, herbs and flowers. These natural remedies leave no toxic reside inside us, have minimal to no side effects, and connect us in a healing respectful way to our environment.

What’s in mine?

Cold/Flu and general cleansing remedies:

  • Vitamin C – Essential vitamin for keeping the body cleansed. Can be taken daily when the body is eliminating toxicity (i.e. having cleansing symptoms), also can be used in powder form (see ‘Higher Nature’ website to purchase) for a ‘Vit. C. flush’ to saturate all tissues of the body once or twice a year. This is a powerful tool for shifting and cleansing toxic residue from the body and can support clearing mild depression.
  • Echinacea – Echinacea is often taken in tablet or spray form as a support to deal with colds and flu symptoms. Best used from early symtoms start in combination with Vit. C and Zinc.
  • Olive Leaf Extract – antibacterial remedy can be taken in capsule form to support flushing bacteria infection. Remember that the lifestyle/diet needs to be examined and modified to eliminate the cause of the inner condition that promoted the bacteria growth in the first place (Qs to ask yourself: is your annual detox due? Eating sugar and drinking alcohol regularly?)
  • Colloidial Silver – A safe anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral spray. Flavourless, odourless and non harmful to people of any age, this gentle spray has a place of honour in my natural healing kit. METHOD: spray three times per day to cure many common conditions such as: spray onto skin cuts to disinfect them (do clean first with soap), into nasal passages (colds) and throat (colds, sore or infected throat) or onto eyes (pink eye/ conjunctivitis), onto cold sores/herpes/thrush and many more.

Skin remedies:

  • Colloidial silver – as above.
  • Soap – Simple remedy against first signs of Impitigo. Scrub the area repeatadly twice a day. For normal daily use remember to use a natural non chemical mild non-anti bacterial soap to wash our skin promotes growth of healthy bacteria on our skin, which protects us against more harmful bacteria moving in. When we use anti-bacterial soap it strips the skin of this protection and we become vulnerable to new more aggressive colonies of bacteria.
  • Aloe Vera gel – first rate burn remedy. Apply gel of plant leaf or 100% natural aloe very gel product directly to the burn, liberally covering the whole area. The gel heals and prevents oxygen from contacting the burn, thus reducing the ‘after-burn’ damage. Use in combination with Cellophane wrap to cover the aloe vera coated area, contaning it and preventing oxygen after burn. Also used internally as Aloe vera juice as a soothing remedy for irritable intestines. Fun to grow your own aloe plants, and can be purchased easily online ; )
  • MSM Cream – MSM is sulfer needed for our skin’s flexibility and regeneration. Use MSM creams to help heal mild scars and stretch marks on skin.
  • Tea Tree oil and cream – anti-fungal, anti-bacterial for cleaning skin when needed such as after cuts and scrapes.
  • Calendula Cream – a homeopathic cream to apply on cut or scraped skin. Really speed up healing!
  • Arnica Cream – a homoepathic cream to apply on bruises and sore muscles.

Children, Women & Family Health

  • Floradix Kindervital – Real Food Liquid mutli nutrient supplement for children.
  • Flouridix Iron – as above, real food liquid iron formula. Important for anyone with low iron, growing active children, and women health.
  • Helios Homeopathic remedy kit – These remedies are energetic non-toxic and non-harmful. When they work – they work miracles. When they don’t, they do no harm either. Kits with 30c remedies are a handy parent kit – to support dealing with many a tearful moment in our children, and us (!) such as shocks, mild fevers, colds, flu, anxiety, fear, shock, stress and many other common symptoms of life.

Stress, Fear and Shock remedies

  • Arnica 30c – the most frequently used homeopathic remedy. Given after emotional or physical shock, such as after a fall, a bruise, being hit or hurt, feeling hurt, fearfulness etc…
  • Rescue Remedy – supports dealing with shock and stress. Spray onto tongue.
  • Epsom salts – relax into a bath of epsom salts to support the absorption of magnesium, a much needed mineral for our muscles to relax and rebuild themselves and for our general feel – good mood.
  • Magnesium spray – spray this mineral straight onto the skin around legs and arms if needed, after exercise, during growth spurts, if cramping or suffering a common deficiency in this mineral.

Internal cellular, bacterial and digestive health:

  • Slippery Elm – Soothing herb for irritation of any part of the digestive system- from sore or tickly throat to irritable bowel and piles. A herb to mix and drink with water or juice, provides a mucilaginous coating that prevents further irritation and supports healing. Must be combined with an intuitive healing and alkalising diet to allow the body to generate healing of bodily tissue.
  • Prunes or Intestinal Formula – Remedy for constipation. Bowel movements should follow 20 minutes after any food is taken, every time. One bowel movement per day is constipation. Less is HEAVY constipation. Eat organic prunes and drink prune soak water and juice daily or take herbal intestinal formula till movements are regular. Combine with good water intake – 8 glasses of pure water per day, to ensure hydration and sufficient natural fibre in diet, by eating a lot of fresh fruits and salads or psylium husks (see below).
  • Psylium Husks – A husk of the psylium seed, this natural fiber helps tone intestinal muscles, absorb toxicity and waste matter for disposal via bowel movements and is taken for both constipation, loose stools as well as to support a ‘fullness’ and promote eating less and weight loss. Drink two glasses of water with each dose of psylium husk as it swells in water and will absorb water FROM your body, potentially resulting in dehydrating your body, if you don’t drink enough with it.
  • Salt – healthy unprocessed salts are important for daily function of all the cells in the body. Provides essential trace nutrients to maintain the correct balance of minerals within and between the cells. This supports the correct absorption of nutrients and elimination of wastes from the cells. Use a pinch of healthy salts (Le’Himal, Himalaya, Celtic Sea Salt) a day.
  • Probiotics – a daily dose of beneficial bacteria provides a first line defence against bad bacteria imbalances. These can be due to one sided nutrition or poor choices, alcohol or sugar consumption or antibiotics, stress, physical or psychological vulnerability and weakness, illness, travel…
  • Digestive Enzymes – Supports digestion of foods that are difficult to digest. It is important to give this support if not fasting and eating dense foods during times of weakness, stress, one sided nutrition etc. as above.
  • Lyme-disease prevention – we all love nature, yet not all tics love us… wear socks over your trousers and avoid walking through tall grass, plus take a shower as soon as you come home from a walk are the best ways to prevent disease. And if you do get a lyme-rash this would be a good time to take appropriate anti-biotics to prevent the disease as well as probiotics and above supplementation and methods to build yourself up!

From Karuna Detox to you with Love. Enjoy your Positive Health!

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