by Karuna, August 31, 2018

*Deborah -Sales Negotiator- ‘Intelligent, Compassionate, Helpful’

Intelligent, Compassionate, helpful and non-prescriptive. Excellent. It’s a privilege to detox here.

*Alex – Teacher – ‘Lighter, Calmer & lost 20 lbs!’

I loved how there was no pressure to do colonics and when I did them they really contribute to the detox process.
I gained massive benefits from doing daily yoga. I feel a lot lighter as a person and a lot calmer.
Plus… I lost 20 lbs!

*Milly – Tour Operator Manager – ‘Lost 18 lbs & Feel Rested’

I lost 18lbs & I feel rested. Came here with my mom and sister. It’s what we needed (!) even if we did consider a beach holiday, we are so glad we came here as we got so much more out of it. We even got to bring our dog Maisy!

The detox was a new experience, yoga and meditation were amazing, led by Sho. I really enjoyed the group, lots of friendly people doing a detox together makes it easier. I couldn’t do this on my own.

I’ve learnt here how to soften around difficult things and practice using the tools you taught us in the classes and the therapies.

And I’m happy to say I also lost 18 lbs.!

*Cheryl – Nurse – ‘They Care. It’s Super!’

Other retreats I’ve been to have been half the experience of being here.

There is a lot of support for each person. I’ve felt seen and encouraged. They care. Its just super. Thanks!

*Karen – Project manager- ‘Feels like coming home’

This is my fourth Karuna Detoxeach time is a different detox experience and each one has been great.
It’s a testimony to this place, I can ‘just’ be myself here. I feel so welcome, received and supported here.
It’s like coming home, in the best way possible.

*Lucy – Global Charity – ‘Profound Detox, Deep Rest, Kind Healing’

Wonderful Time. This is my fifth visit to Karuna Detox, first was in 2013 and I’ve been back every year. Each time I receive something very special and this time feels most profound for me.
The reason I come is because the detox is very well held and supported and also there is an invite to follow our own needs, to rest deeply and to detox on an emotional and spirit level through awareness, kindness and the healing sessions. 

Its been great to connect with the group – everyone has been caring and gentle with each other. Thank you all!

*Lauren -Property Management- ‘Completely Changed My Life. Lost 3 Stone’

I came with my mom and sister, wanting them to experience Karuna Detox as I came here last March and it changed my life completely. I started my health and fitness journey and as a result in the last year lost 3 stone!

I learnt so much about nutrition and how to take care of myself here and I came back to learn more and was excited to see if my mom and sister could get on board…

This time I learnt more how to slow down. How to take care. I’m going to do that and make some other changes in my lifestyle to be able to stop drinking as much coffee as I have been, and still have the energy. Thank you, Excellent!

*Sophie – Administrator – ‘Great Atmosphere non rushed rhythm’

The atmosphere is great  – days are full with a good program that is non-rushed.

I brought my dog, Maisy, went on lots of walks and had such a lovely detox with her as my companion. 

It’s been great to get to get to know everyone in the group and to laugh together.

*Tay -Behavioural Therapist/Equine Shiatsu – ‘Learnt to be kind to myself!’

I came first to Karuna Detox 13 years ago! I thoroughly enjoyed it then and now. So good to see Sho passionate about what she teaches here, making a difference in people’s lives.

The theme of Karuna- Compassion and Kindness makes a huge difference. Last time I went to all the sessions and it was good, and this time I followed Sho’s advice to be kinder and softer with myself. I allowed myself to deepen and relax and had the most incredible time. I take that home with me – to listen to myself and to be gentle with myself.

I won’t let it go so long again before I’m back – thank you!

*Chrissie -Psychotherapist – ‘Lost 1 stone & Freshly Inspired!’

There is such a gentle and powerful holding here. I’ll always come back here and I’ve been to lots of other places before I discovered Karuna Detox… You get much more than a physical detox here.

I lost 1 stone and I’m freshly inspired with life!

The group was lovely and spacious. I needed to have my own space and yet also had amazing connection and conversations.  This time I met an old dear school friend here! Amazing!

*Bianca – Sales Management- ‘Lighter Inside & Out & I stopped Smoking!’

Came here after hectic times and after leaving my job. I didn’t read the website or the emails pre-retreat properly and didn’t know it was a full juice detox. I went with it, got a huge amount out of it, left behind so much that makes me lighter inside and out. And I stopped smoking!! Been amazing.

*Marianne -TV exec producer- ‘Unique & Genuinely Holistic, Excellent’

I had a deep at times intense detox with emotions and physical stuff. Things have become clear here about my life, it’s this that makes Karuna Detox different to others & unique –  this retreat is genuinely holistic (and I have been to many others).
Sho is also the difference – the manner in which she holds things threads through all the activities and it has been excellent.

*Peter – Land Developer – ‘Relax, Lose Weight & Mind/Heart Baggage’

This retreat is truly special, a perfect place for me. I come here to relax, lose some much needed weight and some other mind/heart baggage.

The Karuna Detox entire team are all passionate but not evangelical – You make it comfortable and achievable. It’s remarkable. Thank you.

*Paula -Contract Negotiator – ‘Excellent, Beautiful, Kind & Wise!’

I’ve been on quite a lot of detoxes and boot camps over the last 10 years, due to career stresses, and I like Karuna Detox the most because it’s not fanatical about the weight, though the detox and weight loss program is excellent, and instead there is lots of attention to kindness and living wisdom.

The quality of the teaching is excellent in yoga, meditation and nutrition. I discovered slippery elm here!

The group was so pleasant and the people who work here are beautiful.

I’ve learnt and received so much here I’ll definitely come back!!

*Dawn – Retired – ‘I’m Blown Away, Energised & Excited’

It’s been a real privilege to spend this week with two of my daughters at Karuna Detox.

I’m blown away by the nutrition talks & what I’ve learnt about how to take care of myself.

I arrived exhausted and am leaving energised and excited. I’m going home to my other daughter who is a vegan and has been trying to introduce new things all along, I’m ready to get on board a new nutritional way with her now.

*Jemima – IT – ‘Non Judgemental Heart Space’

I loved the non-judgemental heart space Karuna holds… accepting you as you are, an adult worthy of respect, support and love.

It led me right back to my heart. 

*Sarah – ‘My Healing Journey was a gift’

Fantastic! I definitely needed this as a break from my stressful life. I went on an inward healing journey. I’m so glad I got to experience, my healing journey was a true life lasting gift

*Alexandra – Ex Nurse, Current Yoga Teacher – ‘Loving Myself’ – (3rd Detox)

Sho you help me love myself truly. You are like an angel in life, creating a safe environment to discover and be who we really are.

The balance of group space and sharing moments and privacy is perfect for me here. Sometimes I like being in a group and others I like to be on my own, and here I could do both as I wished without any problems, with no guilt if I didn’t want to participate in everything. You never judged me and that is a wonderful thing.

The team and yourself always supported me in my detox with a loving grace and friendliness. Thank you! 

*Haneen -Business – ‘Grateful’ (1st Detox)

Working a lot, the person I miss is myself. I came here to spend some time taking care of ME. To reflect and to be grateful. Thank you for a beautiful week, deeply cleansing and soul nourishing 

*Natasha  – ‘Surprisingly Easy & Wonderful’ – (1st Detox)

What an experience! Juice fasting was surprisingly easy and wonderful, that my body can do this!

I now feel that I can put the past few stressful years behind me and start fresh and renewed.  

*Stine – Manager – ‘Feels Like Home’ – (3rd Detox)

When I come to Karuna Detox this place feels like a family home. In a good way. I can relax here from day 1.  

*Suzie  -CEO – ‘Exceptional & Rare’ (5th Detox)

Exceptional & rare. I’ve been on many many retreats, I go on one every year as my yearly MOT. This one stands out as excellent.

The attention to detail, the humour, the knowledge and the authenticity are what make it so. Beautiful. Thank you!

*Adam – Retired – ‘Spectacular’ (1st Detox)

A huge thank you for the week, as you know I came rather skeptical and at Lynne’s persuading – often the case! however, I found it very interesting and not particularly difficult.

Your organisation and the people you have picked around you were spectacular.
The daily talks were wonderfully delivered with just the right mix of information, authority and anecdotes

*Lynne – Educator – ‘Exceptional & Life Changing’ (1st Detox)

You run the retreats in a superb natural, organic setting and have such a close-knit skilled team of therapists to support you. It was an exceptional and life changing week and I am encouraging others to attend. Thank you so much! 

*Lynne – Educator – ‘Exceptional & Life Changing’ (1st Detox)

You run the retreats in a superb natural, organic setting and have such a close-knit skilled team of therapists to support you. It was an exceptional and life changing week and I am encouraging others to attend. Thank you so much! 

*Lisa – Archeologist – ‘Profound difference’ (1st Detox)

You opened the door for me to a world I have been curious about for so long, and it’s already making such a profound difference to my life. 

*Marigold – Nurse – ‘Cleaner, Lighter & Uplifted!’

I came with a dirty and heavy body and heavily laden mind and came away so much cleaner, lighter and uplifted. I even lost 5 kilos in weight! You all gently (and it seems so effortlessly too!) nurtured me to a level of health I have never experienced nor achieved before.

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