by Karuna, February 1, 2019

*Al – Business Owner – ‘Brilliant on all fronts’

The three things I look for are: the team that holds the detox, the people that show up to it and the location – you were brilliant on all fronts & Sho is a fantastic fountain of knowledge.

*Ros – Change Manager – ‘In the Silence’

This is my third detox with Karuna and this time I wanted to be in the silence inside, so I spent time with myself. I feel a new beginning inside me. Thank you for giving the space to do this

*Bex – Chiropracter & Business Owner – ‘Encouragement & Absolute clarity’

Everyone here helps and supports each other through the detox. It just happens that way, if one person needs encouraging. It’s great. I also leave with absolute clarity around issues in my life. Thank you!

*Kate  – ‘Breakthrough’

Thank you so much. I came exhausted and got the rest I needed here. It felt great to have the space to honour myself and rest deeply. Had a great breakthrough in the Constellation session with Sho, feels like I’m being ‘put back together again’ – fantastic!  

*Christiane – ‘Vulnerable and Powerful’

Thank you for doing what you do, for being vulnerable and powerful. 

And for the massages – with fantastic therapists. Paul has healing hands. It’s all very very good. I will be back. .

*Brendon – Archeologist – ‘I understand my gut’

I now understand how my gut and my choices influence my life. And I have ideas on how to move forward.

*Lisa – Archeologist – ‘Total Turn Around’

I came here last year and totally turned around my life! I brought my husband this time and now he’s on board too : ). I’ve been making all the raw foods I learnt here from Donna and my life has been supercharged.
I’ve lost a lot of weight already and am healthier than ever. If I can do it, anyone can!

*Gareth – Investment Banking – ‘Great Benefit’

The timing of the talking sessions with both Louise and Sho were excellent, very powerful. I received a great benefit from them. 

*Charlotte  – ‘One of the Best things I’ve ever done!’

This should be compulsory, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I didn’t expect it to be so much more than just a detox!

It’s also run with precision and exceeded my expectations. I will be back with my sister and mother next year!  

*Chris -Investment Banking – ‘Fab as usual’

Fab as usual. My 9th detox with Karuna Detox. I’m bringing my sister next time.

*Ginny – Meditation Leader –  ‘Extraordinary’

What you have created here is extra-ordinary. This place truly lives up to it’s name, Karuna, it’s full of heart. Thank you.

*Anna -IT Consultant- ‘Fantastic. Supported & Nurtured’

Fantastic Retreat. My third time. Each time excellent. This time I gave up smoking!  its been a challenge and I’ve felt supported and nurtured here. The group was amazing as usual, even made new friends.

*Lyndsey – Operations Manager – ‘Amazed by it all!’

I’m amazed by it all, I came open minded to experience what was on offer, as this is my first ever detox. It’s blown me away. I feel like I’m going home to START LIVING my life! I left the old Lyndsey behind and am starting a fresh start now.

All the massage and healing therapies were fantastic, everyone was kind and considerate. I can’t express just how well I feel!

*Milly – Tour Operator Manager – ‘Lost 18 lbs & Feel Rested’

I lost 18lbs & I feel rested. Came here with my mom and sister. It’s what we needed (!) even if we did consider a beach holiday, we are so glad we came here as we got so much more out of it. We even got to bring our dog Maisy!

The detox was a new experience, yoga and meditation were amazing, led by Sho. I really enjoyed the group, lots of friendly people doing a detox together makes it easier. I couldn’t do this on my own.

I’ve learnt here how to soften around difficult things and practice using the tools you taught us in the classes and the therapies.

And I’m happy to say I also lost 18 lbs.!

*Jeff – Designer – ‘Best Detox Experience. Deeply Relaxed’

Feeling great, deeply relaxed , bright eyed and bushy tailed.  This detox was the very best experience I have had when detoxing, and on so many levels.

You and the team really do give your hearts and souls into such a integrated experience for your repeat and first time detoxers.

Offering expertise, care and gentle support to help us to take a big step into better clarity of body , mind.

What you have created at Karuna is incredible, touching, so much more than just another detox!!!

*Nicky – Chiropracter- ‘Magical Week. Empowering & Compassionate’

Magical Week. I needed it and I appreciate it. This experience is so empowering and compassionate. The depth of expertise of Sho and the team is apparent. They hold the group with flexibility and freedom/ space for each person to do their personal internal work – body and soul. The sense of safety here is so special. I’ve loved it and will recommend it highly .

*Karen – Teacher & Yoga Project – ‘Heart Opened’

I was here last year and my heart opened. This time I’m ready to be more resilient, I picked up tools here to integrate into my life the light and joy that I experienced inside me here. I feel something has moved and I’m more equipped for life. Thank you!

*Maxine -Sales- ‘Fantastic. Positive Change’

Third time. Has been a great and this time more intense as I detoxed on water rather than the usual juice. Going home with positive ideas on what I want to change in my life to include more relaxation, yoga and some dietary changes. The knowledge you share here is absolutely fantastic and the therapies and massage therapists are top notch!

*Louise – Caterer – ‘Giving Up Gluten, Milk & Coffee’

My third detox here and every time it’s different. First one I gave up smoking, after second one I gave up drinking alcohol daily (now it’s a special occasion) and after this third one I’m giving up gluten, milk and coffee. I feel ready to care for and nourish my body. Thank you for the wonderful therapies – Shiatsu and Reflexology were new to me .

*Dereca -Nurse – ‘I now LOVE YOGA!’

Lovely people! Everyone taking care of each other.  Never enjoyed yoga before –now I LOVE YOGA!
The meditations were wonderful, the therapies life enhancing, it all made such a difference to my life.
I was blown away by the knowledge shared here. I feel there’s so much I am taking home with me. Thank you!

*Fionna -Mental Health Therapist – ‘A Retreat in the True Sense’

My Karuna Detox was a retreat is the true sense. I really enjoyed my cottage, the view over the green hills (I come from the city), reconnecting to Nature, taking my time. Lovely house-mates to share the detox experience with. And the detox – I sailed through it, had a powerful journey with Louise and feel re- invigorated with raw foods.

*Bianca – Sales Management- ‘Lighter Inside & Out & I stopped Smoking!’

Came here after hectic times and after leaving my job. I didn’t read the website or the emails pre-retreat properly and didn’t know it was a full juice detox. I went with it, got a huge amount out of it, left behind so much that makes me lighter inside and out. And I stopped smoking!! Been amazing.

*Shanti -Mother- ‘Time to Just BE’

Been amazing and nourishing. Time to just BE. I loved the yoga teaching and the fasting. Feels like everyone should do this detox once a year to clear out. Good to learn about nutrition as well – I’m going to stop giving my kids cows milk!

*Lindsey – Marketing Exec – ‘Opened My Heart’

I arrived overwhelmed and closed and being here has really opened my heart back up. I’ve never been surrounded by so many people who were like minded. Everyone has helped each other out along the week.
The knowledge shared is amazing too – I learnt so much more here, and I already knew quite a lot about nutrition!

*Paula -Contract Negotiator – ‘Excellent, Beautiful, Kind & Wise!’

I’ve been on quite a lot of detoxes and boot camps over the last 10 years, due to career stresses, and I like Karuna Detox the most because it’s not fanatical about the weight, though the detox and weight loss program is excellent, and instead there is lots of attention to kindness and living wisdom.

The quality of the teaching is excellent in yoga, meditation and nutrition. I discovered slippery elm here!

The group was so pleasant and the people who work here are beautiful.

I’ve learnt and received so much here I’ll definitely come back!!

*Mark – Semi Retired – ‘Clarity of mind’

Loved my house-mates, got along so well. It was a great week. Fantastic team – so supportive.

I’m noticing my clarity of mind and feeling great all around. I will be back again!

*Margaret – Retired – ‘Inspiring Fantastic Retreat’

Inspiring Retreat. Wonderful therapies, lovely flat mates, just a fantastic retreat. I’ve fasted and detoxed and this has been a lot deeper and more holistic than other retreats I’ve been to. 

*Maureen -Managing Director ‘Journey was peak moment ‘

My first detox, so I came with some trepidation and felt quickly at ease here. My peak moment was the journey with Louise which helped me in ways I had not idea of – made a huge difference inside me. The depth of knowledge and compassion of the team is incredible. I will be back.


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