by Karuna, September 30, 2019

*John – Therapist – ‘Lost 1 stone in 1 week’

I achieved my goal of weight loss – lost 1 stone in 1 week. This program works! On a similar retreat I lost 1 stone over 3 weeks, so am very impressed. Shiatsu was amazing, abdominal massages helped. Great therapies.

*Anne  – Wellness Coach – ‘I was lost & now I’m Back!’

I got what I came for! I was feeling lost and eating rubbish, now I’m feeling ready, inspired, clean and healthy… I’m BACK! Therapists and therapies were great – IFS, Healing Massage, Shiatsu. Loved the location and the people! 

*Clare – Property Developer -‘Best Yoga & Meditation Ever’

Gorgeous setting! Therapists were truly gifted. I had some life-changing treatments here. Yoga & Meditation were of the best I’ve ever experienced, and I have been to classes all around the world. Sho puts her heart into the program, it shines through every part of the retreat. Beautiful. Thank you!

*Jaime  – ‘Fun & Loving’

Thank you so much. I’ve had a fantastic retreat and a great detox. I loved my cottage mates, we got along from the start. It’s been fun & loving throughout the experience. Sho, you create a sense of togetherness between everyone that is unique. I’ve been to other detox retreats and this is so different, you can’t compare! I love what you create here!  

*Gabrielle – ‘Confidence in my Body’

I have lost 1 stone, gained a lot of confidence in my body and have the confidence to keep going in a good direction! I lost my mother recently and have been mourning her. I had an amazing experience here in one of the meditations where we got to connect with our mothers – all the doubts I was experiencing in my relationship with my mother cleared away, through the female line back to my grandmothers. I feel so clear and light now. Thank you!  

*Gill – Retired Nurse- ‘Pain-free for first time’

I was nervous before coming as this is my first detox. It was a really good experience! I learnt so much, the group was very supportive, I lost 10 lbs and I’m pain-free for the first time ever in my life. I feel this is truly life-changing.

*Montana – Estate Agent – ‘There is A New Me’

I’ve been coming here for 2 years and I can now say the person who first came is not the same person who is leaving now. I keep changing and for the better. This is a great place! 

*Jenny – Royal Forces – ‘Emotional & Mental Safety for All’

You have created a real safe space of emotional and mental safety for all. I can be myself here, listen to my body and follow its wisdom. 

*Mark  – Entrepreneur – ‘Suprisingly Easy’

It’s been surprisingly easy for me to detox here – I expected it to be harder on the no-food front. I enjoyed the whole week, the camaraderie between the detoxers, how I got into Yoga here – brilliant yoga teacher! I lost weight easily. I’ve gotten into a fog around too much eating and drinking – it’s been a real wake up call, this week changed me.

*Trupti – Consultant – ‘Pain in my joints – GONE’

I came here feeling unwell, feeling chronic fatigue and joint pain after my second jab. I leave feeling lighter emotionally, all the pain in my joints have GONE. I feel relaxed. The detox has been held in a beautiful space of acceptance and non-judgement. I enjoyed the great company here, the excellent massage treatments (gifted Shiatsu!) and the wonderful Yoga. 

*Ginny – Meditation Leader –  ‘Extraordinary’

What you have created here is extra-ordinary. This place truly lives up to it’s name, Karuna, it’s full of heart. Thank you.

*Sarah -‘Amazing tbh’

I’ve detoxed before, but this is special, amazing tbh. Renewed my sense of health. 

*Dennis – ‘Brilliant Week’

I water fasted. Felt the space to do my own thing. I had a fantastic housemate. The constellation session with Sho was amazing and the massage with Lisa was too. Brilliant Week!

*Rita ‘Privileged to Be Here’

I feel privileged to be here, to fast in such an amazing space, cared for so lovingly. I’ve met people of all backgrounds and ways of life here, and all are held in the same high level of care. Exquisite. 

*Marc – ‘Completely Transformed’

Feeling completely transformed!! I’ve fasted twice before but this has been the most amazing week. A great group, great connections, constellation session gave me a level of peace that was totally new.

*Jacqui -‘ Exceeded my Expectations’

Fasting with a group here has totally exceeded my expectations. I loved the environment, the group, the balance between free time and program, with time to go on walks and both flexibility and structure. So friendly. Thank you so much! Also loved the food demos at the end with Donna .

*John – ‘Spiritual & Physical Cleanse’

My friend’s talked about Karuna Detox for years… I’m glad I finally came! Normally I’d be out of my comfort zone in a group, but it was a friendly good group. I feel I’ve had a spiritual and physical cleanse. Things come up when you fast and you can step up to them with conscious compassion here, as you’re encouraged to do that throughout your fast. I will recommend this to family and friends, who want to live healthier lives!

*Jo -‘Light Bulb Moments’

Lovely quality here at Karuna Detox – the setting, the groups, the treatments, all contribute to the fasting experience. This has really set me on my path. Fabulous professional therapists, light bulb moments in the constellation sessions, breaking fast meals were gorgeous… what can I say? Thank you! I’ll be back.

*Dagmara  – ‘I feel At Home. My Heart is Full’

My second Karuna detox. I’m proud to have done 2 detoxes as I didn’t believe I could. I feel achievement. I love Sho & Donna and the whole retreat setting and enjoyed the therapies massively. I feel at home, my heart is full. I’m ready to go out there and make IT happen..!

*Laura – Farming – ‘Amazing YOGA!’

Sho, your informal and relaxed way on the retreat is unique and very good. Amazing YOGA. Such inclusivity in the group is rare. The whole week has been a delight and passed so quickly. Magic hands therapists!

*Karen -Therapist – ‘Changed my Life’

I come here every year. Coming here has changed my life, taken me on a better path. It’s so worth it. It’s gorgeous!

*Renata – Chef – ‘Open & Supportive’

I am lost for words – I work alone as a professional chef and it’s been so special to be in a caring and sharing type of group setting. People here are open and support each other.  I need to surround myself at home with people life here at Karuna. I also lost weight and my chronic pain is gone! Thank you.

*Guy – ‘Great Birthday Gift!’

This is my birthday gift. I wasn’t expecting to meet so many nice people, it doesn’t normally happen! The yoga & meditation was thoroughly fantastic. It was wonderful, spiritual. I recommend this detox thoroughly – great location, great people. Donna’s food demo at the end was a highlight, Sho’s wellness talks are so interesting and informative, detox juices were yummy. Great birthday gift!

*Kate – Facilitator – ‘I Feel Reborn’

It’s been amazing. I got everything I needed and more. I feel reborn. Was exhausted on arrival and I’m so refreshed now. I’m definately coming back! Sho is a legend, so holding. Nothing is too much trouble for her. I’ve been on so many retreats around the world and facilitate myself & can say, this was amazing!

*Marie -‘Emotional Release. Light Bulb Moments’

Wanted to kick start my health and the New Year. After speaking to Sho on the phone I knew this was the place for me, and I wasn’t disappointed. I got so much out of the experience, much more than just a juice detox. The emotional work released so much mental/emotional tensions, I had massive realisations and light bulb moments.

*Christa –  ‘Health & Personal Growth’

Very educational week, not only about health but also personal growth, how we interact with each other as people. I learnt a lot.

*Joanne – ‘Feeling Safe’

I’m grateful for the safety here. Feeling safe with all the therapists, feeling nurtured and inclusion in the group. I can speak to anyone and everyone here. Therapists blew me away they were so good & I’ve had a lot of massage before! Very high quality! 

*Sarah – Social Worker – ‘Not just a group. This is Family’

This is not just a group. This is Family. I’m HOME. Without a doubt the most beautiful people I’ve met have been here. They are magnetised to Karuna!

You create a beautiful atmosphere, where all feel so safe and so supported.

The earth meditations and the mother embryonic meditations was very moving.

*Jerry – ‘The Best Retreat’

The best retreat I’ve been to! The place, The people, Therapists – all far better than anywhere I’ve been before

Your Yoga is so deep, spiritual and calm. Other Yoga is like football in comparison! I feel so lucky to have come here.

I haven’t worn makeup all week and haven’t felt embarrased at all! 

Sho, when you shared your story, you helped me through with mine.

I feel at home! Thoroughly Authentic place and people! 

*Leti – Musician – ‘In Awe of the Quality Here’

In our heart meditation I learnt to connect with the earth and to my heart muscles. It’s inspired. I’m in awe of the quality here – it’s fantastic. 

*Anna –  ‘Learn, Laugh, Be Open.’

A Positive Compass, wise group to be with, learn from, laugh with, be open with! Thank you! Sho’s wisdom evolves every year, so you come and get more and renewed inspiration each time. 

*Chris -Business Owner –  ‘ Life Changing Experience’

I’ve come away on a retreat and am going home to more forward. I feel this has opened up doors inside of me that were shut. I loved being in and at one with nature. Life changing experience. 

*Pat – Therapists – ‘So much love here’

Karuna means compassion and it Is the LOVE Space. There is so much love here that it brings out the love in everyone. I come here to cleanse, for the nature and for the wisdom of the Karuna Team. They are just authentic people who love what they do and share generously of themselves with everyone who comes here. 

*Isabella -Business Owner –  ‘Life Changing Experience’

I am so grateful. I heard about Karuna Detox on a yoga retreat, where someone had been here and was telling people about the deep intestinal detox and healthy digestion that they learnt here -we called them the ‘shitty committee!’ – I’m so glad I heard of you!I’ve had a life changing experience with Sho – it’s been beyond amazing. The best thing I’ve ever done. I’m booking next years detox now!  

*Jasvinder – Women’s Rights Activits – ‘Stillness & Clarity’

Karuna creates the conditions for Clarity for your thoughts. There’s no expectations on you here. I find that voice within me. In the stillness here there is clarity. You don’t have the distractions from home.  

*Emily – ‘My Time! Flushed away the old me…!’

I’ve been to many detoxes and retreats before and without question this is THE BEST. Other’s have felt like being in a factory. Here it’s so personal. Sho takes care of each person as an individual.
The clarity I’ve reached here is so exciting! I’m 50 and I finally feel this is ‘my time!’
 The old me has left and flushed away, literally…. 

*Simone – ‘Pic of poop on my phone now!’

At first I thought this week would be way out of my comfort zone in so many ways … now I’ve got a pic of my own poop on my phone from my colonics!
A good friend sent me here as I believe my headaches and my colon are connected. I have learnt and cleansed and received so much support and help here. It was amazing.  

*Ann – ‘Amazing Results!’

I have treated myself badly in many ways and so I anticipated the worst during my detox… But I didn’t suffer and got some amazing results. The week has helped me look at all the ‘shit’ in my life and I feel motivated to continue and look at this and clear my life up… What an adventure! Thank you. 

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