Forest Bath Meditation

Forest Bath Meditation

by Karuna, February 25, 2020

A short Forest Bath in Hembury woods… Being Present in Nature

Practice this mindfully in nature near you.

Close your eyes.

Take a moment to come back into your own body.

Feel the solidity of your own body, in your clothes, your shoes, on the earth.

Notice the breath moving through you.

Notice the breath of life moving around you – the air, touching your hair, your face.

From this internal focus open your senses. Notice the sounds. Small and large.

The sound of the wind perhaps, the leaves, the trees, the singing of the birds.

SOUND BINGO – listen for 5 different sounds. Can you hear 5 distinct different sounds in nature right now?

When you open your eyes, see what greets you.

Take in the colours, the shapes, the light and shadow, the textures. Look as if for the first time. Receive all this as a gift, the colours, shapes and forms.

Allow it to touch you. Allow yourself to move slowly and freely. Allow your body to move as it wishes, perhaps being drawn to a tree or to move like a bird that you’ve just seen fly…

When you’re drawn to some element, close your eyes. Place your hand on this leaf or branch, the trunk of a tree or the earth, and with closed eyes simply feel…

And opening your eyes, simply see – the natural variations of colour, texture…

Noticing the small things.

How many shades of brown, how many shades of green? How many shapes surround you?

Relax into this natural diversity.

(extract from the audio meditation ‘Guided Forest Bath’)

Listen to the full Forest Bath Meditation to enjoy diving into the present moment and finding stillness in nature here and now.

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