Immune Boosting During Viral Outbreak

Immune Boosting During Viral Outbreak

by Karuna, March 15, 2020

During this time of viral outbreak, we wan to remind you of some ways of keeping your immune systems strong, as at this time people with compromised immune systems will suffer most from the coronavirus.

This is a great time for juicing, for healthy smoothies, and for fasting especially if you’re feeling unwell.

Fasting supports rapid healing by allowing your body to cleanse itself,
while taking a break from the work of digestion.

Then healing can be the primary focus.

Fasting or not, juices and fresh herbal teas (try thyme, echinacea, olive leaf or lemon peel for their excellent immune-boosting properties), or alkaline green superfoods can be strengthening, nourishing & healing, without taking much digestive power from your body.

For the nostrils

You may consider using a gel base (aloe vera) natural anti-viral solution with colloidal silver and essential oils of thyme or eucalyptus to help create an additional protective layer.
Apply to the area of the nostrils and the entrance of the nostrils themselves, when in public.

It’s also great time to maintain good microbiome, as our good bacteria is our first line of immunity, and to eat an alkalising diet, which will support your whole body’s immunity as well as enhance digestion and strengthen the acidity of your stomach – it is the stomach acids which purify our foods before they enter the rest of the gastrointestinal tract and therefore strong stomach acid is a necessity for proper digestion and proper immunity.

Without good digestion, our immunity suffers.
Without a good mindset both digestion and immunity suffer.

Good Mindset Helpers

If you find yourself spending more time at home, this is a great time to pick up or deepen your yoga and meditation practice, to get in touch with your centre, your light, and to move beyond fear into love and humility.

We may transform challenging times into a way to welcome more mindfulness and wellness into our lives and into others.

Touching physically only those we are close to, we can still reach out and touch the lives of people all around us and remind each other of positive ways to deal with the risks and challenges.

We can share information, encouragement and love-and-kindness.

We are hearing of skies clearing in industrially polluted areas and of new communities created by people reaching out to those in isolation in their neighbourhood, offering phone contact and practical support.

A slowing-down is happening, where we may get closer to the rhythm of nature around us. The birds, the bees and the earth.

‘Zest for Life’ Juices

Try our immune-boosting raw organic juices made on Karuna Detox Retreats, by Donna our chef.

Raw organic juices are full of enzymes, vital energy,
structured plant water, minerals and vitamins.
They have not been heat-treated, pasteurised or processed.


Organic foods omit the many artificial chemicals added in modern mass mono-agriculture. We are lucky and grateful to live and work in Devon, UK near Riverford Organics and Shillington Farm, who grow and deliver most of our vegetables with great care.




Immune Booster Cleanser.
Stimulates liver and kidney function, bowel cleansing, alkalising, antioxidant.




Red Cabbage
White Cabbage

Immune Boost, Hormone Balancer.
Full of Prebiotics and Probiotics (bowel bacteria) liver cleanser,
packed with Vitamin C and K.





Blood orange

Immune Booster, Alkaliser.
Full of Vitamin C and Anthocyanins that help fight free radicals and inflammation.





To your Health!

With love, Sho & The Karuna Detox Team

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