Soul-Food In Uncertain Times

Soul-Food In Uncertain Times

by Karuna, April 9, 2020

This time is becoming a great detox, collectively and personally, as we let go of all the old familiar ways it creates a space for change… and a great opportunity for transformation.

To transform fears that rise with loving witnessing and caring action.
To listen to our truth and welcome it in.
To step deeper into the path of healing.
To end up changed for the better by the time we’re released from lockdown.

As individuals and hopefully as collectives.

And, as in any deep healing,
we may need support to hold a positive attitude
and healing relationship to the experience.
This is key to how we move through it.

Within our global society today we can witness the difficulties as well as a blossoming of compassion around the globe. People everywhere reaching out to help each other.

Yoga Zoom class with Sho:

Join an online Karuna Yoga sangha – community!
Wake up with morning yoga sessions with Sho, like on retreat.
Slow flow yoga, breathing, meditation. Grounding, awakening & connecting.
7 – 8:30 am every morning Monday – Thursday.
Starts April 6th.

Register here with email address for zoom invite.
Donations welcome and will go to local Devon food bank (suggestion £5 to £15) – no pressure, all welcome!


Gentle Exercise

Gentle exercise are great for mobilising the body (without strain or injury), cleansing us by moving the lymph, releasing toxins on a cellular level, alkalising our tissues, relaxing and balancing our nervous sytem through deeper breathing…

We especially love exercises that gently mobilises the arms, legs and neck and get us breathing rythmically into the belly <3.


I love Yoga.

We practice being present with this moment, using only the muscles needed and relaxing the rest.
We practice mindfulness.
Experiencing the peacefulness of being absorbed in the moment.
Listening and following, co-creating, with our body.

Yoga postures are ancient wisdom in action and they move our beings and our bodies in ways that stretch and strengthen, cleanse and balance all of us.


Breathing – Pranayama

Controlled breathing has long been known to relax and destress us, by lowering cortisol levels, lowering blood pressure and improving autonomic (the automatic system in our body that works behind the scene) response to physical and mental stress.
You can benefit from regulating your breathing, a few minutes at a time.

Easy breathing exercise

Sit down on a chair with knees aligned above ankles and a straight back, or lie down comfortably with hands by your side or placed relaxed, palms down on your belly, to practice:

3 min Inhale – belly rises, Exhale – belly drops in.
Breath into your belly, breath out naturally. Start with natural breath and gradually deepen the breath, so soon your belly is rising and falling slowly and rythmically.
3 min – Inhale – follow, Exhale – relax and release.
Follow the sound, sensations and movements of the inhalation as it flows into your body and to the belly, relax and release all tension with the exhalation.
3 min – Swap – Inhale – relax as it flows in, Exhale – follow.
Follow the sound, sensation and movements of the exhalation as it flows through and out of your body, relax and release with the inhalation.
3 min – Stop – Integration – Relaxation on both Inhale & Enhale.
Llie down for relaxation and integrtaion. Return to natural breathing, one hand on your belly. Remain aware of sensations and keep relaxing and allowing all tension to drop down and away.

Social Engagement –

Good connection is vital for our wellness. Connection relaxes our nervous system, increases mental resilience and strengthens our immunity.

Research shows that even in social distancing, having a sense of being part of a community supports our strength and immunity.

We are social creatures, we have an innate need to belong!


We can start positive social engagement with ourselves by connecting within, establishing our presence in our centre, practising kindness in our self-expression to ourselves.

We often take ourselves for granted and focus on the things we don’t like.
So – let’s start strengthening the heart muscle within.

Practice Gratitude – Self Kindness

Practice expressing gratitude to yourself.

Simply close your eyes & bring your attention to your heart centre in the middle of your chest. Breath into this space. Relax.
Find something in YOU that you are sincerely grateful for.
Be spontaneous, surprise yourself and name something perhaps, that is always there, but maybe has never been spoken aloud and appreciated by YOU.
Speak. Say what you appreciate to yourself, silently or aloud. Internally.
Hear this appreciation. Receive this appreciation. Notice how it feels inside you. It can feel warm and opening. Be present and welcoming of however it feels to receive this gratitude. It’s all information. Stay kind.

The experience of positive connection with ourselves and others awakens in us all sorts of healthy and healing physical and mental responses.



My daughter and I have been happy to be well and able to volunteer in our town’s health food shop. They’ve not only never run out of toilet paper (their peaceable clientele deserve a sash for non-panicking!), now they’re operating with a strong and beautiful community service spirit – protecting the community by keeping the small shop shut to walk-ins and open to email orders, which are lovingly packed and placed outside for pick up.

There are many opportunities to contribute in this time and if one this is becoming transparent around the globe… it is clear that we need each other!

So, let’s keep coming back to our centre, make a good prayer (wish, intention) and then reach out & connect…support each other!

Share the Love!!!
Be Kind, Be Well, Be Safe, Be Sane <3
Shoshana, Paul, Louise & Donna, Jacqui & Melanie,
The Karuna Detox Team

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