Deepening – opportunity for discovery and healing during quarantine

Deepening – opportunity for discovery and healing during quarantine

by Karuna, April 11, 2020

People have asked me about my opinion about the COVID experience, and what I’ve found more than anything are these questions:

What are the challenges?
What has opened up inside or outside you in life?
What have you learned about yourself, so far, from the quarantine?

COVID quarantine has become an immersive experience. The globe has been sent home alone, some say ‘to think things over’… some have said we’re on ‘nature’s retreat’ and that nature is blossoming as we pause the man-made relentless engagement, with much folly and foible.


The Great Detox

I see life often as a practice of regaining consciousness. Mostly it seems we need to get out of our own way.
To let go, detox, or wake up from illusions of control, distortions of power and delusions of disconnectedness.
We are obviously not having a solitary existence.
Our actions impact each other in all of nature’s creation.

If we receive life as a practice, we can allow all our experience – both challenges and delight – to inform and awaken us to our edge.
The edge is where we can grow when we have enough resources to digest the edgy experience.
Often that means taking stock of how much compassionate attention we can bring ourselves and finding sources of support to maintain and increase our resources.

You may be having some weird or even disturbing dreams by now, as your psyche brings up material to be detoxed. Sometimes all it takes is receiving the input and putting it aside to digest.

I had a dream last night about COVID. In it, my daughter and I were making our way down a steep mountainside into the ocean. We scrambled down and just about stopped before the water. There was no place to put anything outside the water, too steep, so we just jumped in.
The water was warm. The waves were gentle. We stayed together bobbing and chatting. I looked for a place to leave something outside, but the water was lapping halfway up the mountain. There was only ‘in’.
I noticed the bills in my back pocket had drifted off into the water and I reached to hold what was left, but there was nowhere to put it – water was everywhere.
More people tumbled down, without control, and fell into the ocean.

Realising I was in a dream, I checked in and noticed I felt safe.
I woke.

So… what did I learn from this dream? I heard from my unconscious that it’s IN the experience, immersed. I woke appreciating my deep feelings of safety for myself and my daughter, despite our loss, and acknowledging my concern for others.

Being in touch with ourselves, the questions become more relevant:

What are your challenges?
Where are you invited to grow?
What is resourcing you?
What are your practices?
What is meaningful to you in this experience?

Hopefully, this experience can detox us of many distortions as individuals and hopefully as collectives, if we listen.

And, as always we may need support to listen within, to keep a positive attitude and to approach the experience with a healing relationship.

Be Kind, Be Well, Be Safe, Be Sane <3
With Love,

The Karuna Detox Team Paul, Louise & Donna, Jacqui & Melanie,

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