Self Care Practices During Quarantine

Self Care Practices During Quarantine

by Karuna, November 9, 2020
Some simple and effective practices to help manage the second lockdown (here in UK). It’s natural to find many of our tolerances strained at this time. Practicing self care helps in a very real way, as beyond conceptual we are bringing loving kind action into relationship with our body, our self and our environment.

Gratitude – Giving Thanks

A practice of expressing our gratitude for what is already present in our lives, right now and right here, is a powerful way to uplift our soul.
Gratitude can be for the availability of water, for hands that can sense and touch, for sight that brings colours, shapes and images into our experience, for the earth underneath your feet.
Find 3 things every morning and every evening to be grateful for. Look in unexpected places for that which to be grateful for!

Breath deeply

In and Out slowly and deeply x 10 breaths can start to balance the tension by moving the parasympathetic vagus nerve.
Follow your in breath.
Follow your out-breath.

Follow your breath in the movement of your belly if you need to calm anxiety.
Follow your breath in the movement of your chest to uplift your spirits.

Compassionate enquiry

When our tolerances is stretched we can ask ourself what is that part that is stretched inside me and ask it what is it’s message for us… then listen to it. When we give ourselves the attention that we need our system nervous system calms down.


Meditation practice whether it’s five minutes or an hour a day is very helpful right now.
Embodied mindfulness that bring attention into the body can help deal with tension. As you sit down with yourself, and bring attention with the body, listen and relax as you scan your body.
Approach any muscular tension that’s in your body and simply communicate with it for a little bit, asking it if it has any message for you or wants to say anything.
I find that when I do this the area softenes and relaxes.

Bringing attention, cognition, connection and curiosity as well as compassion and kindness to our challenges tends to support a higher level of resilience and tolerance.

Be in Nature

Being cooped up can do funny things and therefore it is highly recommended to take the time to be outside, work out, walk, run, bike, hike…
If your mind is still busy with a thought you can use a simple practice of ‘counting leaves’ to get out of your thoughts and into the ‘IS’ness of the present moment. Simply walk and look at leaves, and count them.
It’s an impossible task but by the time you’ve counted leaves for a few minutes you will probably be seeing the various leaves that you pass, with the flowers, the bushes and trees, the birds and the bees and butterflies… and presto – you’ve let go and are being nourished and receptive to the healing vibe of the natural environment.

Eat Nature

Eat foods that are alive to uplift your body. Eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and sprouts. Make greens a big portion of your diet as they nourish your blood, balance your pH, help cleanse you.

Plant foods that haven’t been cooked have intact fibre, structured water and live enzymes. All of these are vital in filling you with connection and the power of nature.

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