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by Karuna, April 18, 2017

“Sho & The Team are Authentic Experts in their Fields.
Who give 100 % Quality & 100% Service.
Don’t Hesitate to Join them for your Detox!*”

We regularly welcome new massage therapists onto our retreat, so expect new faces and excellent treatments. Meet some of our Karuna Detox Team here:


Founder and group facilitator, Shoshana, leads Meditation, Yoga, and Nutrition talks and guides your detox. She helps bring together the pieces of the puzzle of health and happiness for each individual together with the rest of the Karuna Detox Team of experts.

Sho’s talks speak simply and clearly both to the heart and to the intellect, weaving the small and the large, microbiology and spiritual ‘why are we here?’ questions into her enquiry and discussions.

Shoshana has over 20 years of experience in leading individuals and groups in the journey of healing and is a lifelong student of human growth, embodied transformation and healing our personal and collective human trauma. Trained in psychology (hon. BA), gender psychology and a practitioner of Internal Family Systems (‘IFS’), Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), Systemic/Family Constellations,  Non-violent communication (NVC),  Yoga (Iyengar, Ashtanga & Vinyasa) & Meditation (Vipassana & Mindfulness).


Kathy is a chef and food grower with a passion for healthy living food. She loves to nourish people and support them with their health and their connection to food, the body and the Earth. She is passionate about organic and local food, supporting her community and encouraging a healthy relationship with the land.
She is currently studying health and nutrition and lives on Dartmoor.

Kathy prepares your juices on retreat, provides general people care and helps make your experience comfortable and nourished. On Thursday after your break-fast (live tasty & 100% organic) Kathy invites you into her kitchen to show you how to make simple and delicious foods that are guilt-free health-building, keep you out of trouble -kind of foods : ).


A Yoga teacher, retreat facilitator and chef with many years of experience, Jo lives on a smallholding in Cornwall in intimate relationship with the environment and landscape around her.

Jo is our retreat manager and loves helping people, she supports the Karuna team to hold the container of the liminal retreat experience.

Enjoy creative activities, quiet moments, breathwork and friendly chats with Jo, when you see her around the retreat space.


Louise is our beloved Journey therapist. Using a unique Journey
therapy, she enhances your connection and enables profound healing of a stuck pattern or issue that you feel is blocking you from thriving in life.

Many have let go of physical, emotional or mental blockage, gaining insight, freedom and health through this journey of awareness. The feeling and forgiveness this brings are profound and long-lasting.


Melanie is our Shiatsu Practitioner. Her bodywork is grounding, nourishing and deeply relaxing, helping to ease aches and pains, and release tension. She has a special interest in working with emotions and digestive health and brings sensitivity and compassion to each treatment. Her passion is supporting people to move through life with ease and grace.

Melanie has 15 years experience, and also holds qualifications in Acupressure Massage, Indian Head Massage and Shadow Work Coaching.

She lives in Dartmoor National park with her partner and their wonderful new dog!


Yamini offers Swedish, remedial and deep tissue massage as well as Myofascial Release and healing, to help the body and being release deep-seated tension, pain and heal any imbalances.

Yamini originally trained in Reiki in 1997, followed by Swedish massage and several other bodywork modalities giving her a deep understanding of the body and its needs.

With a background in meditation, she brings a strong presence and intuition to her treatments. Yamini lives in Devon with her 2 children and 2 cats and looks forward to getting back on her motorcycle, when her children are older : ).


Teresa is our Holistic massage Therapist and ear acupuncturist.  Her massage technique is adapted to suit individual needs from a light relaxing massage to aid stress release, and support the parasympathetic for rest and repair, to a deep tissue to relieve muscular skeletal tensions and injuries. Leaving you with a sense of rejuvenation and a sense of being ‘met’.

Teresa feels privileged to be a part of peoples healing journeys and is very passionate about the benefits of massage. Working in a calm, sensitive and intuitive way, she particularly enjoys supporting the detox process with abdominal/colon release massage and with ear acupuncture detox protocol.

Teresa lives in Exeter with her family. She enjoyed walks in nature, wild swimming, Yoga, and cooking. Often trying to combine there’s pursuits with dancing!!


Patricia is our deep tissue, remedial tissue and healing massage therapist. Her calm presence and healing hands will help you relax and release deeply in her treatments.

Patricia’s healing massages hold you in a circle of healing crystals while you receive your massage and at the end she cleanses your chakras with a pendulum, shifting stagnant energy and clearing space.

Pat was a gym owner and is still a fitness instructor with a passion to help others achieve physical and emotional wellness through self care, kindness and health that grows stronger and stronger.
“Helping others to find balance, feel comfortable within their being, and therefore be at peace with their holistic self. Is a great reward for me”


Tim Shiatsu Massage Karuna Detox Retreat

Tim is a Japanese Shiatsu, Abdominal Massage and Deep Tissue Massage therapist, currently residing in Ibiza with his wife and children.  His passion is foraging, wild medicine and music.

Read more about the massage treatments available here

Shiatsu is especially popular on retreat as it supports back issues and as well as massaging the body balances the energy system (moving energy from over-working areas such as the head, to under working areas such as the liver or heart) leaving you calm and with lasting balance. All treatments support the release of toxins throughout the body, and deep relaxation of the central nervous system to calm and balance the body and mind/emotional body.


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