by sho, May 24, 2017

Paul offers a range of detoxifying and pampering massage therapies – Deep tissue (similar to Swedish massage), Abdominal & Colon massage, Holistic massage, Myofascial release (MFR), 5 Organ Ear Detox Acupuncture and our specialty, ‘Double Detox’.

“My massage therapies were truly wonderful experience, especially for the first timer. The support was first class, always prepared to help, listen and talk”

Paul Khosla Karuna Detox Retreats Acupuncture & Massage TherapistMassage therapy supports and compliments the detox process. It helps to deepen your relaxation by calming the nervous system, and detoxes your body by stimulating the flow of blood through the tissues and supporting the clearing of cellular waste via the lymph system.

Gentler Holistic and the stronger Deep tissue massage, can be helpful for those who have specific areas they would like addressed, such as sports injuries, ‘bad backs’, stiff neck and shoulders.

Similar to Deep tissue massage, Myofascial Release includes soft tissue stretchs, deep tissue work and additional special techniques such as trigger point therapy and gentle cranial work. It’s aim is to restore mobility and freedom of movement, reducing pain and discomfort if any. By helping the body release areas that have become frozen due to stress, tension or trauma. The sense at the end of a session is of great ease and relaxation.

Abdominal and Colon massage, help people with digestive issues, and stimulate and support the inner organs – liver/gallbladder, diaphragm and of course the large intestine – toning the colon. They also enhance elimination of mucoid plaque and other old matter from you colon during your cleanse. These create productive colonic irrigations.

5 Organ Detox Ear Acupuncture supports the five elimination organs that are working during your detox – Colon, Kidneys, Liver, Lungs, Nervous System. This treatment helps support and regulate these systems, which are often overworked in our modern hectic lifestyle.

“Massage with Paul was an excellent choice, he found exactly which muscles were causing my back pain. Thank you!”


BSc(Hons) Environmental Science, Diploma Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, Clin Ac (China), ITEC Holistic Massage, ‘Devon School of Yoga’ hatha yoga teacher.


Since discovering yoga at the age 14, Paul found himself becoming increasingly interested and involved in complimentary approaches to health and healing. His first trained over four years for a diploma in Chinese medicine, including studying in China in year 1996. Paul’s clinical training in Acupuncture was in the Detox centre in Saint Mary’s hospital, Paddington, London. In 2004 Paul started to train in and incorperate massage into his practice, in specific abdominal and myofascial release massage, as well as deep tissue and the gentler holistic massage.

Paul has a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with digestive health, and specialises in massage techniques for the abdomen, and the preparation and use of fermented foods. He furthered his interest by studying Natural Nutrition with Barbara Wren in year 2000.

Over the years Paul has taken part in residential fasts in the UK, France and India. This has given him a wealth of experience to share. On retreat, Paul supports your detox, and helps you overcome the challenges of fasting to gain the unique benefits!

Paul and his wife have lived in Devon for the last 15 years. He is a professional wood turner and a Member of The Devon Guild of Craftsmen, and displays his work from their gallery in Bovey Tracey . He teaches yoga classes in and around Dartmouth and in his spare time you may find him mountain biking on Dartmoor on his beloved rigid singlespeed 29er (don’t ask!).

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