by Karuna, July 10, 2017

Please contact us prior to booking to discuss suitability, if you’ve had any of the contra-indications below over the last 2 years.

COvid Contraindications:

Please see our Covid Care guidelines. We are not able to accept people on the retreat at this time who are presenting with fever or other covid symptoms, if those may put others at risk.

Colonic Contraindications:

□ Active Crohn’s disease (abdominal pain – lower right area, diarrhoea, rectal bleeding)

□ Anaemia (or lack of energy, white-pink gums, dizziness, thin blood, bruise too easily)

□ Amoebic dysentery (or stomach cramps, painful passage of stools, bloody – slimy diarrhoea)

□ Kidney or Gastrointestinal cancer (colon cancer, stomach cancer, duodenal cancer, or other)

□ Ulcerative colitis (or blood in the stool)

□ Aneurysm, congestive heart failure or heart disease

□ Active Haemorrhoids

□ Colorectal tumours or Active Diverticulitis

□ Hernia, bowel perforation or colon surgery

□ Acute bowel obstruction, fissures or fistulas

□ Cirrhosis of the liver

□ Congestive cardiac failure

□ Severe prostate problem

□ Renal failure

□ Uncontrolled blood pressure

□ Are you currently pregnant?

Fasting Contraindications:

□ Anorexia, Bulimia or other Eating disorders

□ Requiring medical supervision


Please contact your medical profession to confirm suitability to Fasting, Colonic Irrigation and other activities on Karuna Detox Retreats. Karuna Detox Retreats does not aim to diagnose ‘illness’ or ‘cure’ and instead aims to provide information and experience for improving positive health and wellbeing.

In using this site I agree that I’m not participating in the practices advocated by Karuna Retreats or its facilitators & therapists on the grounds of any claims they have made to be able to ‘cure’ anyone of their physical maladies.

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