Covid Care

by sho, September 9, 2020

We wish to welcome you to an atmosphere of peace, calm and health during your retreat.

This retreat will be focused on strengthening immunity & development of health & happiness with small group activities and personal practices, not large group activity.

We ask that everyone take care of self and others, by following safety covid care guidelines at this time (the rule of 6, social distancing and face covering if close contact).
We will update this page as needed, please revisit before your retreat.

Personal Care- we ask all to:

  • Wash hands regularly, incl before/ after all activities.
  • Maintain a respectful social distance from those not in your household. Be aware of others and not enter a room if already 6 people, or if insufficient room to maintain distance.
  • Confirm symptom-free one day before arrival, and to check your temp before leaving home for the retreat. To maintain safety we will check temp on arrival and if above 38 will be required to leave.
  • Bring own mug, flask, mask/visor, yoga mat and shawl/yoga blanket for personal use. We’ll provide a yoga mat for the retreat if you don’t have one and will have disposable bamboo cups available.
  • Wash up your items in your cottage kitchen sink with the personal wash up sponge (provided).
  • Clean surfaces touched after use of common WC.
  • Self-isolate if developed symptoms related to COvid and leave to rest at home.

Massage Therapy Care:

  • Therapists will wear mask and visor and will clean all surfaces touched in between treatments.
  • Therapists will change all bedding and uniform (or apron) between treatments.
  • Therapy room will be ventilated in between treatments, and during treatment as needed.
  • Hands sanitised before and after treatment by both therapist and client.
  • Client wears a face covering as required by the therapist (some only require when face-up).

Acommodation/Venue Care:

  • All rooms are cleaned before our arrival according to the Covid secure guidelines.
  • Cottages are empty and ventilated for up to 3 days where possible before the retreat.
  • Each person to clean surfaces touched in the shared toilets, after use.

Group Activities: Juice Bar, Yoga Barn, Group Room

  • Only Juices will be self-served in the juice bar.
  • Supplements will be provided in individual pouches.
  • Juice Bar & Yoga Barn will only contain up to 6 people at one time.
  • Entry & exit will follow a one-way flow-system.
  • Everyone will clean their hands at entry.
  • Surfaces will be cleaned daily by staff.
  • Library book and DVDs to be returned to the BOX for quarantine not put back on the shelf.
  • Yoga, Meditation & Talks will take place in the Yoga Barn with up to 6 people with online zoom.
  • Outdoor activities maintain social distance.
  • Indoor activities, face cover & visor worn at your choice, unless required due to cough or other risk.
  • Group activities will be modified as needed. Break-fast meals on Thursday will take part in 3 rooms.

Swimming Pool & Sauna:

  • The swimming pool will be open with a booking system.
  • Sauna & shower room are closed.

Thank you for taking good care of yourself and others!

Please see Sept 22th changes here and explained here.

In line with Covid Care, please confirm you are without Covid Symptoms one day before your retreat starts.


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