Weight Loss

by Karuna, June 5, 2017

Why and how is weight lost on a detox program? On a Karuna Detox Retreat a week’s program results in between 6lbs – over 1 stone weight loss, varies by the individual. But what are we losing on a juice fast? Is it fat, water… old matter??
How is weight lost on Karuna Detox Retreat’s juice fasting & colon cleansing program?

First, it’s not from water loss – our detox program is highly HYDRATING, your body will gain more water than it will lose over the week.
First suprise (to many) is that colonic irrigation releases many lbs of constipated and ‘left over’ matter from your colon. The results appear in productive colonic sessions. This matter was not needed and the weight is lost for good.
The next part of weight loss is due to being on a reduced calorie juice diet, this makes your body metabolize fat.
It also means your body diverts from ‘digestion’ to ‘repair’ mode and release toxins stored safely in fat cells around the body.
The way weight is released from the body suprises most people: Basically we breath it out!!! Oxygenated fat is converted to water and carbon dioxide. Then the lungs exhale it out: 8.4 kg of C02 for every 10kg weight loss*… That means deep breathing (in yoga & pranayama) is a central weight loss and detox practice.

Now.. How do you keep weight off after your detox?

These toxins and fat above are released for good. Theyre not coming back. And with a few changes you can keep it that way. You will want to as well, to keep feeling as good as you do here on fasting and raw food!

  • Raw food Masterclass and Nutrition workshop inspires simple, common sense changes. Leave with a clear food plan, that you understand.
  • Banish Endless Cravings with Superfood Nutrition – learn how to make the ‘Smug Smoothie’! Get more nutrients daily than most get in two weeks. Crucial for rebuilding your body.
  • Nourish yourself with real food. Vegetable and Fruit macro nutrients heal, cleanse and end deficiencies. Blend them (smoothie), juice them yourself, eat them as snacks and meals.
  • Keep your taste buds fresh after your fast to appreciate natural fresh foods like vegetables and fruits. We help you get excited and freshly ‘attached’ to these and hold a raw food masterclass to show you some simple gourmet raw food as well.
  • Listen to your body. Eat when and what you need. Stop when you’re full. You’ll practice ‘listening’ on retreat with us. The guidance this offers you is personal and reveals when you’re eating suitably and when not. Helping create a more supportive ‘caring and inquiring’ relationship with your body.

Nourish your E-motions, Mind and Spirit
Continue to nourish yourself with some of the elements you found helpful here -breathing, yoga, meditation, massage, sharing.

Learn how to INCREASE LOVING nourishment and REDUCE toxicity in your life… and you’re on a winning path!


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