by Karuna, April 18, 2017

Our Core Values

UK’s Leading Holistic Detox Retreat
Providing You with a Positive Holistic Detox Experience

  • Experience your Mind-Body-Spirit resting in a supportive space.
  • Detox physically and emotionally as well, with our inclusive ‘Journey therapy’.
  • Our detox guides are genuine and caring, supporting you safely through your detox.
  • We aim to educate and inspire you to reach a higher level of healthy living.

Experience time and space for calm self-reflection… that can change your life!

Placing Your Health Back in Your Hands

  • We aim to remind you how important you are and how your every action impacts your welbeing.
  • As you are ‘the one’ who is always with you, we show you how to maintain health with self-care and kindness, on all levels, by sharing natural self-healing tools.
  • Become your own health scientist, with a basic background in digestion know-how and guidance to follow your own Feel-Good indicators of: Great energy, stamina, clarity of mind, balanced mood and resistance to catching colds.

Learn how to listen to your body and ‘follow’ it’s guidance. A crucial key to wellbeing.

Come learn about the simple truths of real foods, rest, self-love and faith in your body’s natural healing capacity.

Mind-Body Detox

Our holistic detox program is it’s design to work on many levels, our emotionally detoxifying ‘journey therapy’ (FREE with every retreat) can connect you with ‘what is alive inside’ in a healing and empowering way. Many experience emotional detox getting rid of old-emotional patterns and open to new experience as a result.

Meditation, yoga and holistic massage and therapies available, also inspire many people to shift and see life more clearly, calmly and creatively.
You may experience your spirit/ inner self waking up!

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