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Me and Yamuna (my fab daughter!)

My name is Sho and my mission is to help you achieve positive health naturally. I suffered till age 26 from a general immune system deficiency, meaning that I caught every bacteria and virus that was going around and took all the medication my doctor offered without ever curing the source of the symptoms.

Then one day I found out that diet and detox had a great impact on health and happiness. I discovered that real food – untampered unprocessed – produces wellness and that our body detoxes naturally to regain balance and health. We simply need to stop eating for a short period to allow it to release excess toxicity. I immediately changed my diet to mostly live foods, and within a week had one of my chronic ‘illnesses’ show up and I was able to test out fasting for health…. and I felt amazing! My life reversed it’s direction instantly, I experienced many many dramatic hearings, shifts and a continuous spiralling upwards.

Group Bluebell Woods

Detoxers in the blue bell woods and Karuna Detox Retreats

And the last 18 years I have been teaching and sharing what I’ve discovered along my path  as a guide of detox, nutrition, yoga and  living with purpose, from the heart!

Karuna Detox Shop has appeared due to requests of our wonderful clients  Karuna Detox Retreats  (as featured in Elle, Ryan Air, Red Mag, VG Norway, Yoga Journey Within, & more, since year 2000)In this shop you will find Colonic irrigation boards, natural food and mineral based supplements and products that I’ve personally tested and tried and know work well to keep myself and others healthy. With no toxic side effects.

“POSITIVE health comes from within. It’s simple and natural.” Sho


Karuna Detox in Newspaper Aftenposten Norway

Karuna Detox Retreat in Norwegian ‘Aftenposten’ Jan. 2014


The FULL journey of transformation takes place on our Karuna detox retreats.  Led by myself and a wonderful team of expert massage therapists, raw chef and journey therapist, it is a deeply restful body-mind-soul ‘wake up and regain your sparkle’ retreat, with yoga, fasting, meditation, food facts and raw food skills.

To your health, with love!

Sho ; )