9 Top Reasons to Colon Cleanse

Colon cleansing, also known as hydrotherapy or colon irrigation, can improve overall wellbeing, digestion and immunity, and reduce the risks of developing chronic conditions healthy intestinesassociated to toxicity, including excess weight, headaches, acne, immune system deficiencies, diverticula, and cancer.

Colon cleansing is like taking a shower on the inside, cleaning the last part of the digestive system.  The Colon is also called the large intestine.

Clear the route for your Digestion

Our digestive system is often clogged up with old undigested matter, and toxin producing bacteria. Clearing the digestive tract is a natural efficient way to enable better digestion and absorption of nutrients from the foods we eat.

Strengthen your Immune System

An efficient immune system is one that isn’t overloaded with internal toxicity. About 60% of our immunity lies in our intestines according to many naturopaths. A correct balance of healthy bacteria in our intestine provides this immunity and protection against foreign bacteria and virus.

Washing away the toxin producing ‘bad’ pathogenic bacteria via colon irrigation then introducing good bacteria (probiotics) strengthens our immunity as well as supports proper digestion.

Regulate and Balance Your Mood & Energy

Cleansing our colon is like a yearly MOT to ensure optimum performance for the whole body.

The intestines feed the whole body and is designed to provide us with a source of energy. Constipation and toxicity use up a lot of energy and make you tired. Improving digestion and immunity increases overall energy levels, using less and offering more from the foods your eating.

People who cleanse their colon feel distinctly lighter, happier and clearer as toxins leave their body. There is also a neural network in this region which regulates mood.

No more Constipation

Constipation is very common, and means waste is left in your intestines for longer than needed and can produce mucous and release toxicity into the blood stream. This can be a contributing factor to many other conditions including excess weight, headaches, back pain, diverticulitis, varicose veins and more.

Constipation is common due to the low-hydration and low -fibre content of modern convenience/processed foods and well-cooked foods in general.  Ideally we would go to the loo and and ‘move’ our intestines naturally 20 min. after eating a meal.

Colon cleansing is a good safe way to clear the old constipated matter and avoid constipation using – psylium husks and intestinal formula .

Lose Extra Weight & Keep it Off

The modern fibreless diet creates food that doesn’t move through the intestines, forcing the over production of mucous and all of this food and mucous can stay inside, literally weighing you down with many extra lbs of old matter.

Good digestion and good elimination is key to our sense of balance and weight management, allowing food to be digested not stored in the intestines or fat cells for ‘later’. This can kick start better metabolism and fresh food and lifestyle choices.

A healthy digestive system is one that ‘feels’ good and you may feel  to eat and drink things that keep that good feeling, without discomfort, bloated, tiredness…

Absorb the good foods you eat

Once your intestines are clean you can digest (break down) and absorb (assimilate) the good foods you eat better. Passing the good stuff – nutrients and water from the intestines into the blood stream, not the harmful stuff- toxins, bacteria and undigested macro-nutrients which cause problems.

Clear thinking and concentration

It’s easy to observe that body and mind influence each other. A lethargic or toxic body will influence the quality of our thinking, and the reverse is also true.The toxins produced and stored in the intestines can create an ambient toxic environment and abnormally high acidity level that influence and disrupts clear thinking and concentration.

Cleansing, hydration and alkalising diet can reduce this ambient toxicity, release acids from the body and can restore the natural ability to think clearly, focus and reflect.

Improve Fertility

Cleansing reduces toxicity and improves the conditions for pregnancy, it also can release pressure on the reproductive organs and uterus. We have seen improved fertility in our clients who proceeded to IVF programs after their cleanse, and noticed a reduction in morning sickness.  As vomiting is a spontaneous self-cleansing reaction to reduce toxicity in the system before the creation of baby, a colon cleanse is good news for both mom and fetus.

Reduce risk of many illnesses including cancer, hypertension, diabetes

These and many other chronic diseases are considered to be on the rise due to the degeneration in our lifestyle. According to Dr. Jon Barron we’ve introduced over 100,000 new man-made chemicals into our bodies over the last 100 years. These toxins enter us via food, water, air,  lifestyle choices, medication, stress and lack of rest – all common in the modern lifestyle. These lower our pH levels if not balanced out (with cleansing, rest and alkalising minerals) and and reduce the functionality of the tissues, organs and systems of our body, even reducing the capacity to absorb nutrients and release wastes of each cell in our body.

Reducing toxicity reduces acidity levels in the tissues, enhances digestion and immunity and are all first steps in reducing the likelihood of developing these toxic chronic conditions.

Cleansing together with adopting a balanced alkalising organic diet that is low in animal products and grains and high in vegetables and fruit keeps the risk low and promotes general wellbeing in body-mind.

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