Metabolic Enzymes (Proteolytic)

Metabolic Enzyme supplementation on Empty Stomach

Besides Digestive Enzymes, the body also contains enzymes for many other processes of the body – every cell, organ and system depends on enzymes for it’s wellbeing. Our heart, brain, skin, muscles require them, they aid cells in nutrient absorption and waste management.

Our blood requires enzymes to cleanse itself of waste, fungi, virus and bacteria. Proteolytic protein digesting enzymes, such as SerraEnzyme break down the protein cell membrane of the unwanted organism, which are then removed via the blood and lymph. Without these enzymes the wellbeing of the whole body would be impacted via the blood with infection and inflammation.

With modern lifestyle habits burdening our body with more new toxins than ever before. Eliminating these toxic ingredients that we drink, eat, put on our skin, inhale and produce inside us, creates an additional stress on our digestion, elimination and immunity. As a result of the overwhelm in these systems, the other systems may suffer.

Enzyme researchers, such as Rudolph Kunze are bringing attention to the connection between pathogens in the blood, immunity and cancer and heart disease. In New York, Dr. Gonzalez cancer treatment use specific proteolytic enzymes, detoxification, intensive supplementation and individualised diet. His work indicates the potential for use of enzymes to treat cancer and enhance survival rates. And the work of Dr. Young from California, connects the chronic acid-burden on the body, as it’s needs to maintain strict pH levels of the blood, with the increase in growth of pathogens in the blood and dis-ease in the body. Alkalising the body and creating a hospitable environment for health is his tip for wellbeing.

Enzymes taken in between meals, on an empty stomach, are a way to introduce enzyme supplements into the blood stream. There they support the alkalinity of your body, and can be utilise for blood cleansing and other metabolic support.

It is important to intake enzymes on an empty stomach, for this purpose, as then they will not be used up by the digestive process.