What is Serrapeptase?

See also Metabolic Enzyme (Proteolytic)

Serrapeptase, is a proteolytic enzyme, it’s task is to break down proteins. This enzyme is found naturally in the intestine of a silkworm and is used by the moth to dissolve the remains of the cocoon right after metamorphosis occurs. Serrapeptase can also be used as a supplement, as it possesses anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Medicinal Applications

This enzyme is primarily used to address inflammation and pain associated with post-surgical edema, tunnel syndrome, chronic airway disease, fibrocystic breast disease, and other disorders. Medical researchers are still investigating the potentials of serrapeptase. According to various studies, the enzyme can potentially be used to prevent arterial plaque.

Case Studies

Many individuals have used this supplement for ongoing chronic conditions and report results dealing with inflammatory conditions throughout the body’s cells and organs. Testimonies are reduced scar tissue, fibroid cysts, lung inflammation, endemetriosis, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, backache, asthma, allergies, Multiple sclerosis and more..

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