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How to help a Hernia, naturally, without using anti-acid medication

If you have a Hiatal hernia, your stomach is moving upwards through an enlarged hole in the diaphragm. The hole in the diaphragm exists for the downward passing of the oesophagus (from throat to stomach), and the stomach is supposed to remain ‘south’ of the diaphragm. If it does start squeezing ‘north’ through an enlarged diaphragm […]

Candida treatment with Oxygen, Diet, Probiotics and Colloidal Silver

Why do so many people struggle with Candida? Candida Albicans is a yeast that isn’t harmful until it becomes a fungal condition that can overgrow, move through the body and cause exhaustion, irritation, indigestion, pain and other problems. Once it’s there it’s probably not going away without you taking some clear measures! Oxygenate –  Colosan oxygen […]

9 Top Benefits to Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing cleans the inner digestive organ. An annual cleanse can be a more effective health insurance, developing your wellbeing, digestion and immunity, as well as reducing the risks of developing many chronic conditions (weight, headaches, acne, immune deficiencies, diverticula, cancer and more). Our Detox supplement kit and Colonic Board Kit combine detoxifying and nourishing herbs, supplements, enzymes and good bacteria with the benefits of colonic […]

What are we EATING? Ted talk on healing Autism with diet

What you don’t know may be hurting you. This mother and biochemist researched diet in her attempts to help her daughter deal with Autism. What she discovered is how diet impacts not only autism, but many other common modern diseases. The cure? Wholesome, natural, unprocessed foods. Smoothies, supplements and super foods – all packed with […]

On Diet and Health & The World’s Killer Diet – Dean Ornish Ted Talk

If you weren’t sure of the importance of diet and lifestyle on illness and health, then this short TED talk (only 3.21 min) is the one for you. Dr. Dean Ornish, president of Preventative Medical Institute in California gets STRAIGHT to the point. He claims that some of the most common serious diseases are preventable and even reversible. Dean […]