On Diet and Health & The World’s Killer Diet – Dean Ornish Ted Talk

If you weren’t sure of the importance of diet and lifestyle on illness and health, then this short TED talk (only 3.21 min) is the one for you.

Dr. Dean Ornish, president of Preventative Medical Institute in California gets STRAIGHT to the point. He claims that some of the most common serious diseases are preventable and even reversible.

Dean Ornish claims the cardiovascular disease/diabetes/hyperteprostate tumor growth chartnsion epidemic is completely preventable for at least 95% of the people, just by changing diet and lifestyle.

And I really love it when he refers to his use of  “high tech expensive state of the art measures to prove how effective these simple, low tech, low cost interventions can be.”

Impressively, one of his studies documents that diet alone can stop and reverse the progression of prostate cancer, with a 70% remission rate!

I know he works for McDonalds and Pepsi Cola, and I appreciate that he is working to make the processed food chains provide more edible, less disease-encouraging food choices …

Watch this speedy messenger … take the message and go feed yourself a superfood smoothie!!! (to see only the short video, see playlist in top left corner, watch video no. 4)