Karuna Colonic Board Kit

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The ‘Karuna Colonic Board Kit’ is a simple, affordable and effective way of cleansing yourself to optimal health in the privacy of your home!  Colon cleansing detoxes the bowels using a natural flow of water. This is an ancient yogic practice, and is a safe way to reduce occasional constipation and reduce or prevent toxin related dis-ease symptoms of both body and mind.

Karuna Colonic Board features:

  • Simple set-up, easy to use and maintain.
  • Includes all fittings: 1 colonic board, 2 catheters, clear tube with fittings, water syringe, instructions. You just add a bucket and water.
  • Uniquely designed for flexible soft catethers (most other boards feature hard rigid catethers).
  • Locally handmade by craftsman of marine wood.
  • Size: 1 x 14 x 47 inches (2.5 x 35.5 x 120cm) Weight = 17 lbs (8kgs)
  • Length can be customised to fit small bathrooms.
  • The most cost effective colonic irrigation solution. Can be used over and over, when one clinic session costs £70-£120.
  • Detox Supplement kit can be purchased separately to deepen your detox with a juice fast and supplements, as on Karuna Detox Retreats.

Additional catethers can be purchased for only £5 p.unit (1-10 units) or £4.50 p.unit (for over 10 units).

I completed the cleanse and broke fast yesterday and feel fantastic. All the equipment and supplements worked a treat and the instructions were great and easy to follow. Thank you! Stephen W.

CAUTION NOTE: do not use while suffering any inflammation of the intestines, haemorrhoids, acute IBS or have undergone bowel surgery recently, as the pressure of water may cause further irritation of the current condition of the bowel.

Why Colonics?

Colonic irrigation relieves constipation and washes old stagnant matter and toxins from body. Reducing the re-absorption of toxins into the body, reduces their circulate and reduces the resulting symptoms of toxicity. By cleansing the digestive and eliminative center of the body, overall health is massively enhanced. Colonic irrigations are a reliable way of eliminating the age-old toxic material which plagues the vast majority of colons today, as result of modern abundance and denatured processed foods. Cleansing the colon wall frees it to absorb more nutrients, and promotes a good balance of good bacterial flora, essential for digestion and immunity.

How to arrange a Colonic Board?

Arrange a Colonic BoardThe Colonic Boardin Use

To set up the colonic board in your bathroom:
  • Lift the toilet lid & seat, place the shield end of your colonic board on top of the toilet bowl, and with a bucket of body-temperature water above you, you have everything you need for the perfect colon cleanse.
  • Any means of supporting the bucket approx. 4ft above the board will allow gravity to provide a steady flow of water. The shelf example is somewhat permanent a fixture, but anything stable will do.
  • The tube moved water from the bucket down to the board, where it attaches to the catheter.
  • The catheter comes through the shield and into you just three inches. The soft catheters we provide ensure easy and comfortable use.
  • The gentle flow of water allows the bowel expel at its own rate – finding its own natural rhythm. There is no risk of damage to the bowel due to mechanised pressure. The natural rhythm of water flow in and out can be a very relaxing sensation, akin to being massaged from the inside.
  • All eliminations leave with the water into the toilet bowl – ensured by the shield.
A board for life – simply clean with a anti-bacterial spray after your colonic.

Additional information

Weight 9500 g
Dimensions 120 × 44 × 26 cm

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