Detox Retreat Prep Kit – no.1



Eliminate constipation, prepare your body for a deeper detox cleanse before your Karuna Detox Retreat with Detox Kit no. 1, containing:

  • Psylium Husk
  • Intestinal Formula no.2.

Am I Constipated?

Chronic constipation is common, with people often moving bowels once or less a day. This results in a build up of old matter  in the intestines and can result in up to only 10% of the food eaten being utilised.

Healthy bowel movements are soft like cottage cheese, coloured like wild honey and smell un-offensive. A healthy bowel moves in less than two minutes with no strain, about 20-30 minutes after you’ve eaten. Anything else is a form of constipation.

That’s because your stomach signals the intestines that something new is on the way, and it’s time to make space and move the old out.

Why is it Crucial to End Constipation?

Our bowels eliminate wastes from many of the other systems in the body including blood and liver. If they are backed up the result is food and toxicity remains inside.

Bowels need to be cleansed first, before any other organ, to open the elimination channel leading wastes out of the body.

Once the main elimination channel is open it is safe to detox other organs as well.

Otherwise, we risk adding to the burden of toxins within the systems of the body, resulting in recycling toxins and storing toxins out of harms way in fat cells throughout the body.


Psylium Husk are 100% fibre, supporting the toning of the intestinal muscles as well as movement and transport of mucous, toxins and wastes out of the intestines. Read more of the benefits & how to use here.

Intestinal Formula no. 2 (IF2)– a special herbal formula to induce movement of the intestines and clear constipation. See ingredients & how to use here

IBS? IF2 is not to be taken if suffering from IBS or any irritation of the intestines, due to the cascara content. In that case, purchase Slippery Elm (to soothe the intestines) and Psylium husk seperately.

Constipation is often a sign of dehydration. Read more about dehydration symptoms and prevention here.

 REMEMBER: To prevent constipation from reoccurring daily drink 8 glasses of water, start every day with a large glass of water with lemon, eat plenty of hydrating and fibre-full foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables. Mindfullness, yoga and deep relaxation can also help to relax the intestinal muscles and promote ease of (bowel) movement :-)