Detox Supplement Kit


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A one week cleanse kit including post detox supplements. Detox at home at a small fraction of the cost of a Karuna Detox Retreat!

Detoxing while juice fasting is an ancient natural health practice. Encouraging the body to empty toxins from cells and organs, reduces acidity levels and aids wellbeing, digestion, immunity, clear skin, stress reduction, reducing chronic symptoms and more.

This pack includes detox supplements and instructions for  7 day + (supplements will provide much more than 7 days) detox program  including 120 caps of professional strength probiotics for post detox immune strengthening supplements. Add the Colonic Board for the complete ‘detox at home’ kit.

Detox Supplement Kit includes:

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES – Digestive enzymes help combat the effects of aging and naturally declining hydrochloric acid and digestive enzyme secretion. Supergest digestive enzymes strengthen the digestive system, when taken with meals supports digestion of food and when fasting helps clear digestive tract of old ‘leftover’ stagnant matter and mucoid plaque.

INTESTINAL FORMULA- Intestinal formula consists of herbs that support the toning of the intestines, helpful for correcting constipation (alongside other measures such as- drinking water, eating fruit and veg and squatting for the loo) and while fasting help move and clear the intestines of old matter. NOT for people with IBS.

PSYLLIUM HUSK- These fibrous husks of the Isabgol plant become mucilaginous in contact with water. The fibre provides a stomach and intestinal ‘broom’ action to sweep the bowels clean, in addition to toning the muscles of the bowel wall. They are also used as an aid for weight loss as they provide zero calories and make you feel full.

BENTONITE CLAY: Bentonite Clay is used for it’s ability to absorb large amounts of toxins and gather them into a large molecular cluster, which is too large to move through the intestinal wall. This stops the recycling of toxicity during fasting, minimising detox symptoms and when using colonic irrigation creates more effective and efficient release of toxins.

PROBIOTICS: Probiotics support digestion, immunity and pH balance and even mood production. Use these after colonic irrigation to re-inhabit the gut with good bacteria, and daily to maintain strong immunity resistance to general bacteria and virus.

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