Free Meditation – Body Earth Meditation


Body Earth Meditation connect your body and the earth for wellbeing and balance. Repeat Body Earth Meditation to replace isolation with deep belonging.


This Body Earth Meditation connects your body and the earth for wellbeing and balance. Try repeating the meditation regularly to reconnect deeply with the planet and develop intuitive knowing. Meditating Body on Earth guides to connect with the planet and the land we live on, to receive nourishment, develop roots, derive strength & relaxation.

Chose your Meditation spot:

This Body Earth Meditation is best done outside, lying on the grass, but can be done on any comfortable flat space.

Body Earth Meditation Benefits:

Deep relaxation, strength, nourishment, sense of connection and belonging, combat isolation/disconnection, developing intuition & wisdom. Enjoy your Body Earth Meditation – Listen here or ‘add to cart’ and checkout for free download files. Length: 7:57 min.