Free Meditation – Body Calm Meditations


Body centred meditations to calm and centre. Add to cart for free downloads.


Meditations relax and refresh us from our core, bringing us into direct awareness of this moment and direct contact with our body and the breath.

When we focus in this way, bringing calm, kind breath and attention inward, we calm our nervous system, enhance blood and prana flow and nourish our cells and our being.

Enjoy these free meditations – Listen here or ‘add to cart’ and checkout for free download files.

  • HEART: A deeply relaxing meditation: good for centring, de-stressing and nourishing yourself. 7:56 min.
  • BELLY: A soothing guided belly meditation, great for relaxing on a break or before sleep. 10 min.
  • Breath: A short led breath meditation. 5 min.