Free Meditation – Inner Peace Meditation


Inner peace meditation to release tensions from mind or body & open to heart flow. Add to cart for free downloads.


Meditations relax and refresh us from our core, bringing us into direct awareness of this moment and direct contact with our body and the breath.

This Inner Peace Meditation guides to the heart centre and calms the nervous system.
Benefits: Release negative thoughts and body tension,  relax and manifest joy from the heart.

Enjoy your Inner Peace Meditation – Listen here or ‘add to cart’ and checkout for free download files. Length: 5:55 min.


Inner Peace Meditation – transcript

I invite you to pause what you’re doing.

Close or soften your eyes and breath deeply.

Breath deeply. In and out (through nose if you can)

Allow it to be a breath loud enough for you to hear.

Breathing deeply into your body, and into your belly.

One by one notice the sounds all around you, as you breath deeply & rhythmically…

Hearing each sound, big and small, around you.

Next, bring your attention back to your breath.

Listen and hear each breath as it moves in and out of your nose or mouth.

Move your attention now to your heart centre, in the middle of your chest.

Imagine that the centre of your chest is breathing itself. from there.

Allow this breath to become fluid, soft and slow.

Continue breathing from the heart and scan your body sensations.

Feel how it feels along the surface of your body and on the inside of your body.

Continue breathing from the heart & as you release your breath go ahead and release your muscles… let them go…

Keep breathing from the heart & again release any tension in  face, neck, shoulders, neck, back, buttocks, legs…

You may feel a warm wave of energy flow through you as your tensions melt away into the ground.

Open your feet and release these tensions out and into the ground.

.. Thats it   : )

Notice if you feel any lightness and inner peaceSmile to yourself if yes, and continue on your day.

Repeat this any moment you need to release tension building up inside.