Intestinal Formula IF1 ‘Regular Strength’, 50 vegetarian caps


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Clear constipation for good with Intestinal Formula. Available in ‘regular strength’ and ‘triple strength’  to deal with mild and heavier constipation.

Intestinal Formula is not habit forming, and does not weaken or release poisonous irritants to the bowel, as many laxatives do.

Therapeutic action:

A variation of Dr Christopher’s famous lower bowel tonic that cleanses the liver and gall-bladder, stimulates the flow of bile and aids peristalsis so that the layers of encrusted ancient mucous lining of the colon can gradually and gently slough off as the bowel is rebuilt, resulting in the perfect and efficient assimilation of food.  It also helps heal inflamed diverticular pockets and relaxes tension in the colon.

Am I constipated?

Chronic constipation is common, with people often moving bowels once or less a day. This results in a build up of old matter  in the intestines and can result in up to only 10% of the food eaten being utilised.

Healthy bowel movements are soft like cottage cheese, coloured like wild honey and smell un-offensive. A healthy bowel moves in less than two minutes with no strain, about 20-30 minutes after you’ve eaten. Anything else is a form of constipation.

Constipation is often a sign of dehydration. Read more about dehydration symptoms and prevention here.

 REMEMBER: To prevent constipation from reoccurring daily drink 8 glasses of water, start every day with a large glass of water with lemon, eat plenty of hydrating and fibre-full foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables. Mindfullness, yoga and deep relaxation can also help to relax the intestinal muscles and promote ease of (bowel) movement :-)


 Intestinal Formula No 1 ‘Regular’ Ingredients:  

Cascara sagrada aged bark, Bayberry bark, Cayenne fruits, Fennel seed, Thyme leaf and flower, Garlic bulb, Lobelia seed, red Respberry leaf, Turkey rhubarb root.

No. 1 Dosage:

Begin with 1 capsule with each meal.  Continue to increase your dosage by one capsule with each meal until you notice a dramatic difference in the way your bowel works.  If you need more than 4 capsules daily, switch over to Intestinal Formula No 2.  (link)

Non-habit forming.  Continue to use it until you are having one bowel movement each day for every meal eaten.  2-4 bowel movements a day is perfectly normal and indeed absolutely desirable.

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