Karuna Detox Retreat, Detox Retreat Devon UK


Wellbeing juice fast with Colonics. Retreats start Fri. 5pm, end following Fri. 9am. Book here with a £250 deposit.


Join a Karuna Detox juice fast to enter a space of wellbeing, releasing toxicity, improve digestion, immunity, weight and mood. Book a space on a Karuna Detox juice fast  here with a £250 deposit.

Our pioneering detox retreat in UK started in year 2000. We specialise in educational detox retreats that cleanse and balance, putting you in top condition, as well as giving you tools to take health home.

Detox Program

Our Juice fast program includes Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Colonic irrigation, Detox Supplements and Organic Juices. Massage therapy and  Mind-Body Heart healing sessions. Get inspired at our popular daily nutrition talk during your detox, and learn how to make delicious healthy foods at our raw food workshop on the final day.

Detox Benefits


Immune System – annual fasting is an MOT for your body. Cleansing on a cellular level, boosting the immune system, rebalancing the organs. Detoxification strengthens your immune system making it more available to deal with external toxins, such as clearing out colds, coughs and flu. We all breath the same air, however a clean system does not breed these toxins inside, it clears them out effectively.

Fertility – Detoxifying supports conception in many clients and expect reduction in the familiar  ‘morning sickness’, which is a way the body expresses excess toxins in preparation for growing a baby inside.

Acidity – A condition of excess acidity in the body fluids, acidosis, can be a result of a metabolic malfunction, or a result of poor lifestyle choices. Many people aren’t aware how their lifestyle choices contribute to their lack of positive health, vibrant physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. As we detox, we cleanse our body of excess acids which can reduce many chronic ailments, aches and pains in joint, muscle, back, eyes and more.

Weight – We promote a self-loving respect of our body, aiming to FEEL GOOD inside our body. Develop the tools to listen to your body’s true needs and follow it’s wisdom to achieve a state of acceptance, peace and joy feeling good in our skin here and now. In this body! This is the route to solving psychological based weight issues – by loving ourselves not by forcing any change. Of course, detoxifying our body supports loss of weight by reducing the toxicity stored in fat cells, releasing lbs of old matter stored in our intestines, and generally by being active for a week on detox juices! The cleansing of our intestines helps the liver start to detoxify, which supports appropriate weight management.

Retreat Location

Our  venue in North Devon is easy to access via public or private transport. Only 3.5 hours from London or Birmingham, 2 hours from Bristol or Cardiff and 1 hour from Exeter Airport or Train Station. We even arrange a taxi share to pick you up.

Set in a rural haven, among acres of green countryside. With indoor swimming pool, sauna, birdsong at dawn and dusk and star lit skies at night.

Retreat Dates: click here

Prices depend on room choice. All prices include one FREE massage therapy or mind-heart detox session in addition to accommodation, Yoga/Meditation/Nutrition daily sessions, detox supplements & juices.


Description – 10% discount for Early Bird (EB) bookings

Single (EB)


Twin Shared Twin or double bedroom (for a couple or friends), ensuite bathroom with shower N/A £860 each
Large Single Large Single room, shared bathroom, cottage £1190 (£1071) Family & Friends option
Small Single Ensuite Single room, with small bathroom suitable for petite person £1250 (£1161) N/A
Regular Single Ensuite Single private room, own en suite with shower or bath, twin or double beds, cottage £1390 (£1251) 860 each
Grand Master Cottage Grand Master, own cottage with bedroom, sitting room, and bathroom. £1590 (£1431) £990 each
New: Dogs Welcome Well Behaved Dogs are now welcome in some of the cottages.

You will receive a ‘welcome pack’ with further information once you have booked your place.

To speak to someone, contact Sho on +44 (0)800 112 3033 or by email.