The Power in your Breath

Regulated breathing

We breath between 17,280 and 23,040 times a day and, if we’re fit and well, the process is so refined that we barely realise we’re doing it. Ancient Yoga exercises, from thousands of years ago, show us how to develop physical, mental and spiritual powers with breathing. They call breath ‘Prana’, our life force, and see breath as a bridge between the physical body and non-physical spirit. As the practice of Yoga is one of ‘union’ of the mind and body, Breath is key to this union.

Modern breathing practices are used for mindfulness, stress and anxiety, asthma, stuttering and more. Deep abdominal breathing can help calm and manage pain, including chronic pain from injuries and conditions like fibromyalgia. Deep breathing oxygenates our blood, encourages the release of endorphins, and activates our ‘rest & digest’ parasympathetic nervous system, which eases pain, slows heart rate and reduces stress.

Breath for your body

Sundar Balasubramanian, a cellular biologist, was practicing an ancient pranayama breathing exercise that was over 1000 years old, and he noticed his body was producing more saliva.

As a cellular biologist, Sundar got curious as saliva contains enzymes, hormones, proteins and other biological factors involved in immunity, longevity and brain neurology.
Intrigued, he researched, and found that pranayama super charged his saliva, increasing the concentration of these biological factors!

Sundar now encourages this breathing practice to a variety of people: cancer patients, the elderly, students and school children, and mental health patients in India.

We love this story of Sundar, the yogi scientist!
In a similar way, Karuna Detox has been sharing ancient, naturopathic, non-toxic, non-pharmaceutical techniques for wellness & healing, since year 2000.

Breath for your mind

How hard it is to control the mind! The Mind is like a monkey.. restless by nature, drank freely of wine, then a scorpion stung him….How hard to control such a mind!!”
Swami Vivekananda

Many people suffer greatly due to their thoughts, believing they ARE the thoughts… as thoughts can be highly stressful, negative & often repetitive!
Better seen as mirroring a state of being – anxious, angry, spacious, peaceful etc. We live in a certain world and our attention and thoughts mirror that.

The good news is that our ‘stress buckets’ can be emptied gradually. Through meditation we cultivate a more peaceful INSIDE, and this Inner Peace starts to mirror itself on the OUTSIDE.

Meditation detoxes our mind through mindfulness, bringing focused attention to an object of concentration, often the breath, and returning to this focus whenever the ‘monkey mind’ jumps away. We simply return.

Practicing with our breath is a gift to ourselves. We can quieten our mind, relax tension, and grow more happy in ourselves through regular practice.

“We are part of the natural world.
When we breath mindfully we can gain a direct experience of
our True Nature, as Safe, Loving, Creative, Free Beings.” Sho

These practices are ancient and powerful in ways we are only starting to understand scientifically… Experience the benefits yourself!

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