The Program

by Karuna, May 20, 2017

Body, Mind & Soul Program – Lose Weight & Toxins, gain Health!

Designed to help you gain positive health quickly – The Karuna Detox Program helps:

  • Lose Weight (up to 12+ lbs)
  • Balance Gut Microbiome
  • Reduce Toxicity
  • Reduce Acidity
  • Reduce Tensions & Improve Mood
  • Learn to Practice Mindfulness & Yoga
  • Trauma Healing

We offer individual support for each person as well as daily group activities (see Daily Events Table) to engage you during your physical detox and support you through your fast.

Primarily a juice fast detox program– we provide additional raw foods for anyone who require it for health/other reasons (arranged at the time of booking).

Juice Fasting with Detox Supplements

The Juice Bar offers freshly juiced organic vegetables and fruits (locally sourced), juiced by our Retreat Chef. These juices provide micro nutrients for energy and help clear intestinal mucous while you are fasting. In addition, a warm  vegetable broth is served every evening, providing additional micro nutrients to support your detox.  Some experienced detoxers may prefer a pure water fast.

Detox Supplements deepen your cleanse, tone and move the intestines and help alkalise your body.

Detox Diet – alkalising foods provided for anyone not suited to juice fast for health/other reasons (please request in advance). We will discuss and adapt a detox diet to suite your detox.

Juice fasting allows your body to cleanse itself without the need to spend energy on digestion. Far from a modern fad, human bodies are designed to fast (as food supply is seasonal in the natural world, no supermarkets!). Fasting supports the body to reduce toxicity levels, to minimise fat cells, to enhance immunity & digestion and reduce weight. Read more ‘Why Detox’ here.

Juice Bar Karuna Detox

Colonic Irrigation (optional)

Colonic Irrigations  are a safe and simple way to balance the gut microbiome and clear constipation and toxicity, by cleansing the Colon (large intestine) with water (like an ‘internal shower’). This helps to release intestinal toxic matter, pathogenic ‘bad’ bacteria & clear constipation, as well as train and tone the bowel.

Following a series of Colonic irrigation (which help remove the negative bacteria) we provide healthy probiotics to inhabit your gut with live giving probium.

Improving the gut is key to health as without healthy bowel movement and healthy bacteria in this area, we lose up to 65% of our first line immunity. 

Read Why & more about Colonics here.

You’ll be instructed on how to use the colonic unit (it is simple!), therefore no prior experience needed.

Those with contra-indications to colonics or chose not to do colonics, can use colon cleansing herbs instead.

Colonic Irrigation (optional) at Karuna Detox Retreat

Massages & Healing Therapies

We put together a wonderful selection of Massages & Healing Therapies for you to chose from to pamper and deepend your healing during your stay. Enjoy your first massage for free, on the house!
These may include: Holistic massage, Aromatherapy, Shiatsu, Ear acupuncture, Colon & Abdominal massage, Reflexology, Back Neck & Shoulders and Anti-cellulite ‘Happy Hips’ massage, Myofascia Release. As well as Chakra Reading and trauma healing Family & Systemic Constellations, Internal Family System (IFS) and ‘Journey therapy’.

Reflexology on Karuna Detox


Yoga supports your mind-body relaxation, strength, stretch and release of tension, rebalancing of nervous system and is taught as a form of self-care and kindness. This theme of ‘coming home’ to self and to being in kind caring relationship to self is a theme throughout the Karuna Detox Program, as Karuna means ‘compassion’ in Sanskrit and is central to the path of wellbeing and of moving from a head/mind centred living to a more balanced approach that takes our emotional and physical wellbeing into account.

Deeply relaxing and supportive of your detox, suitable to both practiced yogis and newcomers.

Yoga with Sho at Karuna Detox Retreat, Detox Program

Nutrition Talks

These extremely popular talks are an inspiring ‘fresh start’ course in nutrition and healthy living.

De-mystifying digestion, pH balance, food- combining, toxicity, sequential eating, superfoods and more. Sho provides a cravings busting smoothie recipe and essential healthy kitchenware tips. This may just change your life forever!

Easy-to-grasp, with a practical slant.

Nutrition Talk at Karuna Detox Retreat

Live Food Master Class

The retreat program ends with a day of eating and a Live Food Master Class, as many have asked us to support the transition to healthier foods after the retreat.

Demonstrations often include nut milk, linseed crackers, raw puddings, courgette pasta and more.

Enjoy a day of eating gourmet LIVE enzyme rich foods -such as tomato courgette pasta, seed dips, chocolate pudding and more.

Live Raw Food Workshop Karuna Detox Retreat

Personal Support & Sharing

Our morning program includes a sharing time to provide a safe space to share experience and thoughts. This promotes emotional support between course members and creates a special bond. As with anything on the retreat, it is not obligatory. Also, a facilitator is always on-hand to provide individual support if required.

We offer a free complimentary Journey Session with Louise, to help detox emotional blocks (stuck patterns that you’re ready to let go of) as well as morning meditation sessions where we deepen our connection to self, develop love and kindness, essential self care, and practice listening and dialoging from this place.

 Group Sharing Support Karuna Detox Retreat


To come home to ourselves, develop awareness, harmony and self-love of ourselves as we are in the present moment. Based on teachings and practices by mindfulness masters such as Ekhart Tolle, Thich Nhat Khan, Byron Katie, Marshall Rosenberg, Louise Hay, Esther Hicks, Vipassana acc. to Goenka and more. Each meditation class is unique as Sho follows the potential in the room.

In morning meditation sessions we deepen our skills of relaxation, concentration and connection to self, develop love and kindness, essential self care, and practice listening and dialoging from this place.

Meditation Tibetan Bell

Nature Walk

Enjoy Nature Walks to discover the rural bliss surrounding our cottages in Devon. Footpaths wind down to the river and lake through meadows and woodland. The land is free from pesticides and artificial fertilisers and has an abundance of gentle wildlife – with resident badgers, barn owls and red deer birdsong and nature on your doorstep.

Nature Walks at Karuna Detox

Wellbeing Tools

Learn about the benefits of caring for your wellbeing with toxin-free products. We supply a key range of body and skin care as well as ingredients to create your natural first aid kit for your home and family.

Including: Dry Skin Brush, Tongue Scraper, Natural Anti-wrinkle, Organic Feminine Hygiene, Organic Shampoo/Conditioner/Deodorant/Hemp Soap, Magnesium Spray,  plus a range of essential oils to calm, heal and enhance memory.

Sales Shelf Skin brush Karuna Detox Retreats

Daily Events

Time Event
Dry Skin Brushing
8am Yoga
9-10am Fresh Juice & Supplements
9:30am Group Meeting
10am-12 Colonics
12-1pm Fresh Juice & Supplements
12:45pm Nutritional Talk
2pm Free Time
3-4pm Fresh Juice & Supplements
4pm Meditation
5-7pm Colonics
7-8pm Vegetable Broth & Supplements
8pm Free time



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