by Karuna, June 13, 2017

Colonic Irrigation

Image of Intestines Colonic Irrigation

Large Intestines (light purple), Small Intestines (dark purple)

Colonic irrigation moves water through the end of the digestive system, like taking a shower inside. The colon (also called the ‘large intestines’) is seen in lighter purple in the image.

The Large Intestines/Colon is the body’s main elimination organ, it’s actually short and thick and is the part that creates bowel movement. We’re designed to move our bowels after eating food, every time we eat. We’re designed to eat foods that feed our good gut bacteria. Unfortunately our modern lifestyles more often support constipation and ingredients that feed our ‘bad’ gut flora. The result? Our body sits with and ‘in’ more and more toxic waste products, creating great conditions for illness to thrive in.

What condition would you expect your kitchen and house to be in, if you didn’t empty the bins and left the rubbish inside for weeks, months and years on end?

On Karuna Detox Retreats we offer a comprehensive solution to this common problem.

Our Deep Detox program combining Colonics with fasting and detox supplementation:

  • Fasting enables the body to cleanse effectively and deeply by focusing solely for a period of time on repairs & maitanence instead of digestion of foods. We are designed to fast by nature, as food supply hasn’t been 24/7 until supermarkets.
  • Detox Supplements (digestive enzymes, psylium husks, bentonite, intestinal formula and others) help cleanse the digestive system and aid muscle tone.
  • Colonic Irrigations help release old constipation, waste products, toxins, ‘bad’ bacteria mucoid plaque by flushing it with water. Good bacteria (probium/probiotics) are provided to bring the colon into healthy balance.

A cleaner colon helps digest our foods better and healthy bacteria can support both physical and even mental health, as the gut is the front line immune system and is involved in ‘mood enhancing’ neurotransmitter (serotonin) production.

During your detox retreat you’ll learn how overeating, bad choices of refined foods and a sedate lifestyle encourages toxicity and leads to constipated toxic guts and bodies.

We’re here to help you turn this around!

Colonic Irrigations – Taking A Shower Inside

Each person uses their own Colonic board for ease, this enables you to have multiple colonic irrigation sessions through the week.

At the end of the week you will receive probiotics to replenish your guts with healthy bacteria, and you may see an instant boost in health, digestion and immunity.

A lot of the ‘normal’ discomforts we take for granted (back ache, depression, body odour, eczema, indigestion, irritability, infections, insomnia, etc.) may be connected to a toxic bowel, with imbalanced gut flora, and may be alleviated through a Colonic detox program.

The Stresses of Pressure

Gases from the fermentation processes of indigestion force the intestines out of shape, where they can become rigid and weak structures, rather than flexible and strong muscles (known as ‘ballooning’ of the intestines).

Another phenomenon closely related to this “ballooning” is “constriction”:

Due to the weakening effects of toxic products in the bowel, the intestinal muscles can react by contracting. Over time, without relaxing fully, the muscle becomes more and more toxic because the blood cannot enter it sufficiently.

Left unattended, the contraction creates a ‘bottle-neck’ which effects the food passage.

The Mucous Story

On its way through the 8 metres (28 feet) of intestinal tract, the food is lubricated by a slippery mucous, produced by the sensitive linings that transport it. Foods that are found to contain pathogenic material, or encourage unfriendly bacteria require more mucous secretion to protect the body’s sensitive lining.

The fiber within natural foods supports the body to cleanse old excess mucous deposits, leaving the intestinal wall clean and ready to assimilate the next meal’s nutrients. Food that is low in fibre (due to cooking and processing) will not have this effect, and can leave trails of old mucous within the system. If this happens regularly (as it does in modern lifestyle), then the intestinal lining becomes coated with layer upon layer of mucous.

One of the roles of the Colon is to draw water from its contents, as a vehicle for nutrients. When the Colon lining is in contact with old mucous instead of food, it will continue to do this work, hence the mucous against its walls become progressively drier, stickier, harder and more toxic. Moreover, the Colon is then receiving toxins, instead of nutrients, for delivery to the blood and liver.

This combination of elements make it a very powerful feedback loop that leaves the immune system clearing toxic waste and bacterial overgrowth, weakens the Peristaltic Muscle Structure, and otherwise hinders one’s natural state of health.

Want to Detox without Colonics?

Some people just find the idea unappealing, others have specific medical conditions that preclude colonic therapy. Contra-indications to Colonic Irrigation – See list here.

Juice or water fasting is very beneficial on it’s own and all the positive effects still apply. We provide additional Colon Cleansing Herbs for people who chose to opt out of the colonics.


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