Colonics, Further info

by Karuna, July 3, 2017

The following picture was taken after a single colonic, on the fifth day of a Karuna Detox retreat. It is laid out on an A4 sheet of paper, as an indication of size.

The Colon was previously cleaned four times using standard Mechanized Colonics, and parts of it were already comparatively clean, as evidenced by the visible impressions of centerlines.

The top half of photo shows the ‘fluted’ length-ways centralline (Teania Coli) of Colon.

The lower part is the Small Intestines, which was untouched by previous irrigations and was very responsive to the Karuna colonic sessions. It yielding hardened material, eluding to much more to come by their gnarled and notched form; evidence of toxic pockets affecting Peristaltic activity.

The lower half reveals constriction points, and ballooning in the small intestine, indicating weakness and (common) abnormality of the muscles.

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