by Karuna, June 13, 2017

Yoga is taught daily on retreat as this ancient health practice brings calm, balance and connection to our body and mind. Suitable to all body shapes, types and levels of experience, Shoshana our retreat founder and experienced yoga teacher brings insight, humour, and heart connection into all classes.

In yoga we are invited to rest and strengthen our body as well as open and soften our heart. While some postures instantly feel good, yoga challanges us to open and stretch into new territories, and to practice feeling more comfortable with discomfort. This inspires a deeper sense of safety and qualities such as trust, love and compassion are developed side by side along strength and flexibility, openness and relaxation.

Safe practice of yoga asana stimulates physical, energetic and emotional cleansing in the body and breath practices of pranayama can directly stimulate nervous system relaxation, gut and lung detox and weight loss (we breath out CO2 in almost equal amounts to the weight we lose!).

Yoga class with Shoshana of Karuna Detox Retreat

Yoga with Shoshana of Karuna Detox Retreats

With expert guidance, based on knowledge as well as experience, one can reap the many healthy benefits of yoga practice, while steering clear of energy disturbances and physical injuries.

Shoshana lived in India as a yogini for 4 years has direct experience the profound effects of this ancient practice.


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