by Karuna, July 9, 2017

Wendy, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Devon, Nov 2004*

The talks were so informative and gave me verification that I am on the right lines with my way of eating for health.

The other people on the course were lovely and provided a supportive environment. I now feel recharged in body & mind, with a renewed commitment to eating healthily, not fanatically.

I appreciated most the availability to ask questions any time, and receive open and accepting advice.

Marie, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Devon, Nov 2004*

Initially I was apprehensive, but as soon as I arrived, I realised I was entering a supportive and caring environment which instantly put me at ease. As for the fasting and colonics, they were actually surprisingly easy, believe it or not!!!

Very different from Spa Samui.

I appreciated the talks most. I hold a degree in Biology, and thought I knew a great deal about nutrition, but my views and attitudes towards healthy eating have been changed thanks to the talks.

Louise, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Devon, Nov 2004*

Felt at ease straight away. Everything we needed to know was well explained, and yet we were not bombarded with information all in one go – it was distributed throughout the stay.

It was nice to be able to do as little or as much as you like.

It has improved the eczema on my hands, and I feel this stay for me is now the beginning of a whole new venture.

Christine, Water Fasting Detox Retreat – Devon, Nov 2004

An excellent week. Not only do you get a cleansing of toxins from your body (in a big way!!!) but also a full education on how the body works and what it needs – in simple layman’s terms.

You cannot walk away from a Karuna Detox™ Retreat and look at processed food in the same way. You are suddenly armed with information to make your own choice.

This week is an absolute must for anyone who cares about their health and is brave enough to face the truth that they – and they alone – are responsible for it…

Serena, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Devon, Nov 2004*

The retreat not only helped me to detox in a controlled and friendly atmosphere, but I got lots of information regarding my bowel that has changed my thinking completely…

Total change in symptoms : Sinuses, headaches & joint pains

Arlene, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Devon, Oct 2004*

This retreat was both enlightening and lightening. Despite considerable reservations I have enjoyed it thoroughly.

I suspect I will look back on this as a life-changing crossroads. I am extremely thankful for this experience. Sho & Dao do what they do brilliantly…

Sylvia, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Devon, Oct 2004*

It has been a very special space and time for a deep contact with my body. Discovering and exploring how the body changes and gently shifts to a state of relief and peace.

During the retreats, the time is counted on a different meter. Everything flows soft and smooth and there’s no hurry, no pressure. Absolutely a different pattern. I have also received loads of input regarding nutrition / yoga / meditation.

I think we are more perceptive while fasting – although it does feel like it when we are there…

Romaney, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Devon, 2004*

I felt totally supported the entire week.

Things I thought I would be pressured to do, I wasn’t at all, and this resulted in me choosing to do them. The week was alot easier than anticipated and went much faster than expected.

I would recommend it to anyone…

Damian, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Devon, Sept. 2004*

I was amazed at what my body could do, and how little it actually needs to function properly. For once, my whole body feels like it has been on a well earned break. I have especially enjoyed Sho’s meditations and Yoga.

This coupled with Dao’s extensive knowledge had provided a totally holistic and healing experience.

Megan, Water Fasting Detox Retreat – Devon, July 2004*

This is my second time. It was a wonderfully energizing experience, shared in a beautiful environment with like-minded people who care about their health. The talks given by Dao are truly enlightening and confirm that everything involved in the process of detox is totally compatible with our physical and emotional well being. The meditation and Yoga by Sho are equally as inspiring and her wealth of knowledge and experience in both disciplines is lovingly shared. At the end of the week I feel light and enthused, ming and body refreshed in a way I have rarely encountered before.

Noreen, Water Fasting Detox Retreat – Devon, July 2004*

This is my second time on a retreat with Sho, Dao and Yamuna and I will most definitely be returning. Every aspect of the retreat is so amazing and not only is it a complete body detox but an absolute mind detox from everyday life. Unless you experience the warmth and knowledge from Sho & Dao it is hard to describe what a wonderful experience it is.

John, Water Fasting Detox Retreat – Devon, July 2004*

The Colonics took a day or so getting used to, but once sussed were were really soothing (and dead easy). The talks on nutrition and diet were mind blowing. WHY ISN’T IT TAUGHT AT SCHOOLS?!! It will change the way you think about what you put in your body. The whole set-up is very relaxed and low key. Lots of space if you need it and you can skip anything you don’t fancy. As a yoga and meditation beginner I found them both really interesting, especially the Yoga.

Jeanette, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Devon, June 2004*

I am so pleased I decided to come on this retreat, the week was just what I needed. Shoshana and Dao make a great team and provide a package of informed care and experience. Although I have previously taken part in detox ‘holidays’, I have learnt new things and integrated others at a deeper level. I feel renewed and reconnected to my body, which I will continue (thank you!). I intend to come back for more.

Jane, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Devon, June 2004*

“You must do it” The total experience is fantastic. The location, the organizers, the talks, the therapies, the fast and the group made the whole week a delight. I am leaving lighter, more informed about my diet, cleaner, chilled and with friends.

I loved every minute of the retreat: the passion and dedication from Dao and Sho is second to none and with the help of Yamuna the package was complete.

Angela, Water Fasting Detox Retreat – Devon, June 2004*

I had a wonderful relaxing time in beautiful surroundings with very open, interesting, inspiring people and plenty of support. I learnt an immense amount and was very grateful for the time and space to relax and take a good look at where I am in life… The Colonics were a bit scary at first, then fascinating as I marveled at all the unbelievable stuff that was coming out, especially the quantities… The time went very quickly. I am pleased to have lost some more excess weight.

Clive, Water Fast Detox Retreat – Devon, June 2004*

It was a very well held experience. Both the facilitators were caring, knowledgeable, supportive and attentive. The venue was very comfortable and I enjoyed the company of my fellow co-detoxers . I have the satisfaction of having done it and managed without cigarettes for a week.

Fee, Water Fast Detox Retreat – Devon, June 2004*

I was amazed at the amount and level of information we were given on a huge range of subjects which helped everything ‘fit together’…the mode of ‘teaching’ was equality-dialogue which made it an empowering experience. Never teacher-pupil, never them-us. Dao and Sho use their skills and knowledge in a beautiful and humorous way.

Michael, Water Fast Detox Retreat – Devon, June 2004*

My experience was a real ‘cleaning house’- I feel fresh and bright, complemented by the supportive group…
Our fantastic hosts/teachers/guides, Sho & Dao, were so open, warm and grounded. Nothing was too much for them.All in all a perfect week of relaxation and Detox, couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thanks!

Andie, Water Fast Detox Retreat – Devon, June 2004*

The group gelled well together, and it was useful that we were all ‘first timers’! The group discussed everything and supported each other throughout sleeplessness, detox and contents of colander!

Thank you for the gentle and strong was you guided us through yoga, for the meditations and all of the therapies… really made the whole retreat a more holistic event.

Gaynor, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Devon, April 2004*

I feel much calmer in myself. I feel clean and spacious inside. Sho’s style of practicing and teaching Yoga was phenomenal.

I feel I have learned as much this week as in the 5 years I’ve been practicing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in such a loving, giving and caring way!

Debbie, Water Fasting Detox Retreat – Devon, April 2004*

The talks just made complete sense and I will definitely change my diet from now on. The Yoga was most enjoyable and I’ve already stopped the strange moaning noises I used to make when I bend down for something.

Elena, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Devon, April 2004*

This was an inspirational experience. The fast was very easy, I was even able to concentrate on studying for my Uni! …I expected to learn about fasting and colonics, but I didn’t expect it to be so interesting!

Rob, Fasting Detox Retreat, – Feb ’04*

A challenge with massive rewards. Thank you so much for a retreat that was full of compassion, guidance and light.

I felt in safe hands and well cared for. Excellent venue.

Joanne, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat, – Feb ’04*

I lost 1 stone in weight, have clearer skin, more positive outlook on life and a different attitude to food. I kicked my coffee addiction! I enjoyed the retreat and would recommend it.

Mel, Water Fasting Detox Retreat – Devon, Jan 2004*

I never realized how relaxing a colonic could be. Although at times I have found it quite emotional, I have found the whole experience quite easy. I didn’t realize I was carrying such emotional and tension in my body.

Kate, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Devon, Jan 2004*

My detox was not what I expected, but I do think it has had a deep and profound effect on me. I also feel like I have been extremely well cared for. I think this has helped me understand and empathize with some very deep feelings. I’m quite sure I will be nicer to myself from here on in!

Ged, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Devon, Jan. 2004*

It’s no picnic at the beach, but if you have the will, the week is INSPIRING, EDUCATIONAL & LIFE-AFFIRMING. If I take back half of what I have learned, I will be twice the person.

John, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Dorset, Sept. 2003*

I liked the way I was welcomed and treated by the facilitators. It seemed like nothing was too much trouble for them.

Margaret, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Dorset, Sept. 2003*

After years of suffering chronic backache and knee-joint pain, due to arthritis, I am walking much better, and the swelling has gone down drastically. My backache is GONE!!!

Mim, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Dorset, Sept. 2003*

I have had a lovely, rejuvenating week… Felt really supported by Shoshana and Dao, both emotionally and with my detox. I am so glad I have gone through with it and persevered. I loved the morning Yoga – Sho’s approach was really unique and holistic.
I will definitely take it with me into my everyday life. Thanks.

Bella, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Dorset, Sept. 2003*

The detox was really gentle. Sometimes I had a headache, then had a Colonic, and it would go away.
It was really nice that it was fun and lighthearted, which made it easier to relax and be myself.
Loved the Yoga!!

Megan, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Dorset, Sept. 2003*

I found this a thoroughly stimulating experience. It gave me so much self-awareness regarding my own physical capabilities and endurance with fasting, and staying completely grounded. The education and teaching was totally revolutionary!

Matt, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Dorset, Sept. 2003*

As a first-time faster, Yoga pupil, Reiki patient – this week has been a brilliant, thought-provoking, eye-opening time. The fast was surprisingly easy. Zero hunger took me by surprise.
Jogging, long walks, Yoga – I didn’t expect it to be so easy!

Monique, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Dorset, Sept. 2003*

You’re great people, doing great things. Keep up the good work! The best thing about it… Nutritional talks and Yoga – couldn’t possibly choose one!

Noreen, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Dorset, July 2003*

I think everyone should be made to come on one of Dao & Sho’s Detox Retreats. I found it a truly wonderful experience and as well as being a physical detox it was also a mental spiritual cleansing and opening.

Clare, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Dorset, July 2003*

Second time for me, and just as great – if not better. Great vibe, as they are such a tremendously inspirational and energizing couple, who cannot fail to inspire you! Will definitely be back again.

Sam, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Dorset, July 2003*

Found the Colonics relaxing. Overall: “A piece of cake”! I’m a changed girl. Feeling generally full of “oomph”

Clare, Health Holiday – Spain, Oct. 2002*

Shoshana’s Yoga was amazing – got my bones doing things I never imaged they could do. Massage – superb also, very healing hands. An amazing couple!It has been profound experience for me – the process of fasting, and all of the space that ‘no food’ leaves, along with the beautiful and peaceful surroundings – has pushed me further in my spiritual quest.

Fiona, Health Holiday – Spain, Nov. 2002*

This was a perfect trip for me. A beautiful place, truly lovely and genuine people. I achieved something I’ve meant to do for ages. I just wish I had done it sooner. I loved Being here!

Julia, Health Holiday – Spain, Nov. 2002*

I honestly cannot thank you enough for the past week. Not only was the fasting painless, it was pleasurable. The open,honest and relaxed way in which you conduct the course, and yourselves has everything to do with it’s success.

Patrick, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Spain, July 2002*

Excellent- I loved the location, the vibe and the structure. The fast was easy, really appreciated it. You guys have a great vibe, I’ll spread the word. Keep it up!

Laura Joy, Health Holiday – Spain, Jun. 2002*

I have had a wonderful time. Thank you both for sharing your knowledge and experience. Dao’s teaching of science, Colonics and nutrition,and Sho’s knowledge of Yoga, Meditation and relaxation are so complementary. Both of your gentleness and openness and listening was invaluable.

Zoe, Juice Fasting Detox Retreat – Spain, Jan. 2002*

I can’t seem to chose my favorite thing.. Lectures, Yoga, Colonics.. Actually, the best thing is that I feel really good.
I’ve learned a lot and am healthier as a result and excited about the future.

Koen, Health Holiday – Spain, Jan. 2002*

The combination and proportion of colonics, yoga, talks and meditation was perfect for me. Now I feel confidant to do it all myself and am convinced about the benefits. I also learned more about related things such as raw food, neti douche etc.
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