by Karuna, July 9, 2017

*Deana H. -Advocate – “I feel so many changes!” – 2 months after her detox

I came home after the retreat straight back into a busy schedule but I noticed a change in me. It was a realisation how the retreat experience has seeped through my whole begin and that I am now on an amazing journey after a mental & physical cleanse:

  • Renewed energy and hope
  • I’m kinder to myself and more love to others
  • Clearer thoughts,more confident
  • Losing weight – I know I will lose the weight without calorie counting
  • Clearer skin
  • Better choices with food.I eat when I am hungry then stop!
  • I’m not feeding emotional needs.
  • I have a greater awareness of my physical body & the realisation this is mine so respect.

*Ian T. -Green Smoothie still keeps me going until mid afternoon! – 2 years after his detox

I have been a follower of your “green” smothie ever since my first detox with you. I recently bought a new juicer and now combine a fresh veg energy juice of say, carrot, cucumber, celery, apple, kale and spinach with your high nutrient ingredients, both delicious and keeps me going until mid afternoon which, like today, includes a 90 minute session at my local gym followed by a swim.

*Physical and Emotional Detox in Equal Balance

Emotional detox is given the same amount of preparation and importance as the physical detox. Beautiful combination andvery balanced throughout the entire program.Special place and special people who are running the retreat! The nutrition talks were very informative and at the right level, Sho is a bank of knowledge and the best yoga teacher I ever met. And the colonics : 0 ) truely cleansing, results are amazing and one can see their toxins coming out with their own eyes. I lost 15 lbs, feel bright and learnt to relax deeply. I would definately reccomend this to everybody, this will give you a recharge to make changes in your life. Lena

*Clearer, Cleaner, Happier and more Focused

This is my third and best retreat experience and definately the best for really learning about detoxing and raw foods.

I loved the place – peaceful and quiet. Also meeting new people, the detoxers, Sho and her team. A very genuine team of people. The therapies offered were very special: Chakra reading was excellent, interesting and related to my life. My period pains were gone after the reflexology, and the massage was wonderful. We were all prepared before leaving with probiotics, fruits and info. – all very good and caring. Plus, the ‘cooking’ class in the kitchen with Donna was fantastic and prepared us to go home with new recipes, skills and ideas.

All in all I rate it 10/10 felt very safe throughout, enjoyed my detox and learnt so much. Trudi

*Nutritional information so valuable

The nutritional information you gave us was so valuable and my blood sugars seemed to have stayed low even after all the delicious food yesterday.I am committed to making permanent dietary and lifestyle changes.The emotional stuff may take longer but the space and the work we did and the information you gave have already started making a difference in my outlook. So, thank you again for your kindness, support and commitment to my wellbeing. It was a real experience for me and came just at the point that I could not really have kept going any more. I will carry the experience with me forever! Helen

*No More anti-biotics & I lost a stone!

My eyes have healed, I no longer need to use anti-biotics daily. I changed my diet, am so happy. Plus, I’ve lost a stone!Thank you so much! I will be telling everyone about this. Tricia

*Best thing I’ve done for my health!

To go to Karuna is the best thing I have done for my health.

This change in lifestyle is something I can live with. The best is that I do not have the same cravings as before. As long as I sometimes can eat (your recipe for) homemade chocolate (which is healthy too!!!), I will be great : )

I feel more awake, clean and I have more energy. Thank you Sho for everything you and your staff have done for me. Will recommend this stay for everybody.Sylvie

* My Journey to Increase Health & Treat Disease!

Before my retreat I had chronic migraine and daily headaches, and overuse of medication to deal with it. After one week of detoxing, using no medication and getting two hours of reflexology, I got a relief from my pain. My worst health problems were immune deficiency, which means that I am recovering after serious infections in my central nervous system and periphery joints, but my body is still sensitive to physical and emotional stress. During the detox I was able to swim in the pool, and exercise yoga nearly every day. My immunity dealt with the detox.I learned that over use of rizatriptanes ( migraine drug) can cause chronic headache, and that the use of magnesium helpspreventing migraines.I also learned that magnesium is better absorbed through the skin than the stomach.I bought an magnesium gel, that actually gives me a relief of headache when putting it on the scalp. This is good knowledge I will bring home.Most important for me, is the knowledge I gained, to be able to continue recovering my immune system, by changes in my diet. During the detox I went to the daily nutrition talks with Sho, read books in the library, watched documentary movies at the evenings, and listened to the experiences in the group. Even if I had been interested in nutrition for many years, this gave me so much more knowledge. I also discovered the benefits of reflexology treatment, and will continue this at home. This is a special experience, I can recommend to any one. It’s a journey of knowledge about your own body and the tools you can use to increase health and treat disease. Sho and the rest of the crew are very supporting and experienced. They will help you through the detox with the adjustments you need. You can be as social or private as you prefer during the detox, and the setting makes it easy to get in talk to the group and even make contacts for life. I came back (to Norway) with 20 kilos of food I bought from the detox and in food stores in London, and I am really motivated to start a better daily diet. Siv

*Haven’t felt this good in Years!

As soon as I arrived I felt very welcome and relaxed, the setting and accommodation is completely supportive. Therooms are just beautiful, a perfect blend of pure luxury and comfort, I enjoyed many walks in the surrounding countryside alongwith the use of the indoor pool and sauna which felt like a real treat and the morning meditation started the daily off perfectly plus the therapies on offer are excellent and were carried out by some very experienced therapists.

During the detox I felt supported and reassured by the team, the daily talks were informative and interesting and the breaking fast meals were DELICIOUS, we even learned how to prepare and present our own raw dishes !

During the week I lost a stone in weight and since being home I have mainly kept it off, I’ve found I’ve stayed mostly raw just because my body feels like this is what it needs, I feel so much lighter and healthier and I’ve stepped up the excercise now I’m feeling more energised, also, I have to mention that during the retreat I felt a huge sense of releasing on an emotional level and spiritually I felt much more connected … I have to say I haven’t felt this good in years !

it’s my second Detox and both were real triggers for making positive changes to my life. I would highly recommend Karuna … Sam

*Energised without Eating

I joined this retreat with a friend who recommended it – I am amazed at the amount of energy I had throughout my days on retreat without any food intake. The experience was a huge eye opener for me!

Aches and pains that I had in my neck, shoulder and head dissappeared and the skin on my feet started to heal.

The massage I had with Paul was excellent – it removed 70% of a persistant pain and my chakra reading was truly enlightening. This was a perfect detox experience for me and I fully reccomend it! Raxa

* The start of a journey

Last year I came on your retreat and I wanted to say what a powerful and amazing experience it was being with you all during that week- it was the beginning of a really profound beautiful journey, which continues! Jessica

* Inspired Release of the Old

Thank you for this retreat! I wasn’t expecting to have so much interest in all the classes as I came mostly to lose some weight. BUT I must say… it’s so inspiring on all fronts physical, mental and spiritual – the classes meditation, nutrition and yoga every day interlinked inside me. This was an important time in my life. I needed this. I released a few emotional obstacles, and after that ‘colonic stuff’ came pouring out of me. According to the pictures you showed us on the first day, this was old stuff. I feel fantastic after this release, light on my feet, joyful. Thank you. I will definately be back for more! Brian

* I’m a NON Smoker now & my boyfriend’s Eczema cleared

My boyfriend had a largish eczema type red rash on his chest, which cleared up as soon as he started on smoothies and eating better. Within 24 hrs of staying at mine, eating mainly raw with smoothies it started to clear, it’s now gone. He has had dry skin on his face for years, which is also mainly gone. As for me , I’m a Non Smoker now 🙂 Its actually avoiding chocolate is the hardest! Byronie x

*Bright, Vital, Alert and Energetic!

Sho is a deeply loving and purposeful leader.She generously shares herself and creates a loving and beautiful atmosphere in which to detox. She leads from her heart and has a wonderful team supporting her.I found this week refreshing and rewarding. It was a physical, mental and spiritual experience –Not eating has never felt sooo good! : 0 )Overall I feel brighter, more vital, alert and energetic.I feel the detox has really gotten me thrilled with the idea of eating nutritiously– I love the idea offood as a source of ‘Life’as well as pleasure, and am looking more deeply at food being alive.I also loved my chakra reading and the acupuncture. Shachi *

*Full of Joy

I can’t tell you how much joy and energy I feel since I’ve come back! I feel likeI’ve had a JOY-injection : ).Journey session with Louise was life changing. Maria DB

*Full of Life and buzzing with energy

Woke up at 6.30 am this morning full of life and buzzing with energy, I can’t thank you and your team enough and how much I appreciate such an inspiring caring, enlightening time with you all. Paul ( Best massage I have had for years); Louise , enchanting warm; and loving Donna ( the living fresh food Queen). Last but not least- Thank you, Sho, for your door opening personal experiences that bathed us all in sunshine, focusing us all and bringing together such a lovely group of people from many countries, many walks of life to share a beautiful journey together. Jeff

*Back Pain and Headache GONE

I feel much better, like I’m more ALIVE. Light. My back pain and headaches are GONE. The colon cleansing is special and effective. I also loved the YOGA! Will continue that at home. My body feels so alive and well. Still sticking to a rawfood diet, slowly getting back to normal, but a healthy normal I hope.I haven’t felt as good for a long time so my recommendations are very sincere! Heidi (Norway)

*Free, Alive, Clean and Flexible

I arrived this time feeling tired, stressed and confused.

I left feeling relaxed, with clarity and a lot of energy, I feel alive, clean and flexible!!!

The journey therapy, the meditation and yoga all contributed – Sho provides a clear understanding of how to do things. I did my first headstand here. The nutrition sessions are incredible, it’s the third time, but I still go to every one (!) as I learn something new everyday here.

I love this retreat, always fantastic people here. I wish upon everyone I know that they come here at least once- it’s life changing! Jodie N.

*Loving, Nurturing, uplifting & Joyous!

I felt Karuna would offer me a more spiritual, holistic perspective. And it did! I am feeling mentally, as well as physically cleansed, rested & healthy. This retreat is so much more than a detox. It’s loving, nurturing, uplifting, and joyous! : ) I enjoyed all the session, yoga especially was FAB! I did a headstand! YEY! And the talks are very informative. I will be back, hopefuly annually, with anyone I can encourage to join me. Jacqui T

*Get your detox ‘result’ whilst being cared for!

If you feel you need a detox, and you probably do, Karuna Detox is the place, because you will get your result, whilst being cared for by a deeply knowledgeable and dedicated team. The standard is very high.Every day there is a talk about nutrition and lifestyle – sessions were excellent! There is also yoga and meditation, and there was no pressure on me or anyone to participate in yoga if we didn’t want to. 

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