by Karuna, January 24, 2022

*Alejandra – Mother – ‘My Body Doesn’t feel Depressed’

I arrived with a lot of anxiety and depression, I have been on antidepressants to help deal with what my life is giving me at the moment. This is my second time here and I loved it. The fasting, the place, the group – so connected – and the massage and therapy especially IFS have made a huge difference.
I’m noticing my body doesn’t feel depressed anymore. Amazing!

*Dan – Retired – ‘Didn’t need to inject insulin, first time in 30 years!’

I am diabetic and have needed to inject insulin for 30 years. Being here and fasting with my friend was fantastic. My blood sugar levels were normal and I didn’t need to add insulin for the first time in 30 years. I learned about diet and will continue to find which foods support my condition. I feel hope I can manage with diet now! I never knew it was possible. Thank you.

*Clare – Mother – ‘Lost 1 stone & Learnt to Love Me’

I lost 1 stone and I learnt how to love myself. Incredible.

*Graham – Property Developer – ‘Cholesterol Levels Lowest Ever!’

In my genes, I produce too much cholesterol. Before the retreat, my levels were 6.1 on statins. On my return after not taking statins for the duration of the retreat and after… My cholesterol levels are 3.1, the lowest they have ever been – since the first retreat we did in 2006 with Karuna when my levels did exactly the same. 👍🏻 I feel amazing and I’ve kept the weight off. I think now this is a way of life now👍🏻

*Phil  – Property Development – ‘Brilliant! Care, Attention & Education’

Brilliant. The emotional side of the detox really helped. 18 months ago I went into lymphoma remission and other hard things in life were weighing me down. Now, I’m freshly cleansed and raring to go! I’ve been to Thailand to detox in the past and this is so much better! Don’t bother with Thailand. This includes so much more, care, attention, education, meditation and an emotional spiritual healing atmosphere. Go to Sho!! 

*Lynette – Psychotherapist -‘Losing Weight is a Happy Side-Effect’

Losing weight is only a happy side effect of this week! I learned a lot more here and it opened up something in my life that I’m taking home with me. I didn’t expect to receive so much truly life-changing information, experience and understanding here. Sho wrapped us in safety, giving each person kindness, inclusion and compassion.

*Eleanor – Business owner  – ‘Lost 12 lbs & inflammation’

My first detox. I didn’t know what to expect! Well… I lost 12 lbs and reduced inflammation. I gained clarity and an interest in nutrition from the daily wellness talks here. The people have been fabulous, supportive & warm. It’s the best environment to fast in, I felt so comfortable! 

*Kerry – Interior Design  – ‘BLOWN MY MIND.  Game Changer’

This has BLOWN MY MIND. Amazing. I haven’t treated my body this well before. It’s a game-changer!   

*Lucie – Pilates & Yoga – ‘Compassion is the Journey’

This program gave us all the tools to heal our guts and also our souls. We have spent a week learning how to be compassionate to our bodies and minds. I feel more trusting in my gut and intuition. It was amazing meeting Sho. I had breast cancer and have found that my healing is all about compassion for yourself, so am so happy to have been here where compassion is the journey we follow throughout the week of deep cleansing 

*Helen – Physiotherapist- ‘Re-ignited my Passion for Health’

This re-ignited my passion for food and eating healthy that I’d forgotten over the last 5 years. I’ve been approaching myself with brute force/mind intent and now compassion is back in the core of my body. Sho models this throughout the week so well.

*Judith – Psychiatrist – ‘Now I’m Taking Care of Myself’

I spent the last 20 years looking after others and now I’m taking care of myself! I felt so safe here, amazing how Sho makes this a truly safe group to be and share in. I feel I’m really getting to know my body and how wonderful and strong and resilient ‘she’ is. 

*Pauline – Artist – ‘Best I’ve Felt Since Covid’

This is the best I’ve felt since I got covid. I’m so glad to have been here and been able to boost my immune system. 

*Gabrielle  – Healing – ‘Lost 1 Stone…Detoxed on all levels’

I love returning, each time I go deeper. Sho holds a safe and wise space and it’s easy to access deep healing in a light way. Plus… This place really gets results! I lost one stone! But it’s not just physical results – there is also the emotional, mental and spiritual detoxing on all levels. Am leaving behind emotional stuff to return home lighter. Thank you!

*Rob -Retired/Athlete– ‘Joyful. Calm. Grateful’

A success! I’ve played group sports all of my life and was surprised to find the consideration and care that everyone showed each other here so quickly, of all different backgrounds, such a high level of care for each other. It’s Joyful!
The process of detox was smooth – the venue, support and Sho’s approach all helped. There’s no preaching. I felt comfortable here and am grateful to be taking a lot from here into my life. The weight loss is fantastic and my mind and body feel calm. I’m going to continue Yoga! 

*Sarah – Social Worker –  ‘Love Being Here’

I love being here (third time) and seeing people’s eyes start to sparkle… I lost 11 lbs this time! Great therapists, Yamini healed my plantar fasciitis. As usual, great group, I come with a good friend and we feel part of the Karuna Family/Community with Sho.

*Stephen – Retired – ‘Structured, safe, grounded, wisdom & flexibility’

I’ve been before but almost forgot how good it is! Sho creates a structured and safe space, grounded in deep wisdom and flexibility for all to go in the direction they need to go in. The icing on the cake is the compassion and ease that we all experience when we are here. So special. 

*Julian – Chiropracter –  ‘Great transformative journey!’

This was a gift from my wife and I was a bit fearful of not eating on a fast, but it was great! I arrived quite grumpy and stopped smoking, quit coffee, lost 5 kg and went on a super transformative body-mind-spiritual journey. 

*Alex – Nurse –  ‘True Wellness, not just of Body’

I remember my first detox here I was so worried about not eating, but this feeds my soul and Sho takes care of each person, and if you need to break your fast early she helps you do that without judgement. Karuna means compassion and that, with wellness, is what happens here. TRUE WELLNESS, not just a detox of the body but compassion and love for myself and a beautiful invitation to journey in to release what stands in the way of that. Deep experiences, both personal and shared experiences. I feel a new person and have released ‘growing up’ pains from my body. Sho you are a blessing to this world. Thank you. 

*Martin – GP – ‘Profound. Enhanced my medical knowledge’

Detoxing, coming from a medical perspective, is profound. I found there is so much more beyond the medical training in these alternative therapies that were dismissed in my training as a GP. What helped me here was the nutritional info that was compatible with and enhanced the medical knowledge I came with. My session with Sho helped open my eyes to make behavioural changes & the great conversations with people in the sauna have been the best!

*Selina – Manager – ‘Closure & Letting Go’

It has been just amazing. Like I’ve woken up from a bad dream, especially of the last 3 years. I went deep here and in the IFS session with Sho achieved closure around a deep wound of grief. The therapists helped me connect and let go. I can’t express how grateful I am. Am so glad I came here .

*Natasha – Editor – ‘Vibrant & Very Very Relaxed’

I feel both grounded and that my energy is lifted. Vibrant. In my life, I’m responsible for everyone and here I got to be for myself & follow my needs. I could do what I needed and wanted, which is rare and very very relaxing! It allowed me to see a second version of myself that I don’t get to see often… not just a mother, daughter, worker etc.. Thank you!

*Eleni – Medical Admin -‘Peaceful… Wonderful… & even exciting!’

Glad I’m here. The Treatments, setting and group are all peaceful and supportive of each persons’ self-care. The Yoga, talks & even the colonics… were all wonderful (even a bit exciting when things came out!!).

*Kay – Retired  – ‘Like a holiday with friends’

My second Karuna detox. I feel like I’ve been away for a week’s holiday with a group of friends.

*Charlotte – Family Practitioner – ‘I can be open here’

I know you say each time is unique and the body does what it needs at the time… and it was harder for me this time. And I loved the group, it was all women this time and the nicest people I feel I’ve met in a long time. I feel I can be open with people here 

*Irene -Retired – ‘Detox Delight’

I am so happy that Sho shares so generously of her life experience. I appreciate it and all the work and planning that goes into creating this. I’m so grateful. It’s wonderful and exceeded my expectations. The detox was delightful!

*Jenni – Army – ‘Safe & Respectful’

This retreat was also by chance a womens group, and it made it really easy for me to open up to others and feel the deep safety and respectfulness in the group of each other. Beautiful.

*Sue – Project Manager – ‘Well Overdue!’

Well overdue! My last Karuna Detox was 20 years ago. I feel being here this week has done me a world of good.

*Raphaelle – Coach – ‘Karuna Detox is Different & Excellent’

I’ve been to a lot of retreats and detox places and Karuna Detox is different and better! The key differences are feeling myself and the whole group held by Sho, the group gathering to check in daily & support each other really helped me stick with the program. The therapies were excellent, I didn’t know there were such amazing therapists in the southwest! The juices and broth were excellent too and the daily talks went deeper than mere technical things, into the way of detox, release and restoration. Powerful & Wonderful! I feel clear & connected inside my body &  in my mind. 

*Victoria – CFO -‘Just what I needed’

I loved the program and that there was no pressure to participate in everything so I could follow what I needed when I needed it. The yoga was lovely and not pressured. Kindness – I felt this from everyone here. Therapies – just what I needed. Everyone here made the experience so special.

*Natalie -Operations Manager –  ‘Last Minute & Loved it!’

Came last minute and loved it all.  Never thought I’d have colonic envy…! Next time : )

*Maria – Poet – ‘Feeling Safe’

Lost 3/4 of a stone and my brain has been on a holiday! I feel safe to be who I am here and I loved it all. Got back into swimming in the fabulous pool with the wave machine! 

*Sarah – Social Worker – ‘Not just a group. This is Family’

This is not just a group. This is Family. I’m HOME. Without a doubt, the most beautiful people I’ve met have been here. They are magnetised to Karuna!

You create a beautiful atmosphere, where all feel so safe and so supported.

The earth meditations and the mother embryonic meditations was very moving.

*Jerry – ‘The Best Retreat’

The best retreat I’ve been to! The place, The people, the Therapists – all far better than anywhere I’ve been before

Your Yoga is so deep, spiritual and calm. Other Yoga is like football in comparison! I feel so lucky to have come here.

I haven’t worn makeup all week and haven’t felt embarrassed at all! 

Sho, when you shared your story, you helped me through with mine.

I feel at home! Thoroughly Authentic place and people! 

*Leti – Musician – ‘In Awe of the Quality Here’

In our heart meditation, I learnt to connect with the earth and to my heart muscles. It’s inspired. I’m in awe of the quality here – it’s fantastic. 

*Anna –  ‘Learn, Laugh, Be Open.’

A Positive Compass, wise group to be with, learn from, laugh with, be open with! Thank you! Sho’s wisdom evolves every year, so you come and get more and renewed inspiration each time. 

*Chris -Business Owner –  ‘ Life-Changing Experience’

I’ve come away on a retreat and am going home to move forward. I feel this has opened up doors inside of me that were shut. I loved being in and at one with nature. Life-changing experience. 

*Pat – Therapists – ‘So much love here’

Karuna means compassion and it Is the LOVE Space. There is so much love here that it brings out the love in everyone. I come here to cleanse, for nature and for the wisdom of the Karuna Team. They are just authentic people who love what they do and share generously of themselves with everyone who comes here. 

*Isabella -Business Owner –  ‘Life-Changing Experience’

I am so grateful. I heard about Karuna Detox on a yoga retreat, where someone had been here and was telling people about the deep intestinal detox and healthy digestion that they learnt here -we called them the ‘shitty committee!’ – I’m so glad I heard of you! I’ve had a life-changing experience with Sho – it’s been beyond amazing. The best thing I’ve ever done. I’m booking next year’s detox now!  

*Jasvinder – Women’s Rights Activists – ‘Stillness & Clarity’

Karuna creates the conditions for Clarity for your thoughts. There are no expectations of you here. I find that voice within me. In the stillness here there is clarity without the distractions from home.  

*Emily – ‘My Time! Flushed away the old me…!’

I’ve been to many detoxes and retreats before and without question this is THE BEST. Others have felt like being in a factory. Here it’s so personal. Sho takes care of each person as an individual.
The clarity I’ve reached here is so exciting! I’m 50 and I finally feel this is ‘my time!’
 The old me has left and flushed away, literally…. 

*Simone – ‘Pic of poop on my phone now!’

At first, I thought this week would be way out of my comfort zone in so many ways … now I’ve got a pic of my own poop on my phone from my colonics!
A good friend sent me here as I believe my headaches and my colon are connected. I have learned and cleansed and received so much support and help here. It was amazing.  

*Ann – ‘Amazing Results!’

I have treated myself badly in many ways and so I anticipated the worst during my detox… But I didn’t suffer and got some amazing results. The week has helped me look at all the ‘shit’ in my life and I feel motivated to continue and look at this and clear my life up… What an adventure! Thank you. 

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