by Karuna, April 18, 2017
Raw Food Links

The Raw Food School – Learn how to integrate raw food into your life and discover the health benefits!

Funky Raw Magazine – Tackling the world’s present day ecological / cultural / personal / health disaster.

Shazzie – The raw food lifestyle in a modern world.

The Fresh Network – The UK’s Raw Food Network.

Raw Reform – See an amazing personal transformation from 21st to 10st in two years!!!
But it is never just weight that comes off – you can clearly see that this is a whole new person!! Angela has also released two Ebooks regarding her experiences and advise – Click Here to go See! And now she has been in THE SUN

Natural Hygiene Online – Pure, Raw, Natural Hygiene.

Raw Runner – The ongoing documentation of an aspiring athlete finding the raw life appropriate to sport.

Ann Wigmore Foundation – Teaching Living foods in New Mexico.

Hippocrates Health Institute – In Florida, promotes living foods.

Living in the Raw Recipe Book – Must See! – One of the oldest raw sites on the web

Spanish Raw Food Center – Raw Food Retreats, Juice Detox, and Accommodation in the sun.

Tree of Live Rejuvenation Center – Dr. Gabriel Cousens’ center in Arizona.

Raw Colonic Therapist in London – Probably the only raw therapist in London, and her center has many other aspects.

Organic Food Links

The Soil Association – Organic food, organic farming and sustainable forestry.

Organic Deliveries in London – Organic food, organic farming and sustainable forestry.

About Organics – About Organics – Online directory of UK Organics.

Going Organic – Want to know how to start an organic garden?

Unusual Food Links

The Happy Cow – A global list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants.

Price-Pottengar Foundation – Famous for their cats. Pulling the plug on FATS.

Stevia Central – A wonderful set of links to look further into Stevia – the wonder-non-sugar.

Water Flouridation – The test result manipulation and lobbying to get industrial waste into our water

Communities, Schools & Centres

Middle Piccadilly Natural Healing Center – Many different treatments available, as well as a venue for others to use.

Dartmoor Haven Clinic – 3 week detox and educational program dealing with everything from weightloss to advanced cancer reversal.

Ecoforest – Living the Raw Food life. Permaculture Courses. Low-impact living. Birthing a new connection between raw food, permaculture and community life. Currently based near Malaga, Spain – but hopes to become a model solution for an obviously troubled world that WILL need good examples.

Raw Communities – Centering and focusing the need and growth of them.

School of Natural Health Sciences – Correspondence courses on nutrition – with a raw twist!

Spirituality & Consciousness

Astrodrama – Psycho-processsing through the embodying of “planetary archetype”, to enact a persons current situation, and deeper energetic trends. From the founder of the Unicorn, teacher of Sufism, Astrology and NLP.

Dances of Universal Peace
– Modern-day Sufism’s”heart-opening” body-prayers, experienced on week-long camps in UK. Links to Europe-wide D.U.P. Sites.

Experimental Consciousness Research – If you know that we only use 6% of our brains, you understand why the world is so badly managed!!! But now, research is proving that our evolutionary decline is reversible, by consciously taking all the same turns that evolution took to get us here, plus a few scientific shortcuts.

Read the Synopsis & then download the book – We have built a massively dangerous house of cards on the unquestioned assumption that we are sane. If all science is based upon a false measurement, then how can we expect to progress ? Read the only solid theory that answers why we are so messed-up, and what to do about it!

Vippasana Meditation – Ten day silent retreats using powerful Buddhist practices that increase sensitivity to the body and the self, and in turn, the world.

Passionate Purpose Weekends – Retreats to help define your goals – using NLP & bodywork.

Allow your Spirit to Fly – ‘Down to earth’ Psychic training to allow you to unleash more potential from within!

Ecological Solutions Now!

EcoButton – FAB & EASY TO USE! Save carbon emissions and ££ any moment your computer is not in use.

Bio-power UK – Could your car run on Chipfat as ours do? Completely legal… Cheaper than Diesel… No greenhouse gas emissions… No conversion… Top up on Desire from the garage if you’re low…

Or make your own Bio diesel

Why Consume when you can Recycle

Recycle More UK – Help and advice on all aspects of recycling at home, at school and in the workplace.

Save Energy UK – You have to start somewhere – so start saving energy to save yourself money and reduce carbon emissions.

Recycleworks – An Award Winning website offering a range of great recycling equipment for anyone.

Don’t let the supermarkets dictate what you eat. Buy Local

Local Food Web – A comprehensive directory of the good food on your doorstep.

Buy Local Food – Promoting local farmers, producers and suppliers in the South East of England.

Don’t make poverty sustainable – Buy Fair Trade

The Fairtrade foundation – Otherwise, the money you save funds child labour, poor working conditions, and unsustainable practices. You didn’t really think the multi-nationals were footing the bill did you …

The UK ‘s leading fair trade organization – engaged in innovative and effective trade, now worth more than £12 million a year, providing vital income for producers in over 30 countries.

Enter the Meatrix – This is a MUST for anyone with a conscience and a sense of humour!!!

What the meat industry doesn’t want you to see – I DARE any meat eater to see who & what you are employing through the meat and milk industry.

Miscellaneous Eco Links

Tree Lights – Fantastically beautiful decorative lights made from locally-sourced, natural materials, such as bark, wood, and Ivy.

Not Too Pretty – The very dangerous long-term gamble of using chemistry to beautify – truly scary stuff – I

Permaculture Resources

Introduction to Permaculture – The place to start.

Plants for a Future – Keeping alive the plants of the past – huge plant database downloadable for free – true altruism.

Soil and Health Library – Natural Hygiene books on-line.

Sustainability Steve’s Main Frame – Out and about in Steve’s Permacultured world.

The Big Picture – Sustainability Steve’s wholistic website.

Ecoforest – Living the High-Raw life. Permaculture Courses. Low-impact living. Birthing a new connection between raw food, permaculture and community life. Currently based near Malaga, Spain – but hopes to become a model solution for an obviously troubled world that WILL need good examples.

Alternative Directories

Directory of Alternative Medicine – Alternative therapies and therapists.

Green Pages – Links for green practitioners.

Healthy Pages – Listing of therapists, centers and ads.

Holistic Junction – Schools for Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Reflexology and Holistic Practitioners.

Mind, Body, Spirit Directory – alternative therapies list.

Don’t let Microsoft dictate what you see. Help to undermine browser monopolies

Scroogle – The alternative search engine. – Definable web search engine.

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