Inspired Yoga

by Karuna, July 20, 2017

Inspired Yoga

Tibetan Praying BellsInspire your practice and let it evolve you to a new previously unknown state of health!

Yoga effects us on a physical and mental level and can profoundly transform us.

Till the principles of yoga are experienced and sufficiently understood, a qualified instructor is absolutely necessary. As we start to develop our awareness of body and mind through Yoga postures, breath and meditation, outer guidance and adjustments help guide us in the right direction.

Inspired Yoga – I like to ask what inspires a teacher, that way I know what I’m receiving. The list of Yoga traditions and lineages can help you to better understand the different types. Personally, I always get a lot out of a teacher with an Iyengar Yoga background, who has abandoned the stern characteristic of this lineage and instead teaches from personal, inspired experience.

My influences have been Iyengar, Orit San-Gopte, Donna Hollman (Dancing the body of light, Iyengar and Scaraveli inspired) and Ashtanga Yoga (Mysore style – living and practicing in Mysore was a wonderful experience). Meditation has played a great role in my growth, giving me the insight and power to notice, heal and change. Discovering Vipassana, as taught by Goenka, was like finding the missing-link and became my practice for many years.

Now, I find that conscious motherhood and dealing with close relationship and partnership provide me with more opportunity and motivation to be conscious and compassionate than every before (and that means practicing being compassionate to oneself even when one loses it, as we all do on our way to enlightenment ;). Developing compassionate communication are my ‘postures’ making me flexible where I was stiff, making me open where I was closed, making me calm where I was anything but…(see Non-violent communication, developed by Dr. Marshal Rosenberg, in the book section). And my Yoga asana are becoming deeper and more connected to the core structures of our body: deep muscles, gravity and anti-gravity (lengthening and grounding), enhancing awareness, moving energy, fleshing out/moving into the body (becoming fully ALIVE!) and personal guidance.

The tools of my trade have become my bones, muscles, mind and breath. My mission- to connect, act and surrender moment to moment to life. to experience life supported within a greater energy, that of a planetary force, if not even a universal force, and the ease and power that is given freely, when we live in connection with this greater force, may suprise many. It is accesible to anyone, who practices deeply. That’s why the information was considered so precious. It works.

Those of you who have tried yoga before, might have been surprised by how uncomfortable some of the postures are. What you may not have appreciated is that they were specifically designed to be so! Each posture puts us ‘off balance’ differently and our mission is to regain balance. With practice comes mastering the art of regaining our center to a point where an observer would not notice that we had lost it.

Mastery of Yoga is a state of maturity and expansion where one is stabilized and centered. Interactions are graceful, abundance, creative and peaceful.

We can all achieve this. We are on our way as we speak.

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